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Chapter 5

Naelia was jarred awake by a soft warm rocking motion. She realized however she was on something much softer than the sand she’d been sleeping on. Hell, it almost felt like a bed. That however didn’t make any sense given her predicament. Yet she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was no longer tied to the bed of the reptilian leader. No… something else was going on. Something conceivably worse if that was even possible…Naelia started thinking about all that happened to her over the past few days and emotional pain ripped her though.


They slipped the rope over her neck and were pulling her somewhere. It hurt, but Naelia put up as much fight as she could. There were just too many of them. They were too strong. Something hit her hard on the back of her head and Naelia scream out in pain. She swiped at them with her arms and made contact, not that it mattered. She was no match for the Reptilians. To prove that, they pulled the rope tighter and forced her body to the ground. Naelia couldn’t even lift her head.

They started to surround her. So many stinky, nasty, vile Reptilians. Then, they started grunting and making loud shrill sounds. They spit, laughed, hit and kicked her over and over again. One of the bastards poked at her with cattle prod causing her body to jolt and flop around like a fish out of water involuntarily. Naelia was petrified and in so much pain. She screamed and begged them to stop. She prayed to Ewmjir for them to kill her quickly just to make it stop.

None of that mattered. The Reptilians continued to make noises as they circled around her weak battered body. She was poked again with yet another cattle prod. Her body jerked around, this time her head slamming painfully into the ground. Every kick, touch and jab caused enormous unbearable pain.

She opened her mouth and tried to scream, but even her throat could no longer function, a came out was a nearly silent gurgle. Despite that she refused to stop fighting. She bit, scratched, kicked and swung her weak limbs towards the Reptilians, but it had no effect. Then, just when Naelia thought she had all she could take, it got worse. The men dragged her with ropes into a cave and forced her into and underground icy cold river.

In theory her mind knew they were only attempting to bathe her but in her panic it felt like they were attempting to drown her. They cast her under the water again and again in while she flayed around and tried her best to keep her head above the water. They used the sand to rub her painfully until her body burned and ached.

Finally they pulled her out of the river. They surrounded her again and donned with the Reptilians nasty chufa cloth. Naelia hated the way chufa cloth smelled. To her it had this awful rotting smell that reminded her of dead animals. Chufa cloth is a nearly impenetrable cloth made from the scales of dead Reptilians. The smell was terrible and caused her stomach to twist. Venusians are vegetarians and have very little tolerance for the smell of any kind of meat.

Hell, even the ones born on earth only handful of native earth vegetables. Sadly however since Naelia became separated from the other Venusians she came topside with, she’d been forced to eat cactus in order to keep the hunger pains from crippling her. The smell of the chufa cloth smelled so much of meat she started coughing and gagging until finally managed to empty her stomach of her latest her meal.

The seemed to agitate the Reptilians who immediately punished her, by shoving the chufa cloth directly into her face over and over again. She held her breath for as long as she could but eventually she was forced to breath in the smell. This time instead of gagging she became light headed and her world went black.

Naelia wished it had stayed black however. Instead she awoke and herself tied down against the ground with her limbs pulled out and away from her. The male reptilian leader was above her. It was clear he was going to use her body to satisfy his needs. She knew even to the Reptilians that her Venusian body was considered beautiful. Many of the Reptilians kept Venusian men and women as concubines to satisfy their sexual needs. It was no real surprise to her that the leader would have no problem taking what he wanted and Naelia would be forced to accommodate him.

She knew she could try to fight him… That however would only make it so much worse. No, the softer gentler path was to give him what he wanted. If she pleased him enough, perhaps he would even retrieve Regatta for her. Once she was better fed and had time to rest perhaps she could figure out a way to escape and return home. Still, she hated the idea of being involuntary used by him.

It’s just that she didn’t have a choice. It was a fact of life that Venusians are lovers not fighter. In general most Venusians are highly sexual beings anyway and would copulate with anyone that shows even a mild interest. The majority of Venusians that weren’t lucky enough to escape underground into the lava tunnels like Naelia and her colony all served as concubines to the races now living on earth. It was their place in life. They didn’t fight it they embraced it, but the idea of copulating with the Reptilians nauseated and terrified her. Naelia simply wasn’t a typical Venusian.

She was different in many ways. Hell, it only to Archon a few minutes to realize she didn’t even speak any language but her native Aquarian. The one language Archon never bothered to learn. Every other Venusian on earth spoke at least reptilian but most learned all the other species languages. If she’d been able to speak reptilian she could have told the leader that she wasn’t protected against an unwanted pregnancy. Not that he would have believed her.

Everyone knew Venusians craved sex. They loved to peddle their bodies in exchange for their needs. They never cared who or how they were used. Naelia however never really had much of sex drive. For that reason, she didn’t consume blue cohosh on a regular basis. That meant she was fertile. Very fertile… Before meeting Naelia we thought all Venusians used the blue cohosh herb to prevent unwanted mixed species pregnancies.

Since she didn’t speak reptilian, she never told the reptilian leader anything. Instead, she started taking the blue cohosh the morning after, but in the back of her mind she feared she might have already been with child. It was not only possible it was highly probably despite the genetic differences between the Reptilians and the Venusians. It was also feasible that she could give birth to a deformed Halfling. Mutts were never accepted by any of the races. Venusian mutts were sometimes tolerated if they were attractive enough to be used as concubines but mothers of deformed mutts were expected to kill the deformed children.

Tears leaked silently from her eyes that first night as the reptilian forced himself into her body. Tears for her lost innocence, tears for her foolish dreams and tears for the child that she would probably have to kill in the near future. By the time he finished and retreated to the comfort of his bed Naelia was exhausted. She tried her best to keep awake and alert, but the events of the day took their toll and she’d fallen into an uncomfortable sleep.

Over the next few days, Naelia was forced remain at the leaders side. Everywhere he went, she was pulled behind him. The others in the camp seemed to enjoy jostling her around and constantly yelling and shoving her. Her new male partner was sometimes the worst. He would switch between being nice and causing her terrible pain. Naelia did her best to work hard and get very dirty and destroy the chufa clothes he donned her body with in the hope that she would be unattractive to him so he would leave her alone for the night. Naelia was rarely ever that lucky. He came to her nearly every night so far. He seemed to enjoy his time with her.

The moment he came to her, she squeezed eyes tightly closed and prayed to Ewmjir to make it end. Sometimes, she would hold her breath until world went dark again and she did not feel anything. That’s what happened last night. She passed out. Now however she had to figure out if she was still tied up or not. If he was or wasn’t in the room. Not wanting to draw attention to herself in case it was still early in the evening, she decided to remain very still and listened with her ears. Within seconds, Naelia clearly heard very light soft breathing… he was sleeping... still to make sure, she did her best to peek through her eyelashes.

Despite her best attempts she couldn’t see anything from the angle her head was in. If Naelia wanted confirmation, she would need to open her eyes. That thought however terrified her. If the reptilian leader was awake or realized she was, he might want to use her again. Naelia wanted to avoid that at all costs.

Movement… No decision to make now. The reptilian must have surmised that they knew Naelia was no longer sleep. Shit! Naelia thought to herself. All she was hoping for was just a little time more to heal before she was forced to endure more. Now she would either be expected to do back breaking labor or to copulate with him again… She rolled over onto her side to prepare herself, when she realized she wasn’t tied up. This could be her lucky break. Maybe she should try to escape, with any luck she would break free or he would kill her for trying.

Naelia counted to three in her head. Then opened her eyes, and got ready to run. With her fight or flight instincts humming in her ears and adrenaline pumping in her veins, Naelia never expected to find herself frozen in place. Standing directly in front of her was the man of her dreams, literally not figuratively. The man that kept her alive these past months. The only man she ever wanted to be with. Her lifemate… Archon.

Naelia dreamed of his face and his body for more years than she could remember. Yet another thing that made her different from other Venusians. ESP. She’d always believed he was real. Yet, she was beyond shocked to see him standing in front of her in person. It was the sight of him that froze her in place keeping Naelia unable to move a muscle. She couldn’t even twitch.

He was exactly as she dreamed he would be. Well almost. He was an Earthling not a Venusian. Still he was perfect in looks and form. His body and face appeared to be in his mid to late thirties but was probably far older than that. She could tell by the almost unnoticeable wrinkles around his eyes. His skin tone was much darker than Naelia’s and reminded her of the color of the tree trunks. His eyes too were dark brown, and his head like the rest of his body was hairless. He had many visible robotic upgrades but his shoulders were still au natural and rippled with every movement of his body. His best feature however was the big broad smile on his face.

As far as Earthlings go… to Naelia none were better looking than Archon. He was magnificent in form and appearance. Suddenly the idea of copulating was very attractive. She knew her face mirrored the smile that began in his eyes and moved down his face until he shone with pure pleasure from the inside out. Naelia was afraid it was just another dream as she reached out and allowed her fingers to touch his sun kissed skin. Somehow she knew despite her inability to speak Earthling words, she and Archon would not have an issue with communication.

In that moment, she believed he understood exactly how Naelia felt and knew just what she was thinking. She was wrong, but that was only the tip of the iceberg of what she was wrong about. As hard as it is to believe, Naelia didn’t have any understanding of the world outside of her lava tubes. She’d been so naive and content with her life in the lava tubes she never considered what would happen to her if she got caught topside. She had no skills and no understanding of the real world.

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