The Cedarbrook Capsule

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Englishman Cedric Cedarbrook's daily constitutional is interrupted by the terrifying sight of an object falling from the sky. Its impact in the local community brings tragedy and then questions. Where did this come from? What exactly is it? Why was it sent here? That's when the search for the truth begins.

Scifi / Other
Bruce Walker
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Author's Preface

Author’s Preface

I am delighted to publish the history of the Cedarbrook Capsule although, by now, most of the story is well known to the reader. The news media has provided multiple accounts of the activities surrounding the discovery of the object over the past several years as well as documentaries on the matter. However, I believe an accurate printed record of the story as received from Mr. Cedarbrook and the others involved is required for posterity’s sake.

Prior to his recent death, I had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Cedric Cedarbrook and record his first-hand account of the discovery of the capsule. Instead of simply transcribing his words, I have written a brief narrative describing the historic moments of the discovery but in, what I trust, is a more readable and enjoyable format. The reader should know that Mr. Cedarbrook approved of this work and deemed it a very accurate historical chronicle of that Monday morning of July 9, 2007.

Following the events of that day, I have briefly summarized subsequent activities involving those of the American Space Federation (ASF), especially the account of the May 27, 2008 incident.

Included also is the now famous press conference held by Dr. Brian Sanger of the ASF. Of course, it was at this press conference that Dr. Cantrell provided his now infamous quote.

But, the public has yet to be told of the later discoveries surrounding the capsule. Apart from rumors, much of that work has been concealed. Here, for the first time, the author presents the unknown saga of the Capsule that reveals the most astonishing news the world has yet to see! The author believes the information has been hidden simply because of political correctness. Certain government officials and agencies plus major private companies have much to lose by its disclosure.

Nevertheless, the world needs to hear it. Revelation of these events have been provided by anonymous sources who were associated with the project. They have shared with the author not only chronological details but also results of months of research. I have published only the most critical data from all their documentation.

Specific praise is directed to the late Dr. Hezekiah Buhr for his labors and his commitment years ago to make these truths known. This work, therefore, is dedicated to his memory.

Herein is the story of the Cedarbrook Capsule.

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