Wasteland Chronicles: Zero Blade

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My name's Zero. I'm on a run.

You know the rest, don't you?

The walkers trudged into the open field after the grinder's ordeal. Transport hovercrafts hovered on top of the labyrinth, and the troops were lowered to the ground. Their guns crackle to life, sending power-bullets flying to the walls, bits of glowing crystals flew out of the barrels at sublight speed, leaving inch-deep holes. Then my fighting skills took over my body and as I dodged, hacked, slashed and sliced the enemy. I picked up the destroyed troops' guns and tossed them to my friends. I realised that any chance of winning the battle comes down to taking control of their all-powerful walkers, so I switched off my power-blade and sped towards the walkers. It was suicide, but I only suffered a few minor injuries after the power-bullet rain that was sent as an attempt to shut down my push. Upon reaching one of the walkers, I loaded a power-rifle, grabbed the walker's gun barrel, swung myself into the cockpit and shot the mechanian troop, instantly destroying his processing unit. I fumbled on his head and finally pulled out the battery. A loud alarm blared across the walker, yelling at everyone onboard that the shield is failing under the consistent heavy fire inflicted by enemy walkers. I twisted the blinking control stick that was protruding out of the main control panel, and my walker returned fire, destroying one or two walkers with the powerful blasters on board, when my friends advanced. I shouted instructions to pilot the walker and left it to Danson, who jumped into control and fired at the enemy. I led my friends towards the standing enemy walkers, and we gained control of them in a similar fashion, destroying their piloting mechanian troops.

Just as we boarded our stolen walkers, Ned, the dude whom I just learned his name, the nerdy one, somehow managed to gain control of a hovercraft, which was swinging vigorously as the mechanians split out of the craft. Danson's walker fired at them, and two of the girls loaded their walkers onto the craft, which Ned is now piloting.

I turned and called for my friends. Four of them ran to board the craft, while Danson, I and two other guys were left on the field. I gestured for Ned to go, and together, the four of us turned our walkers and advanced towards an unguarded, abandoned hovercraft on the other side of the field.

We were half-way across the field when another wave of troops landed behind us. They carried blasters, which can do greater damage but have to charge for some time before being able to deliver the payload. I turned and fired my walker's missiles, which exploded into a million pieces of flaming debris and took out a few leading mechanians. Some fired at me, and I was thankful that the walker's shield held.

On the other hand, my friends Danson and the two guys had reached the hovercraft, and were waving frantically at me to board. I turned my walker and started the legs into sprint mode, yet it only crashed after a violent shock of the entire walker as one of the legs took a direct hit, a hard way to find out that the shield has succumbed to the enemy's fire. The momentum sent me propelling upwards, and finally I landed on my face. Ignoring the intense pain, I got to my feet, trying my best to dodge the blasts, jumped from a mid-air platform, and landed on the deck of our runway hovercraft. Danson fired up the emergency engine boosters, and we were airborne, propelling the walker to our hijacked hovercraft.

Upon landing on the hovercraft, Ned immediately took the hovercraft airborne. I looked out of the hovercraft and found several mechanian fighters speeding hot on our pursuit. From the weapon rack, I pulled out a mid-ranged rifle and began firing at the fighters who were gaining on us. Danson tried his best pushing the hovercraft to it's top speed, and the others got to work while three of us attacked the incoming fighters. As none of us were actually good at shooting, we ran out of ammo after a short while and still three mechanian fighters were gaining on us. Just then, Kayson, another guy whom I just learned his name, suggested we land and use our walkers to engage in combat on solid ground. Since none of us had better ideas, we accepted the suggestion and began to descend.

We landed on a flat place, and quickly found some space to hide before we prepared to ambush the fighters' pilot. I hid behind a big rock, power-blade in hand but not extended, because I'm sure the light will alert the enemy and expose our location. In the corner of my eye, I saw Dansen and Kayson hid in an ancient log cabin, and just then the fighters landed. The fourth guy, Beckendorf, who hid on higher ground, shot the fighter's landing gear, and prevented the fighters from taking off again. The pilots have formed a triangle formation, and secretly, I smiled. This formation may be good for short range engagement, but cannot avoid a team kill if someone has a blaster. Beckendorf aimed his blaster and fired at the unsuspecting pilots. At the very last moment before the flaming shell hit the ground and exploded, the pilot squadron took notice of it and scattered, barely avoiding a team kill. They survived, but only for a moment. Kayson, Danson and I charged from our hiding place and sank our weapons deep into the remainders' bodies, severing their bodies' link to their CPU and the network, instantly turning what was once the fighters' bodies into non-functional pieces of metal that limped lifelessly on the ground. We stood for a moment to catch our breaths, and we retrieved weapons from the fallen. We picked up loaded rifles, several refills and two power-blades. Afterwards, I tried to crack the broken mechanian fighter, while Danson and I carefully retrieved the extra large energy batteries. We loaded the items onto the hovercraft, and Danson and I decided to take two of the fighters with us. I rode with Kayson, who manned the weapons, and Danson piloted the other. Kayson decided to shoot the broken parts of the remaining fighters to prevent them from being salvaged by mechanians, and we soared into the night with red-hot fire comets blazing behind us.

Ned and the others were waiting for us on the top of The Lights. From our childhood, every human has dreamed of this place, a place which marked the start of dangerous adventures and the end of the mechanians' chase. It was an important symbol for freedom, so we agreed to meet there in the midst of the battle. After some communication to confirm that we're friends, not the mechanian soldiers, we touched down and joining them in The Lights. Danson, Kayson and another guy named Zack went to hunt for food, hoping the wild animals such as boars and bulls were still out there. Ned told them to stay safe and handed them a tracking watch and a communication headset, fitted with a headlamp for lighting the way. The hunting group, or rather, the Night Bulls as they call themselves, sped into the night sky, headlamps blazing, and I turned. Staring at me in the eye was the girl who knew my name.

I had a bad feeling about this. I've lost some memory after going berserk in the Mechlosseum, and the girl wouldn't like what I say.

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