The Forgotten Island

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In a world where fire and wind elementals are revered, earth wielder Arya is a living understatement. Content on living life under the radar, she is as average as they come. When she finally decides to embrace her life, tragedy strikes. Shipwrecked and stranded on an island that manipulates time, Arya must learn to survive. As she struggles, is hunted, and grows in power, she finds herself right in the middle of a prophecy to protect time itself.

Scifi / Romance
Jessica Gribble
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She traced her forefinger along the top of his exposed stomach, his gagged pleas exciting her, causing a warmth between her legs “Shhh, quiet now, darling, your Queen isn’t ready to have her fun yet”. Tears rolled down his cheeks as she turned to walk to the other side of the room, taking a seat at her vanity. She inspected her reflection with care, her pale skin luminescent in the room’s low light. She was indeed an exquisite display of demonic womanhood, with a slender frame, ember-colored eyes, prominent cheek bones, and full lips. Picking up her brush, she began to run it through her long black hair, humming softly to herself as the specimen on her bed sobbed loudly in the background. A soft knock sounded at her chamber doors. “Enter” she called, irritated at the intrusion. A royal guard stepped into the room, fear emanating off him as he faced her. He barely glanced at the demon tied to the her bed, who had begun to scream for help through his gag when he entered.

“Well, what is it? Speak, you imbecile!” she sneered at him; disgust written on her face. The guard shifted uncomfortably on his feet “Your majesty, the princes have gone missing.”

“WHAT?!?” she screamed as she rose to her feet, flying towards the guard and lifting him by his throat with one hand before he could register what was happening. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY ARE MISSING?” She snarled, her canines elongating, and her eyes changing to a deep red, emphasizing her shift in mood.

Another, larger demon, entered the Queen’s room. His uniform was sharply pressed, and there were rows of medals along his chest in a display of his importance. The Queen hissed at his entrance, squeezing her victims throat as he helplessly fought against her hold. The new demon’s presence was enough to confirm the first guards’ words and she struggled to control the madness within her from being released. Using her nails like claws, she ripped out the guard’s throat in one movement, his body falling lifeless on the ground. Flinging the dismembered gore from her hands and stepping over the carcass, she approached the newcomer.

“Choose your words wisely, General, or join him in death.” The General raised his chin as he gazed at his Queen. “The cell was empty this morning when the guards did rounds. There were no signs of forced exit or entry. I have had a sorceress brought in to trace their location. She was unwilling at first, but after some…persuasion, she has agreed to assist her majesty in locating the fugitives.” The Queen listened intently, and although her canines had receded, her crimson eyes still blazed. She had invaded a bordering kingdom five years ago, her thirst for power unquenchable in her pursuit of domination. Under the pretense of peace talks she had slaughtered their Queen and imprisoned the King and his five children. For the first few years she had kept the King chained to her throne as a living trophy, his strength and powers removed by dark magic. It was enough to quell any rebellion by those still loyal to the overthrown monarchy, and she reveled in the fallen kings broken psyche. She entertained herself by having his three daughters dragged into the throne room, one by one, where she let her guards take turns with them while he was forced to watch. Eventually she got bored with the ritual, killing the princesses and the former king, leaving the remaining two sons to rot in the dungeons below her castle.

The Queen paced around her room, stopping to wipe the blood from her hands, using the pants of the demon who was tied to her bed. He whimpered at her touch, and she felt a little calmer at hearing the noise, her eyes returning to their ember color. “Persuade the bitch to find them faster, General. I have use of those two royal brats, and I hate when my plans get ruined.” She gracefully glided up to him as she spoke, a small smile forming on her face. The General watched her with guarded eyes but didn’t falter when she reached up to cup his cheek with her still blood tinged hand. “And besides” she cooed “We wouldn’t want the little tykes to start a rebellion now, would we?” She lowered her hand, turning away from him. “You have 48 hours to come back with my prisoners, or I shall remove your head from your body and feed it to your mate” she breathed, as if commenting on the weather.

The general bowed, silently leaving the room and closing the door softly behind him. The Queen looked at the demon on her bed, struggling against his bonds. “Well now” she said, taking a knife that was atop her dresser and approaching him “It looks like I am in the mood to play after all”.

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