Alien Perfection Chronicle from the United Federation of Earth

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

That first night with our unit was probably almost dreamlike yet idealistic to Naelia. There was a huge part of her that hated being the center of so much attention. Yet, she felt so safe and wanted that she couldn’t help bathing in the glory. For that reason, despite some of the discomfort she was feeling at meeting and conversing with so many new people at once, she encouraged Archon to stay long into the night so they could all continue talking and chatting together.

Most of the conversation of course took place once they moved from the gym into the galley. In the galley while they were still making a spectacle of themselves and Naelia at least they had a large table they could all convene at. It had been months since she’d been able to have a conversation. Then things took a turn in the wrong direction. No one meant to stir the pot.

Marco and Alfonso were only teasing. How could they know the mistrust Archon held in his heart against the Venusians? The rest of us were used to Venusians and their sensual ways. That’s the real reason behind Archon thinking that his lifemate couldn’t be faithful. Some part of him always assumed Naelia would have sex with anyone that showed her attention. She was Venusian after all. That’s what Venusians did. He wanted to find a way to love her despite that… But he couldn’t stand the idea of her having sex with the members of his unit. Hell, he hadn’t even had sex with her himself yet.

How could any of them have known before that day that Naelia’s harmless smiles would set Archon of fire? So with the flames of jealousy consuming him Archon started flirting with Svet and Jada. Nothing too racy. Just a few looks and small touches. It didn’t take much to increase the sexual tension in the room tenfold. Of course the rest of the unit became immediately in tune with the new behavior. They weren’t the only ones.

Naelia noticed too. Oh, on the surface she allowed it to continue and appear that it was jovial and fun, but underneath, she was feeling far from comfortable. Words like monogamy, polygamy and open relationships floated through her mind. Naelia was aware that most relationships between Earthlings and other races were more often than not monogamous. That however wasn’t how her culture worked. Venusians preferred open relationships and multiple sex partners.

Before that night, she’d assumed that monogamy would be Archon’s preference and was pleased. To her polygamy felt more like non-relationships. How could he be more Venusian in thinking than her? She hated that the Venusian males were philanders and the females were so promiscuous. No she desperately wanted to be more like the earthlings and Sirians. Monogamous, faithful, moral, chaste and devoted. Hell, before the Reptilian forced himself on her she’d been a virgin.

Based on Archon’s behaviour however she started to think he would prefer multiple partners. That he would in fact expect and push her to participate in sexual relations with multiple partners. The thought turned her stomach but she knew she would do anything to please him. The more she considered it, the more depressed she became. Soon her body ached and she grew tired. Before long, she was leaning physically on the others around her.

To Archon, her physical contact with Alfonso and Marco appeared to be an open sexual invitation. That sent his jealousy over the edge. Before he could stop himself he launched to his feet and snatched Naelia rather roughly by the arm and said in a barely contained voice.

“Naelia appears to be tired. I believe it is time for us to retire. We will of course see you all in the morning calesthentics.”

Then without further conversation or even giving Naelia or the others to say goodbye he launched them down the stairs. Naelia couldn’t help but wonder what soured his mood. Something changed and Naelia knew it wasn’t good. It was clear by his stiff body language that he wasn’t just unhappy, he was furious. The only thought that popped into her mind was that he was sexually frustrated. Perhaps he wanted to get rid of her so that he could go back and relieve his sexual tension with Jada or Sven. She didn’t want him to be with anyone else. Yet… She knew she wasn’t ready to be with him herself. With each step they descended her fear became more palatable.

Once the door to the cabin opened Naelia bolted into the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind her. She used the toilet then quickly washed her hands and face. She hoped the cool water would help give her clarity on what her next steps should be. If she knew Earthish she could beg him to stay with her, but, he didn’t speak Venusian and she didn’t speak Earthish.

Still, she couldn’t allow him to be with Sven or Jada. The more she considered him relieving his sexual tension with another woman the more upset she became. Hell, she couldn’t even wrap herself around the idea that he’d been with either of them in the past. He was an Earthling. Wasn’t he supposed to be romantic and all that? Why had Archon chosen to touch them instead of her? How could she heal and be ready to be with him that way if he chose instead to be with other woman?

Naelia didn’t want to share him, or worse not be allowed to touch him anymore because he chose to be with the females in his unit. She liked the way Archon felt and she wanted to keep him to herself. He was soft and hard at the same time and she absolutely loved lying next to him in bed. He smelled like a hot summer day in the wilderness.

As she stood in the bathroom thinking about losing Archon tears slipped silently from her eyes down her cheek. She knew that the tears were directly related to the grief that was filling her heart. She wasn’t ready but she decided that her only recourse was to try to keep him with her in their cabin. No matter what it took. She pulled open the bathroom door and found Archon standing directly in front of her. He reached out and trailed his thumb gently across her cheek. Then he said,

“I know you don’t understand me but I’m sorry for being so rough. I feel like an asshole. It’s just I got so jealous thinking about sharing you with others. My head and my heart got really twisted up. It was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. Please forgive me…

I know it’s who you are. You can’t help it. Your race was born to be sexual and sensual. It’s in your DNA. Hell, I know you weren’t asking for them to come back to the room and have sex. You’re not ready to have sex with anyone. That fucking Reptilian hurt you and you still need time to heal.

Still, just the way they smiled at you made me crazy! It’s not your problem its mine. I am so very very sorry. I promise, I will find a way to accept it and never let my jealous hurt you again. Please, understand and try to find a way to forgive me.”

Then he gave her a smile he hoped would convey his regret. He was of course right that Naelia didn’t understand a thing he said. In fact, she couldn’t have interpreted his tone, body language and smile any worse. She thought he was trying to tell her that he was heading out for the night to have fun with the ladies and that she should head to bed without waiting. Fury boiled up inside of her. Rage that he would choose them instead of her. Then before she could stop herself she blurted out

“You stay! You mine! I do! No them.”

Naelia had expected Archon to get angry with her for trying to claim him as her own. He was a strong, valuable male and she was a weak Venusian. She wasn’t worthy of such a noble partner. By the way he manhandled her down the steps she knew he was a dominant male that expected her to be submissive. She flinched knowing that he would need to punish her and remind her of her rightful place. So when he pulled her close to his chest instead and gently spoke to her she was shocked.

“Yes, baby, I am yours and you are mine.”

This time she somehow understood. Archon was staying. Her heart started to beat just a tiny bit faster as his head slowly descended and their lips briefly touched.

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