Alien Perfection Chronicle from the United Federation of Earth

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Chapter 7

~*~ March 11, 3208 Earth

They arrived in Philadelphia just after two in the morning local time. It took him almost an hour to convince Naelia to allow him to dress her in the clothes that he bought on the ship. Archon was exhausted and Naelia had fear pouring off her in waves as they stepped off the vessel. Philadelphia was alive and vibrant even during night time.

Philadelphia is the largest city under UFE occupation on the east coast of North America. To Archon it seemed like one most beautiful. Archon spent several years in Philadelphia as a child before the war. Now the city is referred to as the old country. The city of Philadelphia is one of the few places left that still has some old world Earthling buildings. The more modern areas of the city are not as attractive to Archon but suit the mixed race populations that cluster together and hide the skyline.

Archon kept his hand in the crook of Naelia’s back as he guided her safely to the car he’d secured nearby. Archon opened the door to the car and helped her to climb in. Then he fastened her seatbelt before climbing into the driver seat. He wished he could have explained what they were doing, but even with the progress she’d made learning earthlish, they were a far cry away from real communication. The best he could do for a little added security, was wrap his emofluence around her like a soft silky tendrils.

With the car in park, Archon rolled down the window and let in the wonderful aroma of Philadelphia cuisine. The smell filled his senses and Naelia’s. Archon heard her stomach rumble just seconds before she used her hand like a fork to tell him she was hungry. He smiled at her and said soon…He knew she didn’t completely understand but something in the way she looked at Archon let he know that she had complete faith in him, despite the small amount of time they’d been together so far. Archon was pleased that Naelia was comfortable with him but he wanted to make sure that he continued to do everything he could possibly do continue to earn her trust and her love.

Naelia’s stomach growled again and Archon decided that he should would make a pit stop and a nearby restaurant. He parked the car and rushed around to help her out. Like before, he placed his hand in the small of her back and slowly guided her towards the door. The moment the door opened Naelia moaned in excitement. The sound vibrated through his chest causing him to instantly want so much more than a dinner.

It was so hard being in her company and not touching her that way. He knew it just wasn’t time. Not for him though as a sex crazy Venusian she was probably more than ready. Despite that, he did his best to push the thoughts away and instead concentrate on getting into the restaurant. Just as his hand touched her arm, however Naelia froze. She stopped and all her muscles stiffened. His touch caused her to shiver in fear. Archon immediately sent out a wave of calmness and reassurance, but it had no effect on her. Instead her fear and agitation grew and Archon didn’t know what was freaking her out, he was at a total loss. Archon knew she would not understand him, but it didn’t stop him from saying aloud

“Naelia, what is it love? Why are you afraid?”

Then he said the same thing in reptilian and every other language he knew. He prayed to Ewmjir that something he said got through to her. She was terrified. Then she pointed to her womanly part then his and slapped her hands together roughly several times. Something in the way she held her hands seemed almost vulgar. It was enough for him to get the idea. Rape. She’d been raped.

I can still hear him telling me how angry he’d become. He furious at the reptilian that hurt but he was mortified and fuming at himself even more. Before that moment, he’d never stopped to consider that a Venusian would decline sex. He was such an idiot. Up until that moment in time he actually thought all Venusians wanted sex all the time with everyone and anyone. That they were just a wanton race.

He’d just assumed that Naelia would be faithless woman. She was Venusian and it was just part of who she was. He wouldn’t fault her for it. He was going to find a way to love her despite it. It was her fault she was born little more than sex toy. Something he and everyone could use for pleasure. He was such an idiot. We all were.

That day he learned two things. First, Venusians are not sex toys, they like every other being on earth have a right to choose who they are with and a right to say no. And two, the apparently have had some kind of sixth sense about sexual desires. His desire petrified Naelia and sent her into a full blown panic. Not much he could do about that after the fact. But he knew from that day forward, he would just have to do his best to tamper down his desires until she was more capable of handling it.

That day however, he used his powers to send her warmth and comfort to her the gently wrapped her in his arms while he smiled brightly at her. Then he said out loud

“I will never hurt you Naelia, and I will never let anyone hurt you again!”

Archon walked her into the restaurant and ordered two large glasses of water. Water was still one earth’s most precious assets. Then he glanced over the menu and ordered a rare steak for him, and one of every kind of vegetable plus regatta for her. Archon had no idea what kind of topside vegetables she would like. Chances are she’d had little exposure to Earthling food and vegetables. In short time she spent with the Reptilians they probably only fed her grass and grains.

There was so many other types of fresh vegetables available many of which she would probably like. Archon he decided to make it his mission to expose her to as many foods as possible. One day, he and Naelia would know what she wanted and liked. In total Archon ordered enough food for five people. In a place like this that was extravagant even for an elite warrior like himself.

The waiter looked pointedly at him before dropping his eyes without making comment. The he rushed to bring them the water. Naelia stuck her tongue in the glass then basically swallowed the entire glass of water in one gulp. Archon looked over at the empty glass and said quietly out loud

“Easy love, you do not want your stomach ache to ruin the food you?”

She tilted her head to one side as she considered his words. It was so cute and sweet. Archon knew that she didn’t know what he meant even though he tried to tell her. So he laughed then enacted himself emptying the contents of his stomach. That did the trick. She scrunched up her nose and looked at him pertly. Then she shocked him by sticking out her tongue and make a raspberry sound. Archon put his hands in the air as if to surrender and said

“Okay, love you win. Eat, drink be merry. You’ll get no more argument from me.” To his surprise Naelia giggled then said

“Yes Naelia win!”

Archon couldn’t stop from bursting out into a good hard laugh. Naelia was going to be the perfect companion for him. It was clear she was perfect in all was and he loved that she was so incredibly smart and funny. He was laughing so hard that he actually began to snort and cough. Naelia watched with raised eyebrows until Archon managed to bring himself back under control. Then she smiled and both of her cheeks darkened with excitement.

The waiter served them two perfectly prepared meals. Naelia daintily tried each of the various vegetables on her plate. Broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, mashed potatoes, asparagus. She seemed to like most of them and ate with eagerness. He watched with pure contentment as she finished everything on her plate.

“Hey love, want more to eat?”

Archon said at the same time as pointing at her and use his hand as a fork. In response, she faked throwing up on the floor. Again he found his lifemate shocked and amused him. Archon laughed until his cheeks and his side was aching. Naelia chuckled quietly back to him. He loved that she was amused at his expense.

“You have a very quirky little humor my sweet lifemate. I’m going to love spending the rest of my life with you. For the first time in my life... that doesn’t seem long enough.”

Archon sent out a love, peace and security hoping beyond hope that she would understand how he felt about her. She smiled then poked her fingers into several deserts he had the waiter bring. She tasted them, but didn’t seem too excited to do more than to play with them. Not much of a surprise as most Venusians don’t care for anything but fresh vegetables.

The clock on the wall chimed and Archon realized it was past time to get on the road. They had a good long drive ahead of them to Philadelphia and he wanted to arrive early enough to get on board and settled in before the other passengers arrived. Archon had them bag the food that was still uneaten and paid the check. Then, he stood and stretched out his hand to Naelia.

“Love, let’s get going. I know you’ve got to be tired and we have a long ride ahead of us.”

Archon helped her into the car and urged her to rest her head on his lap. He drove through the night while Naelia slept peacefully in his lap in the front seat of the car. He arrived in Philadelphia with plenty of time to board the ship and make it to their assigned room without any problems. Archon looked around the room and was pleased that it was a large room for a military ship.

Archon showed Naelia around the room, then patted the bed trying to see if she wanted to take a nap. She indicated she did so he handed her soft pink ankle length nightgown. Regretfully, he didn’t think fast enough to point towards the bathroom so she could put it on. Instead in seconds flat true to her Venusian heritage, Naelia pulled the dress she was wearing over her shoulders and stood naked before him waiting for him to put the night gown on her body.

Archon was stunned stupid as he stood frozen his only thought of how absolutely stunningly beautiful she was. His manhood came to immediate attention. His hand shot out and gently cupped her pert breast. His blood start to heat just as he saw fear in Naelia’s eyes. That did the trick, he forced down his desires and said,

“No! I will never hurt you. Never!”

Then he gently pulled the nightgown over her head, and pointed to the bed again. She didn’t hesitate, she just moved to the bed and laid down. Her body curled in a tight ball. As soon as he knew that she was asleep, Archon went into the bathroom and took a very cold shower.

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