The Forgotten Island

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Arya is a shy yet intelligent 17-year old girl born with the abilities to bend the earths elements to her will. When she goes on a trip with her senior class she has every intent to pursue and seduce the boy of her dreams. Fate has other plans in store however, as tragedy strikes. Lost and alone on an island where nothing seems to make sense she will have to survive on her wits alone for years. Later when strangers appear, will she be brave enough to let herself be vulnerable or will she turn away from the little humanity she has left?

Scifi / Romance
Jessica Gribble
Age Rating:

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

It began a millennia ago. Gods, which have since gone quiet, took a liking to humankind. Finding them to be an endearing species, they bestowed gifts upon them. Each human on earth was gifted with one power over an element upon birth. The fire-born, with their extrovert personalities and natural gift to lead; the water-born, smooth talking and easily the most reasonable of the element wielders. Then the air-born, with flighty personalities, a great sense of humor, and a high sense of justice. Lastly, the earth-born; a calm and quiet folk, with abilities that were subtle if not powerful. Each element was important, an integral part in how the world was shaped. As the years went by, like bred with like, seeking to bring out specific element powers from their young to make them more powerful. Water and earth born soon began to appear in lesser and lesser numbers, until one day the earth born were almost completely forgotten; leaving almost none to be found. This is one of their stories.

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