Alien Perfection Chronicle from the United Federation of Earth

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

It would have been the perfect time to reach out to us. We were a unit and would have dropped into Niger and helped clean out the nest of Reptilians. That is after all what we do. As the elite warriors for the UFE our unit is charged with doing the impossible and succeeding.

Taking on an entire battalion of Reptilians alone was most definitely the impossible. That however didn’t faze Archon. Instead he checked his weapons then ran full blast into the enemy camp. Oh, somewhere in the far recesses of his mind, he was aware that what he was doing was ill-advised. He knew there was a chance he might even fail. He didn’t allow that to slow him down. He’d already decided that if he failed to find and save his lifemate…his life was over anyway.

He picked up speed and launched himself into the camp. He was greeted by five well-armed grunt Reptilians. He moved in fast to force them into hand to hand combat. Reptilians were strong and their bear forms were even stronger than wild bears. This was going to be a difficult fight.

Archon heard one of them throw their head back and hiss loudly. He knew the son of a bitch was calling for reinforcements and they would all be gunning for him. His ego would have liked to stand and fight against them, but his instincts perceived that he would probably lose the battle and his lifemate and would suffer for his selfishness.

I’ve said it several times already, but you need to understand… Archon isn’t your typical enhanced Earthling. Our entire unit are elite specialists and the best the UFE has to offer but Archon has had more modifications and upgrades than anyone else in the UFE. Hell, some would say he was more robotic then human. Hands down, he has to be the strongest individual being currently on earth. The Reptilians, however, are naturally nearly as strong, and there are more of them than him, probably one hundred to one.

The odds were not good for Archon that day. In hand to hand combat, he might hold his own but if it turned into a weapons battle the odds would quickly drop down even further. He needed to move quickly and efficiently through the Reptilians drawing as little attention as possible and staying tight so no one could get off any shots. With that in mind he dove into the first one he saw and used him as a barrier while he propelled himself over it and into the one behind it.

The moment his feet touched the ground he put every ounce of his energy into running through the camp, and towards the cave his lifemate Naelia was in. All the while more Reptilians and even a few greens flew out of their dwellings to join in the hunt. Each time Archon managed to get close to the leaders cave another group of five or more enemies would get directly in front on him. They forced him to turn around and head the other way only to get blocked again.

The Reptilians were playing with him like a cat plays with a mouse. Archon bellowed out in rage and decided to attack the group now in front of him head on. It was risky but he needed a hole he could dive through. He grabbed the small green directly in front of him by the scruff of his neck and used him like a battering ram to shove his reptilian friend aside. The he tossed him towards the others and watched in wonderment as the green rolled like a bowling ball down an alley. He crashed into two Reptilians and knocked them both back.

Archon saw them all cringe at the impact. His victory however was short lived as he felt a burning sensation at the back of his thigh, and realized one of the Termaritans managed to get close enough to use a glimmer knife and take large chunk of his flesh out of his leg. Glimmer blades are used in knives, swords and even as bayonets on some rifles. They are made of light energy that is pulsed super-fast. They are very effective weapons that not only cut but burn and cauterize at the same time. Archon kicked his now very injured leg back at the green smashed it bulbous head in.

While he was congratulating himself on killing the green his still managed to snatch a charging reptilian from the air and ripped out his throat with he’s bare hand. He took a few more steps towards the cave of the leader. Finally, Archon thought he was making progress… not… three more reptilian were on him.

Time was running out. To many of them to fight in hand to hand combat… yet he was determined that no matter what it took, he had to get past them. Archon bellowed out in anger again and managed to find a small hole between the Reptilians that he thought he could expose and slip though. He pushed forward and used his speed to his advantage. He was moving so fast he probably looked like the blur to the enemies. He rushed past them at breakneck speed, and never slowed down as he entered the leaders cave.

The reptilian leader was of course nowhere in sight. He was most likely one of the Reptilians that had been attacking him in the main camp. His lifemate however was... Archon spotted her battered and bruised body clothed in nothing but rags tied to the leg of the reptilian leader’s bed. Despite her horrid conditions, he breathed a sigh of relief that he wouldn’t have to battle the leader too. He just wanted to take his lifemate and get the hell out of here. Not wanting to waste any more time Archon snapped the ropes and lifted her, banged up, bruised, sore body in to his arms.

He took a deep breath through his nose while he tried to decide his next best course of action. That’s when he realized he was smelling fresh air coming from the back of the cave. Likely it was from an escape route the reptilian leader would use if his camp was attacked and it looked like they were going to lose the battle. Archon thought there was a good chance that it would be unprotected since the Reptilians probably didn’t think Archon or anyone else for that matter would know about it or find it. Worst case scenario the leader and a few of his cronies were already headed down it too. Either way Archon liked his odds.

He moved quickly and followed the cave deep underground before it hooked back up and ended in a very quiet part of the desert. The moment they were back into the open Archon stopped all movement and carefully listened to his surroundings. After a few minutes of silence he became confident that there was no evidence of any reptilian or Termaritans activity. He considered resting but decided against it since the Reptilians would eventually realize he never came back through the camp.

He tossed his lifemate over his shoulder and started to run. He wished there was an easier way… but there wasn’t. It couldn’t be helped. Archon needed to run very fast with her tossed over his should. That meant she was going to bounce around and her bruises and injuries were going to hurt. There was just no other way to get them out of the hot zone and into a safer place away from the enemy. Archon apologized aloud to her, even though she couldn’t possibly hear him.

“I am so sorry my sweet lifemate. I am sorry the bastard aliens hurt you and that I was not there to protect you. But I give you my oath that I will do everything in my power to keep you safe from this day forward. I vow to make sure that every breath I take is used to make your life better and to help you forget the suffering you have endured.”

Archon pulled two of the pain killers he kept in his pants pocket out and stuck them in her mouth. The moment he was sure that she was a little more comfortable, he pitched his lifemate’s bruised and tattered body over his shoulder and ran toward the coast. Archon was hoping that he could make contact with his unit or another UFE unit and find a way to get the hell out of Africa. He wanted to make his way north. The farther north the better.

Most of the alien’s that invaded earth preferred heat. They already become the dominant people on the Caribbean islands, Australia, Africa, South America and most of the deserts in Asia. Native Earthlings like himself have been forced into the colder temperature areas like Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Russia.

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