Sanctuary II

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[Book 8] The world of Crystalla takes a turn for the worst, in the direct follow up to Sanctuary City of Hope!

Scifi / Fantasy
Scarlett Dunn
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It's been a year since the Imperial's arrived here, and we've wasted so much, time. Help cannot come, the darkness has enshrouded most of Crystalla by now. I write this letter to pass the time.
Keegan has taken up playing golf in the lobby, with Amber, those two are getting on like a house on fire these days. I still sometimes catch Keegan looking regretfully out of the window, presumably because of what Treleva had made him do.
I miss Dex, Syl and Uncle Atlas so much that it hurts. I wish they could have been here for my 23rd birthday, but alas. One of the resistance members did swing by the back door yesterday to give us more updates on how everything is going on their end.
Amanda... she opened her eyes today. It surprised all of us. She doesn't react to any stimuli, but hopefully this means she can eventually awaken fully. This would be good news for all Araneian refugees that were affected.
I've been in contact with Mizu too, she offered to send help to Sanctuary, but I assured her we had it under control. I don't want her wasting resources on us.
Hmm, what else? We've done some research into bringing back the sky, since the only real hold this "Empire" (more like cult, haha) has over us, is the...'light' from their airship. I guess that's pretty much everything for today.
Roisin Out.
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