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This book is part of the Infinity and beyond series, it will focus on the exploits committed by senior captain Will Hawkins and his crew aboard the UEC ship Sparrow while adventuring across the wild space, however the past is not content on being buried

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Hi i’m a new aspiring writer and i hope to captivate you to the feeling you’ve all had when you were still a child

The fantastic feeling when you discovering something new, to make you imagine the possibilities the galaxy have to offer, as well as add in a few romantic moment the crew will invariably share

This a story about the the Senior Captain Will Hawkins as well as his crew aboard the UEC ship Sparrow in the year 2110 exploring the riches of the galaxy, but the haunting visions and ghost of the distant past will make the journey as dangerous as the endless void of space.

Few things to note in the setting

most of the government on earth was dissolved after a close call where all out war was almost unleashed across the planet and after the event most government after almost seeing the end of their beloved countries banded to form the United Earth Coalition, most countries submitted, those who didn’t were subjected to grueling sieges and cornered off from the rest of world until they capitulated.

the society on earth has been transformed to that of a utilitarian one where every citizen is thought from birth that wasting of resources was the most heinous crime they could commit e.g wasting of fuel, food, water, and other valuable resources.

most people still claim to their national heritage and culture even as they live under UEC rule

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