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Chapter 8

After Archon finished his shower and made his way up to the fifth deck, which housed the commissary. He planned on obtaining several new outfits for both himself and Naelia. Thus far, Archon had not been able to secure any clothes that actually fit Naelia. Instead, he’d been forced to modify his own clothes. In Archon’s mind, clothes were the foundation of society and Venusians were known to wear the softest silk and satins. Naelia deserved that and she also deserved to wear clothes that fit her properly.

He spent several hours in the commissary and was pleased that he’d been able to secure a few good outfits for both of them including underwear. Archon paid the clerk with his military ID card despite knowing that would alert the rest of us in his unit. Thinking back, I’m sure Archon more or less did it on purpose. He probably figured Naelia needed to meet the rest of us sooner rather than later. Using his real ID card was his way of letting us know that he’d finally found her. That also meant, he knew that it was only a matter of time before we showed up.

That night, instead of heading straight back to their room, Archon took the bags and climb the stairs until he reached the ninth floor. He walked casually to the front of the ship to the galley. He grabbed a couple of pork chops, two burgers and some fries for himself and a bowl of every vegetable they had along with a huge serving of regatta. He put everything into a bag and headed back down to their room on the third deck.

Naelia and Archon would probably use the stairs to access their room since Naelia didn’t seem to like the closed space in the elevator. In addition they needed a special key to get the elevators to stop on the third deck. Their room wasn’t located in the standard passenger level, it was mainly used by military special ops people like him.

The ship only had two stops on the itinerary. The first would be when they stopped for a day in Fort Chimo in Ungava Bay. Then they would sail on Nuuk, Greenland. Archon already made sure to make special friends with some of the crew and ask them to go into Fort Chimo when they stopped and buy both Naelia and Archon even more clothes. He also requested some additional supplies such as soap, tooth brush, deodorant and some razors and shaving cream. Many of them were available on the ship, but they had limited supplies and choices.

Naelia and Archon would be staying on board until they reach Nuuk, Greenland. Despite Fort Chimo being a UFE strong hold, he didn’t want to take any chances with Naelia’s safety. The Galactic Alliance had fingers everywhere and with the UFE not being able to trust most Anunnaki and Venusians he didn’t want Naelia to inadvertently become a suspect in any ongoing investigations.

Archon stepped back into the room and checked on Naelia. She was fast asleep and humming softly in her sleep. He smiled and made his way over to the sliding glass door leading to the outside deck. He stepped out on the deck and looked out over the water. He couldn’t help but sigh in contentment as he stepped back in their room. He had a feeling it was going to be a long day. He knew the rest of us would either arrive by helicopter sometime today, or meet him in Fort Chimo. Either way, introducing Naelia to all of us was going to be exhausting for her. He hoped she would sleep most of the day and well into the evening.

As a special ops warrior with so many robotic enhancements, Archon needed little to no sleep at all. Yet… finding ways to occupy his time while Naelia slept left him feeling daunted. He went into the bathroom and stripped down to his T-shirt and boxers, then despite not being tired at all he returned to the main room and moved over to the couch and pulled the cushions off preparing to lie down on the sofa bed. He was just about finished when Naelia shocked him by sitting up and saying out loud

“Archon come.”

Then she patted the bed while using her body language to tell him that she wanted to snuggle with him. Archon was relieved and suddenly very much wanted to lie next to her. Hell, he even instantly became tired as he croaked out

“Are you sure about Naelia? I don’t want to scare you?”

Then like her he used his body language to question her. Hands in the air, eye brows up and shoulders shrugging. The he waited patiently until Naelia replied with one word that had him rushing to her side.


Archon crawled into bed beside Naelia and pulled her into his chest. Then despite hardly ever sleeping, Archon fell deep asleep with Naelia safely wrapped in his arms.

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