Through the Wormhole

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2nd place winner for the Science Fiction category (The Winter Awards 2020) 3rd Place winner for Science Fiction/General Fiction/Historical Fiction category (Aureate Awards) 3rd Place winner for Best Blurb (Winter Wonderland Awards 2020) Have you ever wanted to see where life first began? Meet Daniel Matton, a legendary adventurer who ventured to the past, present, and future in a starship known as PPMC, by traveling through a black hole, wormhole, and white hole. Now, did he want to be the star of the PPMC Project? Heck no, but he loved paleontology! However, things never go according to plan, and he experienced things well beyond our imagination: volcanic eruptions, eight-foot-long millipedes, man-eating dinosaurs, terrifying saber-toothed cats, and above all...disaster. He did not sign up for that! What the heck, 17,021 Greenville, South Carolina? It may sound like a suicide mission, but it's not. Dan's story is different. It's a chronicle of worth writing down to share with the world - a tale of love, friendship, horror, and letting go of the past (not to mention escaping all those insane, prehistoric animals who kept trying to turn him into the blue-plate special). Despite this, Dan's love for paleontology did not save him when he "died." And all he could ask himself was, "Will I rise?"

Scifi / Adventure
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Part 1

*Dedicated to my best friend who helped me come up with this story all the back in 8th grade*

*Also dedicated to my amazing reviewer, @RowanCarver, on Wattpad. Thank you so much for all your help and constructive criticism. Youre encouraging me to keep working on the story and making me excited about the future, when I eventually publish it!*

All rights reserved: Please do not plagiarize this story. I put a lot of work into it, including three years worth of research. I do not want to have to turn on my bad side. Just FYI.

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