Wasteland Chronicles: Zero Blade

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My name is Zero. I am on a run with my friends towards the freedom of humans.

Machine blasters crackled as they fired, directing balls of concentrated energy towards the target. An unsuspecting enemy walker with its shield down in the distance erupted in a tiny supernova as it was instantly shattered into flaming red debris. Mushroom-shaped smoke rose into the afternoon sky, marking the first casualty for many more to go..
Our walker landed straight behind a great big rock. Several mechanian soldiers peered, but none took further action. Just then, our ground troops landed. As their hovercraft hover midair, ropes suspended for landing. After the last one landed, the hovercraft soared quickly to our meet-up place.
Travis lifted his modified blaster, customed to our needs by Ned to fire long-ranged shots. Gwen, Kayson and Steven moved silently to cover. Danson stayed with Travis to guard him. Ned stayed in place as the operation commander, monitoring his drones and overlooking our attack. Another drone flew towards the fortress, firing blazing red shells towards the soldiers. Travis pulled the trigger, and a blast shot towards an unaware soldier who was blasted into metal pieces. Meanwhile, Kayson and my team have reached the closest cover to the fortress, and the guardians of the fortress are alerted on the oncoming siege. Ned’s drone shot blasts everywhere near a group of soldiers which exploded into smoke before they hit the ground, taking out many mechanian soldiers for us. We advanced, walkers clearing a way as mechanian troops failed to resist our push. Travis and Danson have joined Ned, guarding him for possible attacks. We eliminated the soldiers in control of the door as we trudged in.
We found ourselves in a T-crossroad. We splitted up, me and Miki accompanying Gwen and Steven, while Beckendorf and Hadeson headed the other way with the drones, after waiting for Danson to join them. We moved, and there was no problem until suddenly mechanian soldiers broke loose and swarmed out front. Coming up with a risky idea, I tossed my power-daggers, which embedded themselves into the main control unit of the mechanian’s front row, disabling their ability to move, and stopped the other soldiers from closing in. I levelled my blaster, charged it up, continued charging it even it has reached its limit, and fired it - a red hot, compressed bullet, capable of bringing itself deep into enemy lines and destroying from the inside - successfully destroyed all the soldiers in the corridor.Yet, the shot caused the left blaster to destroy itself too. We head on, and finally reach the main-control room. Where the well-known enforcer-general at the third armored corps, the Void-dominator, stands, staring at us with its two red, glowing visual sensors.
I said not a word, as I fired at him with my right blaster. He simply switched on his power-shield and the blaster shell deflected harmlessly onto the nearby wall, a muffled crashing was heard in the distance. Activating his power-blade, nicknamed the Devil’s scythe, he charged towards us. Our team kept firing, but no visible damage was made. I jumped out of my walker, powered up my two power-blades. My old one, glowing its familiar lake green radiance, and my new one, glowing a wicked red and long as a door. I swung my new blade, which Void blocked, and I slowly forced him into a crouching position, knowing well he would use all his might to leap out and kill me. As I expected, Void leaped, shield blocking both my blades, a jump for the kill. I dropped my green blade, switched off the red one, pulled out my pistol, and fired at the gap in his power-shield he opened when thrusting his sword at me. I braced myself for death, knowing in my gut that the shot will damage his visual sensors and weaken him - enough for my friends to kill. Yet, I could be sacrificed through this process.
Just as my shot reached his eyes, another blast knocked his blade out of place, the purple luminous sabre flying out of his hand, and crashed into the floor with a loud “shriing”. My friends fired at him, incapacitating one of his joints, and I closed in, my green blade thrusted down to kill. My blade embedded itself into the computing unit of Void. His visual sensors widen, expressing the human emotion: fear. Then it lost it’s lights, and Void was gone.
Being victorious in the end, we can now take control of the fortress. I picked up his power-blade and hung it on my belt, my friends Gwen and Steven guarded the doors, Miki and I seized control of the fortress, whose guardian systems activated to human biological signs, and robots - mechanians simply cannot access.
I met Ned and Travis at the doors. Apparently, they know the battle was over and there was no more need to guard the door. Together, we head in the footsteps of the other team, when we met two unfamiliar teens just about our age, apparently a couple running towards the exit, their faces strained with horror. I stopped them, asking them the reason for their escape. “There were these humans in mechanian walkers,” the boy told me. “They told us to find this Zero guy after they freed us from the cells, yet they are now wounded!” Realising the humans they were talking about were the other team, I quickly identified myself, then handed the girl my pistol and the boy three daggers and a pistol from Travis, who stocked up two when he was being the sniper, which he claims the pistols were used to protect himself.
Worried about our friends’ physical condition, we sped up, finding guardian drones broken on the floor. It wasn’t long when we found several more escapees, which Ned led them to safety. I sprinted, and Connor, Elizabell (the teen couple), Gonzo (another escapee) and Travis picked up speed, and we headed towards the basement. The prison door swung open after I gave it a good shove. Inside, a bulk of metal stood motionless in the center, and my friend laid injured and unconscious on the floor. I howled with rage, and the metallic bulk turned to face me. A power-axe was in his hand, and it’s edges were stained with the blood of my friends. Suddenly, Danson whispered a word, loud enough only for me to hear, and passed out again. I used gestures to tell my friends to scatter. We advanced toward the bulk silently, and Danson was right. The enforcer, whom I now recognized as the Metallic Doom, is blind. Danson must have destroyed its visual sensors, so now it can only use its hearing to estimate our location. Connor, Elizabell and Travis levelled their guns, Gonzo and I extended our blades, and we jumped on Doom. Travis’s blast hit Doom in the chest, denting his armor and sent him staggering backwards; Connor and Elizabell’s shots knocked Doom’s power-axe out of his hand, and Gonzo severed one of Doom’s arm - But by the time Gonzo turned to retreat, Doom has regained balance and his power-axe was swung at Gonzo. I howled again, and I jumped onto Doom, severing one of his feet and sending him toppling onto the ground. I was about to finish him off when three power-daggers embedded themselves into Doom’s neck, severing the processing unit and destroying Doom. We all stood in silence to catch our breaths, and Travis and Gonzo carried the injured trio back to the main control room. We found three more human prisoners and freed them. Then we all headed out, finally enjoying peace, returning to the main control room to join my friends.
We stuffed ourselves with the dried meat made from the beast Danson, Beckendorf and Hadeson hunted. The trio came around for good and was resting in the cabins, which we discovered on the third floor. We found water from the kitchen, where we also found some sags of four, some preserved meat and sausages. It is good to have a home. Meanwhile, our fighters and hovercraft were parked in the hangar, where two mechanian soldiers stood guard when we headed there the first time, now they are just scraps of broken metal whose power units were taken out, the metal still glowing red from the strong blaster shot some time ago.
We separated the guard duties, and Connor, Gonzo, Zack, Anzo, and Jayson went out to hunt. Gwen, Bowman (one of the last three prisoners I freed), Steven, Travis and Kite (also the last freed prisoner) took up guard duty for the next 3 hours. The others could have a rest after the long and weary battle. I joined Miki and Ned in the tech-room, which is Ned’s cabin, only filled with his tools and stuff. He was tinkering on a device which resembled a “smartphone” of the past. He told us that he is sending out his drones to search for the salvager’s sword after he completes his broadcasting device on the roof. I’ve heard all about of the legendary sword of the legendary salvager Nerobius, and I cannot wait to swing it. I nodded in agreement, and I proposed my idea to the two, who I trusted most. “I think we should send a rescue team to sneak into the Mechanians’ cities to rescue the other trapped humans,” I said, “and when we have enough recruits we can reconquer other fortresses. ” “I’ve heard some adults talk about the ‘Big Rock Republic’ ” answered Miki, “they are a republic formed only by humans, and perhaps we can join them.” “No. We may meet them first.” I said. I have got enough of giant groups and governments. I prefer staying in groups like now. “But I won’t want to join them.” I added. Miki nodded. “Maybe we really should watch and see,” she said at last. Then, we - Miki, me and Ned slept in our own bed. I closed my eyes, and dreams found me.

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