A Glitch in Humanity

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About the Author

A Glitch in Humanity

About the Author

Jermaine Reed is the author of several books, including the post-apocalyptic science fiction novel Operation Soul Cast, published by Solstice Publishing, Love Less Ordinary and The Fourth King fantasy series.

Jermaine lives in Chicago, where he earned his Creative Writing MFA. For more information on Jermaine and his free book deals, sign up at https://whoisjreed.com/contact/ or his Facebook page The Book of All Things Beautiful by J Reed.

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Jermaine Reed

A Glitch in Humanity

The Devil’s Hornet Press

A Glitch in Humanity

Copyright © 2020 by Jermaine Reed All Rights reserved.

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Published by The Devil’s Hornet Press

P.O. Box: 91387

Chicago, IL 60649


Dedicated to all of you who support me on this writing journey.

This book is dedicated to Kierra Coles, a postal worker who was pregnant with her first child and went missing October 2, 2018, on Chicago’s southside. If you have any information that may help bring Kierra home, contact the Chicago Police Department. There is a combined total of over $28,000 for information on Kierra’s whereabouts.

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