Wasteland Chronicles: Zero Blade

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My name is Zero. I am hot on revenge.

Tracking the Hogs isn’t any hard work when Ned is online updating their location, which he sees using the drones. Our transport hovercraft is gaining on them, and I prayed we won’t get shot. Apparently, the hogs decided to stop for some reason, and we landed, walking towards them. I was half-way through the distance when a pistol was pointed at my forehead and my own blade pressed against a teen. “Surrender. No one touches the hogs,” he told me.
“You’re one of the hogs?” I asked, trying to sound friendly despite the pistol pointed at my head.
“Yes, you loser. What brings you here to us Desert Hogs?” he asked.
“Promise not to kill me and I’ll put away my blade. ” I told him, as we both lowered our weapons.
“We came to make an alliance with the Desert Hogs,” I explained.
“So, you mean you’re the Human Republic? Hwk?” He asked, eyes narrowed.
“No, we escaped from the mechanian empire and we now live in a fortress we just conquered.” I said.
“Oh, that’s cool. By the way, I am the boss of the gang. Say hello, everybody!” said the guy, who whistled.
Approximately thirty armed teens came into view. However, as if not understanding the situation, Danson, Kayson, and the others are taking some of the Hogs as hostages. “Don’t touch our boss,” said Danson with pistols pointed on the teen’s head. Explaining the situation, I told Danson to relax, and they gradually lowered their pistols.
The leader, later introduced himself as Ziodius, led us into the Desert Hogs’ mobile base - a renewed double-decker bus, and we talked. The Desert Hogs seemed to have a similar experience as us when they escaped from the mechanian empire, and we soon became acquaintances.
It was evening when we headed home with our new ally, the Desert Hogs. Apparently, Ziodius told us we should split up to let some of the men hunt for food, so Ziodius led his men into the forests, while the others of the Hogs boarded our hovercraft or drove in their own fleet of trucks to our fortress.
Later that night, we had a welcome dinner for new friends after Ziodius’s hunting group returned with Danson, who showed them the way to our fortress. We stuffed ourselves with the juicy, tender steaks of meat, and some beverage Ned made using his machines to crush the fruits. It was a lovely party. Then we crashed on our beds and slept.
~ ~ ~
The morning sky blazed red as we loaded ourselves with weapons. I hid daggers in my sleeves and power-blades on my belt. We boarded our transport hovercraft and the twenty of us, Anzo, Gonzo, Zack, Danson, Kayson, Beckendorf and I are from our company, and Ziodius, Gadorn, Tinnitus and the other guys came from the hogs. Gwen served as our inner response, as this morning she intentionally let herself be captured in order to get into the prison.
We soared through the air on the hovercraft. Gearing up, we put on our armour, disguising ourselves as mechanian soldiers with the scraps we salvaged from the defeated fighters. After a short flight, we touched down near the city and sneaked inside. Our drone, controlled by Ned back at our fortress, dispensed smoke near the gates, disabling the soldier’s visual sensors. We sneaked past the gates and headed downwards to the human colony.
On the other hand, Gwen had successfully infiltrated the prison. She tapped the bars and successfully caught the attention of several prisoners, which all are humans and don’t look too vicious. Seeing no guards around, Gwen slid her hidden power-dagger to them. Then Gwen was transferred by guards to a different cell with another punk-styled female teenage prisoner. Just as the guards left, Gwen handed the girl a power-dagger, and she covered for her as Gwen cut open the air vent. Gwen pulled herself up, and then pulled herself and the other girl up. They crawled to another opening and peeked outside. Two guards were leaving the guard post to patrol, and only one was left to guard the post. After the patrolling guard walked off, the two girls leaped towards the unsuspecting guard and decapitated him instantly. After careful inspection to make sure the power cord was cut, all that was left is a destroyed guard. Gwen and Kacy, the other girl, moved to their next target: The main control center, where they could open all the cells of the prison with one click.
~ ~ ~
We snuck into a medicine shop without alerting other mechanian soldiers. As the shopkeeper knew me and my family, we did not risk being exposed. I bought bundles of bandages, first-aid supplies and a bottle of anti-bacterial spray. The shopkeeper even gave us a bottle of anti-virus cleaner to disinfect wounds. I paid her with the crumbling notes that I salvaged from my long-deserted home.
I dashed into the food shop and bought a box of tinned food, a portable cooker, frozen bite-sized beef cubes and BBQ sauce. I also picked up cans of sodas and beverages. Then at the corner of my eye, I saw packs of do-it-yourself tomato-growth kits, so I bought those as well. The shop owner was somewhat suspicious of my huge need for food, but when I told him I could help him flee the colony, he quickly packed his belongings and ordered the staff to ready themselves and all the goods to be shipped away, a clear indication that he is accepting our offer. I met up with my friends, who convinced the medicine shopkeeper to flee with us as well. I walked into a tool shop next door and bought shovels and a 3D-printer, which whittled me down to the last of my crumbling notes.
I went to the transport interchange and stole a truck from a mechanian driver, who was busy charging his batteries. I sped away with my friends and the staff of the shops, towards Gwen’s location. I switched on the intercom and talked to Gwen.
“Hey, is your side ready?” I asked.
Apparently, Gwen told me that she had made it into the main control center and released all the human prisoners except a few who are robbers or real criminals. Then they had taken down the guards, though almost half of the freed prisoners have died in this chaos. Now she had her group hidden in an exit, where they could leave as soon as the runaway vehicles arrived.
~ ~ ~
Back at home, Hadeson, Travis and Bowman are coming to our aid on two hovercrafts, which will approximately hold twenty people maximum each. The size of the escapee group is about 50 people, so it would be a little crowded on three hovercrafts, including the one we came on. This should seem like an easy escort mission to bring the prisoners back.
Everything was ready until a road-block was set on the expressway towards the exits where our forces planned to meet up. Mechanian soldiers have once again come to retake the fortress. Then, I came up with an idea.
In about an hour, Gwen’s escape team were all on the hovercraft while our supply team sped away from the opened main gate. The mechanian soldiers turned to follow us in hot pursuit, ending the situation up in an old-fashioned car-chase.
Doesn’t seem like the best situation to be in, but this will do.

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