Alien Perfection Chronicle from the United Federation of Earth

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Chapter 3

February 2, 3208 Earth

Archon bolted awake with the sense that he was finally getting closer to his lifemate. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. His body shook with joy and excitement. Then the anticipation of finally finding his lifemate was replaced by anxiety and sadness. She was dying, alone somewhere deep in the Sahara desert and Archon had no idea of how to find her.

Archon would bet his life that she was somewhere in the Sahara desert. The Sahara desert was a dangerous and deadly place even for a super human like him. The desert was the breeding grounds for the Reptilians.

Reptilians, also known as Time Trekkers are combative aliens from the planet Cancri. They are similarly shaped with humans but are actually cold blooded. They are tall, with green scaly skin, three long fingers and an opposable thumb with talons on the ends, holes for ears, muscular legs and arms, and large eyes. Reptilians reportedly have the ability to time travel. Thought most of us in the UFE are still trying to find proof.

Anyways, due to their cold blood, Reptilians have settled in rainforests, deserts and other warm climate areas. The Sahara desert is one of their favorites. More than two thirds of all the Reptilians that now call earth their home can be found in the Sahara. It also doesn’t help that the reptilian’s biggest allies in the war are the Termaritans.

The Termaritans also known as the greens, are small green aliens from the planet Serpentis. They aren’t the smartest of the alien races but they are highly aggressive and have the most advance warfare technology. The Termaritans have strategically formed borders all over the northern part of Africa effectively making the entire continent a dead zone for the UFE.

Still, if his lifemate was there, then Archon was heading to Africa. That was just the kind of guy he was. Most of us Earthlings don’t want to buy into the whole lifemate thing. It was a concept the aliens brought with them when they attacked earth. They claimed that everyone had a lifemate. Someone that completed them. Someone that shared the same life force with them and made the whole. They claimed since the dawn of man Earthlings have always searched for something, but never knew how to find it.

They used our romance novels and lovesick songs to prove it. As the war raged on and the billions of Earthlings became less than millions we realized the truth. The aliens were right. Earthlings did have lifemates and most of them were now dead and we would never have the chance to be complete.

It was nearly a year after Archon first realized his lifemate was alive that he parachuted into Niamey in Niger Africa. If only he’d told us what he’d planned... we could have helped him. We could have had his back, but that day, he was alone in enemy territory desperately hoping he could find his lifemate. Hell, he knew as much as we did that he had a better chance of finding a needle in a haystack but he had to try. To Archon, continuing to fight through life without a chance of being with his lifemate was a life not worth having.

He searched high and low for a trace of her. He followed ever lead and shook every tree. He rescued no less than fifteen Earthling females, but none of them were her. His lifemate was nowhere to be found. With only his dreams to go on, he was beginning to lose hope of ever finding her.

Then he had a waking vision. Archon was sitting still, considering his options when he felt her presence. This was the first time she came to him outside of a dream. He could see her as clear as day, and she was terrified. She was calling and begging him to come to her and save her from a fate worse than death. Archon didn’t hesitate for a moment. He launched himself from the ground and ran in the direction he believed she was in, with all the speed he could muster.

His ESP kicked in and he sensed her presence nearby. His nose not his ESP however told him not only were Earthlings nearby but also Reptilians and Termaritans. His lifemate was smack dab in the middle of all of them.

Given his skill level, it was easy for Archon to approach their camp quietly. He took his tie determining where in the camp she was likely located despite not being able to get a visual on her. He took a deep breath through his nose and was immediately able to identify what he believed was her unique smell. According to him, she smelled like fresh baked apple pie on Christmas morning. Now, I never wanted to call him a liar but… well, I thought she smelled nice and all but Christmas morning was a real stretch.

Anyhow, the setting was a scene right out of one of his earliest dreams of Naelia. There was a battalion of reptilian warriors and he knew they would all be gunning for him. He needed a plan that would allow him to find her without immediately alerting them to his presence. It seemed magic might be the best way. Archon learned a bit of magic from the sirens.

The Sirians also known as blues are aliens that lived on Gliese before it was destroyed. They are water based lifeforms that have pale almost translucent blue skin and prefer to live in water. Even before the Galactic war and Gliese was destroyed many Sirians visited Earth’s oceans as a vacation spot. Some Earthling legends have depicted them as mermaids. Anyhow Sirians are natural masters of magic and when they beseeched the UFE to allow them safe passage on earth the UFE demanded they teach top security personnel magic.

Archon was one of the chosen soldiers. Most of the magic the Sirians taught the UFE soldiers were nothing more than useless parlor tricks. Most but not all. The OBE (Out of body) spell is particularly useful in just the type of situation Archon found himself in that day.

I can’t explain exactly how an OBE works. It is after all magic. But it starts by initiating a lucid dreamlike state, then they separate their soul from their body. It allows the individual to perceive the surrounding environment from a different perspective from a position outside of his or her own body. That day, Archon sat silently on the edge of the camp, and allowed his soul to lift from his body.

He moved though the camp entering caves and dwellings in search of his lifemate. He went from place to place but didn’t find any signs of her. He called out to her soul, but received no response. Something was wrong. How could he have lost her? Where could she have gone? Panic set in as Archon started to doubt he would find her.

He pushed his robotic legs to their top speed as he ran through the rest of the camp. Archon legs could easily run one hundred and sixty miles per hour. At that speed, it only took a few minutes for him to check every structure and cave in the camp but one. The leader’s cave. Archon ran through the entrance of the cave and stopped dead. He’d found her. His beautiful lifemate Naelia was lying on to the ground, wearing nothing more than dirty tattered rags. It looked as if she’d been exposed to the elements for months. Her body was covered in bruises and she was nothing more than scrawny bag of bones that was nearly starved to death.

The reptilian gang leader slept comfortably only feet from her in a soft bed without a thought to her wellbeing or comfort. Archon reached out and touched her cheek and felt the moisture that had yet to dry from the tears she must have recently cried. He bellowed out in anger, and rage that it had taken so long to find her. He snapped back to his body, with the intention of racing to the cave to rescue her. Archon was prepared to kill everyone that stood in his way.

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