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The Diaries Of The Salient

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My nose filled with the scent of vanilla. I barely even noticed her running into me. Oshara looked up at me. Her face was red and puffy from crying. I didn’t have to look up to know where she was coming from. She was coming from the battle room. She always leaves her training sessions crying. I look down at her. She was different from the rest of us. Most of us were at minimum 6 feet tall. She was small and dainty. Her figure reminded me of a child that could be broken at any moment. Her ability was nothing compared to us. I get this vibration inside of me. When i focus on it everything around me crumbles like clay. Oshara projects something so soft and loving. Not like the rest of us. We project something violent and angry. Sometimes i lose myself in wonder when she’s near. Her long red wavy hair reminded me of a hot fire. Dancing in the wind. Her eyes were as green as the plants we harvest. I could stare into them for the rest of my life.

For a moment i had forgotten that Oshara had run into me. Staring up at me from the ground with tears welling in her eyes. She jumps off the ground and runs past me. I hear her sobbing echo down the halls. I wanted to run after her. To hold her so she knew that everything was okay. But i don’t. Someone that graceful and beautiful could never love a brute like me. I’m bigger than the rest of the Salient. I am 7′4 and my body has never been slender. My friends call me ogre. Based off story books the Teachers gave us to read as children.

I make my way past the other Salient. Trying to get to the cafeteria before all the good food is gone. If you wait to long to eat you end up stuck eating cauliflower mash and hard meatloaf. I enjoy food. It’s the one thing at Guild-Edged that brings me a moment of joy. I look at today’s options. Hot wings, sweet potato fries, blt’s, bacon cheeseburgers, mashed potatoes, mixed greens, and for dessert strawberry cheesecake. I grab a tray and load it with food. I get two bacon cheeseburgers, a bunch of hot wings, mashed potatoes, 3 scoops of mixed greens, and four pieces of strawberry cheesecake.

“Ogre, I don’t get what you see in that little mouse,” Tynwick says. I raise my eyebrow and grunt at him. He shifts in his seat and chuckles a little. “Everyone knows that you’re in love with Oshara for whatever reason. I mean come on Ogre, all she does is revive flowers and cry everyday,” Tynwick retorts. I choke on a hot wing, gasping for air. After what seemed to be forever I finally cough it up. A full chicken bone flies through the air and lands in Ylegua’s mashed potatoes. Tynwick’s eyes widen.

“Oh dude, you splattered the Teachers pet,” Tynwick says frantically. I put my head in my hands and groan. Ylegua is the most anal Salient. She is the top of every class. She does everything by the book. Which is fine if she wasn’t so unpleasant to be around. She talks like she’s bored of everything and everyone. She insists that she’s superior to the rest of us. Ylegua has no friends, just a group of people to scared to tell her they don’t like her. She always wears the same outfit. She doesn’t wear the same pair of clothes. She has a collection of the same outfit. She’s had the same haircut since childhood. An overly glossy black bob with straight cut bangs. Everyone hoped over time shed open up. That eventually we would like her. She never changed though. Not her clothes, hair, or outfit.

I felt as she blimped through me. It unsettled my stomach to the point of me puking on Tynwick. “Dude, not cool,” He screeched like a girl. She glared at him, telling him to shut the hell up. He tried to shake the chunks of hot wings, and cheesecake of his shirt. Then she turned to me. Her dark eyes burning with anger.

“Listen you mute pig, if you insist on eating every drop of food the rest of us require to live. Then at least learn how to keep the mounds of food in that giant fat stomach of yours,” she poked me in the stomach. Her fingers were pointy like a skeletons. She straightened her posture like she had a book on her head. Walking off like she was god’s gift to earth. I looked at Tynwick and he just shrugged.

“That was a mild reaction. I could have gone without the food volcano though. This is my favorite shirt, Ogre. I don’t know why the Teachers don’t ever yell at her for blimping. Like that cant be the only way she knows how to fix her problems,” Tynwick wines. I stop listening because at some point Oshara walked in. Catching my undivided attention. She had a black hoodie pulled up over her head. It didn’t matter. I would notice those beautiful red waves anywhere. They were spilling out of the hood of her jacket.

She made her way through the cafeteria with her tray. She was like an unnoticed treasure. I wonder if she was lonely. Did she mind it? Maybe not. She sat in the far corner of the room, at an empty table. She was always alone. Always smiling about something. I wonder what. There wasn’t anything pleasant in our home. Maybe she found happiness and beauty in little things. Did the food bring her as much joy as it did me?

“Hello! I have been talking and bitching for fifteen minutes and you haven’t said a word. What could be so compelling that you ignore your best friend,” Tynwick scans the room. His eyes land on her and then they meet mine. He shakes his head. “Poor boy. You are whipped,” he cackles. I roll my eyes, getting up to leave. “Oh come on man, don’t be like that. It’s all love baby. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little loving,” He shouts as I leave the cafeteria.

He’s not wrong. I’ve been obsessed with Oshara since childhood. I remember the first time I ever noticed her. Some sticky Salient shoved her to the ground and made her eat dirt. She simply got up, spit the dirt in her hand, and grew a wildflower. She handed him the flower and then skipped away. Going on about her life. She never had an aggressive reaction to someone. She just radiates positivity. Like I said, she’s not like the rest of us. She’ll never notice me. No one wants to be with a giant mute.

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