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Author's Postscript

Author’s Postscript

The account of the Cedarbrook Capsule, however, did not end with the events of that February morning in Dr. Matthew Lessing’s office. As stated earlier, the author has been given access to Project CB documents, memos, and notes for much of what the reader has read. Furthermore, documents passed to the author by unknown sources, including Dr. Buhr’s translations and his journal, allow the author to share the remainder of the story.

Dr. Buhr surrendered the project material he had in his office on that day and was removed from the project. Unknown (and never questioned), Dr. Buhr retained copies of everything he had written at his residence. Within days, he was fired from the organization, his reputation as a linguist damaged beyond repair. In January of 2011, Dr. Buhr was killed in what was ruled an automobile accident.

Unknown to the public, the very week Buhr was fired, Dr. Lessing halted all translation effort on “Beta” and “Gamma”. When questioned by the other project members about this action, he informed them the directive had come from Administrator Sanger. If questioned, they were to simply say the team was unable to complete the translation due to its complexity. The subsequent announcement made by the ASF Administrator appeared before the end of February.

“Project CB has been terminated by the ASF. The artifacts found within the Cedarbrook Capsule have defied the best linguistic scholars in the world. Without some key to the language of the creatures on Proteus, no translation is possible. Therefore, effective immediately, all such efforts are terminated. No further attempts will be made until contact is made with the beings on Proteus.”

While the interest in the capsule waned over the ensuing year, Dr. Buhr continued his noble efforts and successfully translated the “Beta” and “Gamma” stones. The content of these two artifacts confirmed that “Beta” was a letter of introduction from the beings on Proteus to those on earth and “Gamma” was the history of Proteus and the revelation given to them by their God. Once he finished this task, he labeled “Beta” as the “Cedarbrook Memo” and “Gamma” as the “Cedarbrook Manuscript”, both in honor of Mr. Cedric Cedarbrook who had found the capsule.

Buhr kept his work secret and stored in a safe hidden in his residence. After he was killed in early 2011, the existence of the documentation remained unknown for three years. In 2014, a distant relative cleaning and repairing the home in preparation for selling it, found the hidden safe and had it opened. Recognizing the potential significance of the safe’s contents, the relative gave it to a long-time friend of Buhr. After a series of events, the material came into the hands of the author.

Instead of attempting to summarize Dr. Buhr’s amazing work, the author is providing the reader with notes from the linguist’s personal journal. These notes include Buhr’s full translation of the Cedarbrook Memo plus the professor’s conclusions based on his translation of the Manuscript. It is a goal of the author to produce a complete volume of Dr. Buhr’s translation of the Cedarbrook Manuscript in the future. However, he is certain the following information will both surprise and excite the reader. The material on the subsequent pages has never been seen by the general public.

The Translation of the “Beta” Stone

as rendered by Dr. Hezekiah Buhr

As long speculated, the “Beta” artifact found in the Cedarbrook Capsule is a letter of introduction from the residents of the Neptune moon Proteus to the residents of Earth. Here is Dr. Buhr’s full translation of that “Memo”. Please note, Dr. Buhr has rendered the translation into English, altering the word flow to permit easy reading of the note (words are in bold print). Where some questions remain about the translation of a specific symbol, Dr. Buhr’s notes on that issue have been included in brackets (‘[]’).

From Land [possibly the name they have given to their home; the same symbols are used elsewhere and mean ‘land’] to those on the world (EARTH):

We give greetings to you. Our people have a long story [history] and, for many ages, imagined we were the only living beings in the universe. This understanding was changed some ages past when a craft from you passed nearby in the heavens. We captured an object from that craft when it was near Land. From it, we learned of you and of your home. That object is being studied [or examined/researched] always [continually].

Our people are a curious people and mean no destruction [or trouble, harm] to you. Crafts from us have been sent elsewhere for many ages [possibly ‘years’ though it is uncertain what exactly a year on Proteus would be] for study. Our leaders concluded we should contact your race with a craft. If you understand our message then you are able [have the ability] to read [comprehend] our story [history]. The larger stone [I have translated as stone assuming it is a reference to the manuscript] provides a record of us, how our father [‘ancestor’] did wrong [‘evil’] to the mighty [‘God’] and how the mighty sent us deliverer [possibly a proper name]. The book [‘manuscript’ or ‘text’] we have sent you tells this story, a wonderful story, of the great mighty [‘God’] and his gift to us on Land of his offspring [‘son’] the great deliverer. If your race has done wrong [‘evil’] as have we, then we tell you to turn to the deliverer!

We mean only quiet [i.e., peace].

May the deliverer be kind to you.

From Land on age [or ‘date’ followed by yet unknown markings; I believe they represent some form of a date or timeframe]

Conclusions of Dr. Hezekiah Buhr

based upon his translations

of both the “Beta” and “Gamma” stones

Dr. Buhr completed his personal translation of the “Gamma” stone in 2010. Upon the completion of his two full years of labors, he drew several conclusions and documented those conclusions in his personal journal. The following paragraphs are direct quotations from that journal.

My translation of the two stones have led me to make the following conclusions concerning the history of the beings living on Proteus.

1. The mighty (i.e., God, Lord) made the heavens (i.e., universe), Proteus, and the beings on Proteus.

2. The first pair of the beings created rebelled against God, disobeying his commandment. The consequence of their disobedience was the corruption of both the physical world as well as their spiritual “compartment” (i.e., soul). All their descendants were made with corrupt souls and are at war with God.

3. God used one specific sect of beings known as the “God-Fighters” to announce his promise of a coming one (the deliverer) who would rescue the evil beings on Proteus.

4. The promised one arrived unexpectedly as a new being and was called Deliverer.

5. The Deliverer lived a “light” (i.e., good, perfect) life, roaming Proteus, announcing he was the one sent by God to rescue them.

6. Some of the “God-Fighers”, called the “Separates”, hated the Deliverer, plotted against him, and had him eliminated.

7. The Deliverer was restored to life three ages (days) later and was seen by many until God took him home.

8. Over time, God changed some of the beings who then renounced their evil ways and asked the Deliverer to rescue them from the darkness.

9. There will be an age (day) when the Deliverer will reappear with his followers, judge and punish the evil ones, and rule forever.

As is obvious from these points, the history of Proteus is remarkably like that of earth as recorded in the Bible. The Cedarbrook Manuscript account flows almost identically to the account found in the Scripture. Proper names vary as do certain events, but, the accounts are too similar to ignore or to dismiss as coincidental.

When you combine the similarity of the histories of the two worlds with many of the Biblical passages found in the Manuscript, one must conclude the same God has been at work in both worlds. In other words, the Cedarbrook Capsule and its contents reveals at least seven truths.

1. We are not the only living beings in the universe. Intelligent life is found on earth and on Proteus (possibly others).

2. The formation of all worlds and the life dwelling on each world is not the result of an act of randomness. A powerful being, whom we call God and they refer to as the “Mighty”, has brought all worlds and races into existence. Based on the chronologies of the Bible and the Manuscript, these two creative acts occurred at approximately the same time.

3. Therefore, matter’s existence is the work of a Creator, not an explosion of pre-existent matter. The cosmology of the Bible is supported by the cosmology documented in this alien manuscript.

4. Life has not evolved from non-life, rather, it is a gift of God.

5. The created being (Adam on the earth), left to himself, disobeyed the Creator and introduced sin into his world. All his offspring are deemed guilty by the first being’s actions and they, as did their progenitor, rebel against their Creator.

6. God and God alone provides the means of our deliverance by becoming a being of that world, living among his creation. On Proteus, this being was called the Deliverer. On earth, he was Jesus Christ. Both proclaimed God’s message, was executed by his enemies, was and raised from the dead.

7. Those who trust this savior (believe in him) will find deliverance from their sin and will rule with him one day in the future.

While I do not profess to be a theologian, the evidence compels me to believe God has sent His Son to each world. That Son took human nature, was born of a virgin, given the name Jesus here on earth. That same Son took the nature of a Protei, was born as a Protei, and given the name Deliverer on Proteus. He came to each world for each world had sinned against their Creator and needed deliverance or salvation. Only God could accomplish that salvation.

On earth, we refer to the message of Jesus Christ as “Good News” for, indeed, it is good news to anyone who realizes they are a sinner and need a Savior. It is also “Good News” for the beings on Proteus as they shared with us in the “Memo”:

“The book we have sent you tells this story, a wonderful story, of the great mighty and his gift to us on Land of his offspring the great deliverer. If your race has done wrong as have we, then we tell you to turn to the deliverer!”

The Manuscript is the greatest book on Proteus for the same reason the Bible is the greatest book on Earth. Each reveals the amazing news that God Himself has provided for our salvation. The Bible is the Word of God as that Word was revealed to us. The Manuscript is the Word of the same God as that Word was revealed to them.

May those who do not possess the salvation offered by God through His Son Jesus Christ come to understand the Word of God, believe on His Son, and give glory to God for all He has done.

May Jesus/the Deliverer be known both on earth and on Proteus!

This concludes the story of the Cedarbrook Capsule. May the Lord our God be glorified!

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