Dead Ringers The Beginning

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In the future, humans have been given a new outlook on death. A giant tech company called Marco Vital Force Corporation provides many services, but what they're famously known for are the robots known as Ringers. Marco Vital discovered a technology that allows those who have passed away to be resurrected. They don't come back in human bodies, they come back as robot versions of themselves. It's a grand idea except for the fact that with new technology comes new problems. Ace Martin is a man who has wanted to work for Marco Vital his entire life. Unfortunately living on Saturn in the slums of South Burlow Heights, those opportunities don't come so easy for his kind. Regardless, his love for technology never wavers, so he improvises by providing Marco Vital services in illegal ways. Lucky for him, his looks along with a hobby of his catches an important customer's eye. But will the dark path she's offering cause him to sink even further into this underground world? Unlike Ace, Kryselle Nelson who lives in upper class North Burlow Heights came from a good upbringing. As a Marco Vital Force employee, she deals with new Ringers every day to help them adjust to their new life. Unfortunately, when Ringers fail to behave or accept their new robotic bodies, it is also her job to have them destroyed. Little does she know; new secrets will cause her life to never be the same.

Scifi / Fantasy
Sharina L Martin
Age Rating:

Introduction Guide

Marco Vital Force Corporation.

Introduction Guide. Year 3412.

Marco Vital Force Corporation – The company that created both the Ringers and the FP World along with many other Marco Vital electronics, applications, and gadgets to assist and be a part of your daily life. The logo for the company is an M and V merged together with a ring around it. It is typically seen on Marco Vital Products.

SOS Chip - A Sense Of Self chip collects everything in your brain that makes your personality traits and who you are. Its important to have it removed within the hour of death or the SOS chip will become futile.

Ringer Bots- also known as Ringers are replica human robots created and built to look just like those who have passed away. People who wish to have their SOS chip put in a Ringer do so, so they can continue being alive.

Fictional Paradise World Data Base- Also known as FP World is a digital world to load your SOS chip into once you pass away. You can live out the rest of eternity in fictional paradise with others who have made the same decision.

GENXS- (Pronounced as Jeenks) Is a robot intelligence that helps and assist in your daily life.

Reo- A technology that replaced cell phones. Its a small disk implanted behind your ear near the ear drum. It is also placed in your dominating wrist to project a screen. You can also purchase and download a Genxs assistant onto your Reo if you wish.

This Dead Ringers Universe story will not have a focus on FP World, but it will be mentioned occasionally. Curious about FP world? Stay tuned for future novels.

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