Carbon Copies

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17-year-old Sadghi is a trainee in the Instruction District of Gear One on Planet Nyota, formerly Earthl. In a world run by an illusive alien government where carbon copies are the norm and rejects are feared, Sadghi’s only goal is to become an enforcer so he can explore his world and others while imposing peace and compliance. Things become complicated when Sadghi’s best friend is arrested and accused of being a reject. Sadghi knows rejects are dangerous, but he begins questioning the motives of the Serikali Dola, his planet’s alien government. Soon, Sadghi uncovers the terrifying ulterior motives of the Serikali Dola and the devastating truth about himself. With time ticking, Sadghi must free his friend before she is executed by the government and expose the government’s ulterior motive to destroy his planet with a new weapon. With everything he loves at stake, Sadghi is tasked by a secret resistance to assemble a worthy team to overthrow the government or watch his planet be annihilated. With the odds distinctly against him, will Sadghi be able to save not just himself but his world? Find out inside.

Scifi / Action
Jermaine, MFA
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Thesis Cover

Carbon Copies

Jermaine Reed

A Thesis

Submitted to the English Department

Chicago State University

In Fulfillment of the Requirements

for the Degree of Master of Arts

April 2020

We approve the thesis of Jermaine Reed entitled: Carbon Copies

Thesis Committee Members:


Dr. Nicole Martinez Date

Thesis Committee Advisor

Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing

Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Literature

Chicago State University


Dr. Kelly N. Ellis Date

Second Reader

Department Chairperson

Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Literature

Chicago State University


Dr. Brenda E. Aghahowa Date

Director of Graduate Studies

Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Literature

Chicago State University

© Copyright by Jermaine Reed 2020

All Rights Reserved


Carbon Copies is a work of Afrofuturism, Science Fiction about Black people written by a Black person. It follows the adventures of a sixteen-year-old boy living on a future Earth occupied by aliens. The purpose of this work is to explore governmental oppression and human nature to seek freedom. With complicated relationships between people and other people and people and the government, Carbon Copies imagines what first-contact with aliens could mean for humanity as whole. Writing this manuscript took as much reading as it did writing.


This is dedicated to my wonderful daughters and the powerful women they will grow to become.


I would like to acknowledge everyone who played a role in my academic success. Those people or entities include God, my family and my committee members. Thank you.


This story was inspired by my fascination with things Black and things science. Growing up, I loved Science Fiction stories, but I never saw characters who looked like me. With this work, I hope to expand the reach of Afrofuturism. I hope to inspire thousands of Black and brown children to go places they are told they can never go and do things no one thought they could.

Again, I thank every writer who has ever gave me a world to run to when my world was too hard to face. I also want to thank Chicago State University’s English Department. Without the women over there, I could not have hoped for such success as I have had. To my fans, I love you.



Jermaine Reed

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