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The Outlaw And Newcomer

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The poison was an evil chemical weapon that can kill yourself. A mafia underboss, Noah, meets a beautiful bewitching intermediary. In the wake of that encounter, he finds that an unidentified "poisonous drug" that can kill a person with just a few drops is sold in the black market. The "poison" is so powerful that he almost dies. He tries to find the source, but soon after the seller dies a mysterious death. Eventually, it turned out to be a powerful chemical weapon that was being developed in the former Soviet Union. Who created it for what, and why is it distributed in the underworld? Make full use of the Mafia network and start trying to find out what it is. Someone in the dark attacks them in the days of the underworld that flows lightly. This is crime suspense where the villain chases the villain! ※This story is fiction.

Scifi / Mystery
Mystérieux Boy
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Prologue - Chained Death

Under the cold weather of February, Maxim was on way home. Now that the client’s meeting is over, the sky is completely dyed in ultramarine.

The house he visited today was 20 minutes walk from the nearest subway station. The surrounding area is lined with inorganic apartments, which stand lonely. Dirty snow is piled up on the sidewalk.

Walking toward the station, Maxim was full of thoughts about the project he holds. With a harsh face with wrinkles, he quickly moves forward staring at the asphalt. Multiple proceedings are in progress at all times. Most of them are proceedings against companies.

To filed a lawsuit against a large company, he needed physical strength, and sometimes he thought that he might be killed by a grudge. At one time gang-looking men urged the proceedings to be withdrawn. Still, he continued to receive requests because of his stubborn sense of justice.

He heard the sound of something blowing out, then something cold flew over his face. It looks like a drop of water. Suddenly his face got wet, he was shocked and raised face.

Nothing happened, a young woman had just opened the cola lid in front of her. Bubbles are blowing out of a cola PET bottle. Just pass by the woman in a hurry.

Maxim took off his glasses and wiped his face with his hands. It was a splash of water with a great deal of momentum.

Before entering the subway premises, he stopped by a shop on the street. Took bread and canned coffee as usual without thinking about anything.

“Do you have a Weekly-Noryiv magazine?”


A middle-aged woman of the same as Maxim answered over the counter.

“Then I’ll get it.”

“It’s 8 rubles in all.”

Maxim handed over a ruble coin, put bread and coffee in his bag, and put a magazine under his arm.

“Sir, there are leaves on your heads.”

A middle-aged woman points to Maxim’s head.

“I’ll take it, hold on”

The woman tapped his short hair mixed with gray hair with the palm of her hand. Dead leaves flutter down. It was ridiculous to imagine himself walking with fallen leaves on the head.

“Thank you”

Maxim’s rugged face softened for a moment. Thank the woman and dive into the premises from the subway entrance.

Electric bulletin board of the home displays at 18:28. The next subway is soon to arrive. Look at the clock. Only a few minutes later.

While waiting while drinking coffee, he had a slight headache. He was also coughing. It increased while he was on the train.

— Is it a cold? It can’t be helped because of my age.

Maxim thought so. Arrived home, took off his coat, and went to the bedroom. In the blanket, he was reading the magazine bought earlier. But before he knew it, the headache got worse and it wasn’t the case.

Moreover, he has a runny nose and a bad cough. He thought it is a cold, but he couldn’t help it.

If I rest a little, it will be settled. I should get up early tomorrow. Thinking so, he closed his eyes. The clock was pointing at 20:00.

He never woke up again.


At the shop in front of the subway station, Tatiana was waiting for the closing time while looking at the clock. The number of customers who came to this shop today was sparse.

Since the evening, she was very dizzy. Did the cold respond? Even though there is a heater behind the chair, spending all day on the street in winter may not be possible at this age. Her daughter is worried that she should reduce or change her work.

Tatiana released the shutter a little earlier before 20:00. In addition to dizziness, she also had nausea.

She made a phone call before getting on the subway. She had an appointment with her daughter and her husband tonight, but she doesn’t think she can make it.

“Hello, mom?”

“Hey, I was planning to have dinner with you today, but I’m a little sick. I’ll do it next time.”

“All right?”

“It’s okay. It’s just a little dizzy. Maybe I have a cold.”

Tatiana answered in a light tone. She doesn’t want to make her daughter worry too much.

“That’s why you should stop working at the shop. I’ll go there tomorrow. After work is over.”

“No, don’t worry about that.”

“I’ll go. I just wanted to see your face.”

“Oh yeah. Then I’m waiting.”

This was the last conversation between Tatiana and her daughter.

Tatiana got off at the station closest to her home. Nausea was stronger than before. She was wondering if she ate something strange.

She wanted to get home as soon as possible, so decided to take a shortcut. Pass through a bar in the center of town. She usually avoids it because young men with gang-style are often wandering around here.

Bars are lined up on both sides of the road, and the orange streets are dimly lit. The time is 20:30, which is a little early for the bar to get excited, so there are few people.

She couldn’t get rid of nausea, so vomited on the sidewalk. As she vomits, a young man’s voice is heard.

“You there, are you okay?”

When she turned around, a boy with a youth-like hairstyle with a trimmed temporal region was looking at her. He has mouth piercing. At first glance, she knows that he is a member of the bad group around here.

“Drunk too much? Isn’t it a little early?”

The boy, about a teenager, laughed with a smirk.

“Don’t worry. I’m a little sick.”

“Wait a minute,” He said.

The pierced boy went into the bar beside the road. Hand over the coins at the counter, receive the mineral water, and gave it to Tatiana.

“Here. Help yourself.”

“Thank you”

While Tatiana was vomiting he rubbed her back.

“Are you really okay? You’re pale. Should I call an ambulance?”

“No worries, I’ll pick a taxi. At this age, these things happen. You’re still young, so you don’t know.”

“Well, there are plenty of taxis around here.”

The boy caught a taxi and saw off Tatiana boarding. Tatiana thanked him. She changed her mind that people are not what they look like.

It was 21:00 when she finally arrived at the apartment. After returning home, Tatiana regretted not going to the hospital immediately. This is different from everyday illness. Obviously abnormal.

She was dizzy and consciousness was stunned.

— Ambulance, I have to call ...

She thought so with a vague consciousness. However, her body did not move as expected, and soon she lost consciousness.

The next day, her daughter discovered Tatiana’s cold body on the floor of the living room.


In the downtown area in the center of the provincial capital, after seeing off a strange middle-aged woman in a taxi, Narek headed for his favorite bar. Say hello to the clerk and go down the stairs to the basement.

A rusty metal chair and a dingy tablecloth. This is a place where friends often gather.

A young man with short blue hair is sitting at one of the tables. His friend Azat. He had already started drinking.

“Yo Narek”


Narek also ordered a vodka and drank it. You don’t need a reason to drink with friends. Everyone is wandering around this area for no particular reason, and when they feel like it, they get together and drink together.

When he started to drunk after tens of minutes, Narek suddenly noticed that the unpleasant people were sitting at the table a little away.


Look at his friend Azat. Azat nodded. There was a member of the Azerbaijani group, who had a slightly tingling relationship with the Armenian Narek and Azat over the territory.

“Don’t make eye contact. Now.”

“It’s annoying” Whispered so that they would not hear.

“If we quarrel, our controller must get angry at the end. I’ll talk to them properly.”Azat won Narek.

Azat is the leader of a group to which Narek belongs. If he says so, I’ll put up with it now and pretend I don’t know. With that in mind, I asked for vodka.

Usually, Narek continued to drink vodka until morning, but tonight he felt that he get drunk strangely fast. His consciousness is stunned and his head hurts. But it’s still 22:00. He could usually drink more.

“What’s wrong?”

“I might have got drunk”

“You don’t get drunk because of that.”

Narek does not answer. The glass slipped out of his hand and rolled onto the table. At the same time, his body floated softly. The body fell away from the chair and fell to the floor with a noise. And it becomes pitch black in front of him.

“You okay?! What’s wrong with you!”

In total darkness, he heard a friend screaming.

“You didn’t drink that much! Hey, wasn’t this drugged by someone ?!”

The voice of his friend Azat gradually moved away. Then, Narek lost his consciousness.

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