The Outlaw And Newcomer

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Episode 1 - Encounter with the Queen

The laughter of a bright woman echoes inside the hidden luxury bar in the downtown area. The bartender casually turned his attention to the store while wiping the glass. There are several large sofas and tables made by luxury manufacturers. Today’s customers are about fifteen, and most of them are familiar customers and their companions.

The interior of the bar is so dark that the faces of distant customers cannot be identified, and the subdued indirect lighting of blue and orange adds to the atmosphere. DJs made a good selection of such music, from popular songs to classic songs of the past.

There is a long sofa in a slightly large space at the back of the store, and in the middle is Maria Carmen, a regular of this bar.

“Hey, did you have a puppy? Will you give me one?”

Once Maria Carmen opens her mouth, everybody gazed at her. The glossy voice goes through well even though it is not particularly uplifting. Dark brown curly hair and dark skin color are not found around here.

Today, she wears a transparent black dress with embroidery on her whole body, which suits her mood.

“Eh? Are you going to keep everybody yourself? Well, that’s cute. My house is big and lonely, so I wish I had a puppy.”

Even in casual conversations, the people around me were paying attention to her. It’s probably because of her extraordinarily large brown eyes.

She is nicknamed the Queen. The bartender doesn’t know what she’s doing. They don’t go into customer privacy.

Meanwhile, the bartender was informed of the arrival of a new customer through the income from the security at the entrance. There is one man. After a few tens of seconds, the door opens and the guest appears.


The new customer sat down at the counter seat. The bartender hasn’t ever seen his face, not a regular customer. Looks like the twenties, he dressed in a thick hooded jacket and a knit hat. That’s normal in this cold February of the Azharkshan Federal Republic.

The eyes look deep blue and purple, giving off unusual colors. He may have been born somewhere in a foreign country. When he took off his knit hat, a creamy blonde appeared.

The bartender always pays attention to every move of the customer so that he can provide a satisfactory service.

While looking at the man, he suddenly thought. — A strangely quiet man. For example, when pulling a chair or receiving a glass, there is not much noise. The regular customers of the store are lively, or worse, they are a little rough, but he feels somehow elegant. However, a tattoo on his cheek was visible through his golden hair, which opposed with elegance.

The man was drinking salty dogs, looking back, and worrying about the back of the bar. Maria Carmen is in line of sight. She stands out just by being there. No matter what, the line of sight will go.

When one of the clerks went into the back, Maria Carmen whispered to the clerk. Everyone around cheered when they hear it. Applause also boiled.

“As expected, Queen!”

“Cheers to the Queen!”

The blonde man was skeptical about the situation.

“Come on, the Queen will treat everyone with a shot!”

The bartender shouted brightly into the bar. For them, it was usual. On a whim, she sometimes gives drinks to everyone there. He doesn’t know what she’s doing, but everyone loves her because she’s fluttering and amiable. She is also an important customer for the bar.

Pour straight vodka into the shot glass one after another. The blond man seemed confused when he presented the glass in front of him.

“From her over there. She’s always like this. Don’t hesitate.”

When the bartender urged, the man drank the glass all at once.

“Is she a regular here?” A man asked.

“Yes, she’s always here. You look like new. I’ll introduce you if you want to talk to her.”

“Actually, I have an appointment with that woman.”

A man glances at the back. Maria Carmen was still surrounded by men and women and chatting. With this, there will be no timing to talk.

“Hey, Carmen! You got a guest”

When the bartender called, she left her seat and walked to the counter. Then she notices a blonde man and heads in front of him.

The man looked up at her face and asked after a while.

“Maria Carmen?”

Then she smiled.

“So you’re Noah? Nice to meet you.”

The two shook hands.

Blond man-Noah was recently introduced to a woman by the owner of an underground casino with whom he had a business relationship. Maria Carmen — Her nickname is the Queen, and the owner says she has a wide face and works as a mediator. If you get to know each other, it may be useful. She seems to be famous among those who know it.

It’s an introduction to the friendly owner, and there is no inconvenience if the work opportunities will be expanded.

The woman who was introduced smiled in front of him. The big eyes, lips, and clear eyebrows were impressive.

“Call me Carmen. Everyone calls me so.”

The two greeted and moved their seats. Choose a place where you can’t hear the conversation and sit on the sofa. Carmen sat next to him.

“I was surprised, unlike the impression I had expected. When I heard thatNo. 2 in the family, I imagined a person who seemed to be more scared.”

Carmen laughs innocently. Hearing the word Noah raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s not a compliment to people in this world. I meant you’re a younger and gentler than I expected.”

The thin facial features are looked down on in the underworld. When he was a teenager, he was worried about it and put tattoos on his face. However, after he was in his twenties, naturally became muscular and had a strong face, and he thought that the sweetness had disappeared.

“Tell me about your job. Daniel says you’re arranging a job. What kind of mediation have you ever done?”

Noah changed the topic.

“I have a lot of acquaintances. Such as presidents of big companies and entertainers. When they have any problems or want to do something, they come to me. Feel free to ask,” Hey Carmen, can’t you do this? ” Then I ask someone who might help them. That’s how it works. ”

Then Carmen brought her mouth close to his ear and whispered.

“... For example, when my singer friend was about to be reported about a drug by a weekly magazine, I asked them to rub it off and sold substitute news. It went well. When another president wanted to launder the money he got unjustly, I introduced him to a banker.

Then she smiled with a mischievous mouth. There is a sweet scent of roses.

Her job is to connect the dark power with the person who needs the dark power. So to speak, it’s a job that connects the front and back. In that sense, Noah is a person of the back.

“This is a secret. I told you because I know you’re the same kind.”

She sits next to him and rearranges her legs. The gorgeous eyes and the body line that floats from the tight dress must be attractive to everyone. Noah wonders if she has used a woman to build that network.

It had nothing to do with him so he said nothing.

“So, if I got a request, I’ll let you know. What kind of business are you doing?”

“You know we’re in the bouncer business. We sell rare vehicles .... we also handle drugs.”

Noah explained the business handled by the organization he belongs to. Choosing words to speak ambiguously. The deeper part was turned down. Because he didn’t know how much he could trust her for the first time.

“By the way, there was an assassination of a member of parliament”

Carmen brings his face closer, lowers his voice, and says with a meaningful expression.


“You did it, right?”

Noah tilted his head.

“No, I don’t know. Did Daniel say that?”

“No, but the Rubenno family’s No. 2 involvement is an implicit fact.”

“It’s not me. I don’t undertake such work in the first place.”

Noah stared at Carmen’s face and showed a troubled expression as if he had no idea. She laughed with a big mouth meaningfully.

“Well, that’s okay. That councilor was throwing the money he had collected from his supporters into the neo-Nazis, so I don’t care if he was killed. Everyone is grateful.”

Even so, he can’t honestly tell the depth of his work to the person who meets for the first time. Noah just said he didn’t know.

Although it was superficial, they finished confirming each other’s interests. When Noah thought to leave, he noticed that the emotions inside him were rising.

He has never seen a woman like Carmen who has both the brightness like the southern sun and the mysterious bewitchingness. Above all, the strength of surviving the underworld has been conveyed cunningly.

The voice of his heart was telling to get her.

“I’m going, by the way, shall we have a meal next time?”

He rarely invited a woman from himself, and he doesn’t know what to do. That was the word that came out.

“Is it part of the business?”

“No, it’s a personal invitation. I want to know you more.”

Carmen grinned.

“I wouldn’t be fluttered with an ordinary date invitation? Isn’t it too early for you, boy?”

“You’re not old enough to treat me as a boy.”

Noah was dissatisfied wrinkling between the eyebrows. In fact, Carmen looks older, but her age is unknown. Looks around thirty.

“Well, I’m hoping for your more interesting challenge someday.”

She said mischievously, but Noah had already lost his motivation.

Finishing the check and leaving the seat. Carmen saw off to the door.

“Oh yeah, Daniel was sick of having a lot of tip thieves lately. Why don’t you visit him once in a while?”

Daniel is the owner of the underground casino and is also the person who introduced Carmen.

“All right”

When he left the bar, he felt cold outside air again. The exhaled breath is white. There should be a pick-up car in the parking lot a little away. There are hustle and bustle of the middle of the night, but he thrust his hands into a jacket pocket and walks straight toward the destination.

Suddenly, he saw multiple boys surrounding something on the side street. From the atmosphere of the boys, it’s probably a group of street gangsters. The center of the provincial capital is also where some gangsters meet.

Most of them, including the gangsters, are within the control of the Rubenno family to which Noah belongs. Keeping an eye out for problems in the territory is part of the job for his organization.

Approximately 20 boys are divided into two groups and glaring at each other. Feeling a dangerous atmosphere, Noah went into the side street and broke into the boys’ circle.

“What? ... Ah”

Seeing Noah’s appearance, the boys thought that they should not go against it and opened the way. Two boys are facing each other in the middle of the crowd. One is a shaved black-haired boy and the other is a blue-haired boy.

“Will you pay the price of accusing us, huh?” The shaved-haired boy said.

“I apologize for the misunderstanding about Narek .... But, originally speaking, it’s bad that you came to our territory.” The blue-haired boy responded.

“Who decided that this is your territory? The misunderstanding will be forgiven by the sacrifice alone ... by you.”

The shaved-haired boy points to the blue-haired boy. The eyebrows of the provoked boy became steep while looking at them, and blood vessels emerged. The boy shakes his fist and air freezes.

The surrounding boys were impatiently calling out to make them aware of the existence of a man approaching the two who were glaring at each other.

“Hey, Azat!”

However, he cannot be heard by his bloody head. Noah did not hesitate to appear in front of them. Still, the fire once lit does not go out.


The blue-haired boy hits the opponent in front of him and grabs each other.

Noah broke the two with both hands like a referee and pulled them apart, punch the blue-haired boy’s face rhythmically, then kick the black-haired boy, and pushing him away. The kicked boy rolled to the ground.

The beaten blue-haired boy did not fall but stepped back a few steps. Then he raises his fist again to the shaved-haired boy. He catches him on his back so that he doesn’t turn again. He scoops up his upper body and slams it from the side to the bottom. The boy was thrown down from his head, floating from the ground and cartwheeling.

On the other hand, the fallen boy stood up and raised his fist toward Noah.

“Hey ... stop it!”

A voice can be heard from the surrounding galleries toward the boy.

“It’s a man’s game! Don’t disturb me!”

For those who tempered, everyone would look like an enemy.

Noah sat down to avoid punching, stepped into his pocket, and made a sharp uppercut from below to his chin.

The boy who was hit directly on his chin stopped moving, and he fluttered and walked a few steps and collapsed.

The thrown blue-haired boy stands up and is still ready for battle. Several friends stopped it.

“Azat, no! He’s the family person!”

The boy was out of breath but finally regained his composure. Noah looked at the two alternately and said.

“Are you the leader of the group?”

“I’m Azat. I’m the leader of Arm Vory(Armenian Thieves).”A blue-haired boy came forward.

If this is an Armenian boy group, the other should be an Azerbaijani group. Both are under the control of the Rubenno family, the maternal organization to which Noah belongs.

“If you have a dispute, talk to the members of the family who are in charge of this place. Keep the rules.”

Noah just came to give me a word of advice. As an executive, he has other jobs and can’t afford to spend time on small issues. However, he couldn’t overlook the rubbing in front of him.

The shaved-haired boy sensed the troublesome situation, he stood up and quickly left. Along with that, the Azerbaijani group also disappeared like a wave.

Once the conflict ignited, a lot of blood flowed. There is no need to shed wasted blood in the same maternal tissue. He recognizes that it is the family’s job to protect the security of the area, but it’s always difficult to pay attention to the end. Even so, people say that the security of the area has improved since the Rubenno family took control of the area.

“I’m sorry, I won’t quarrel anymore!”

One of the boys around him bowed his head. Azat was silent as to whether he was dissatisfied. He looks about eighteen or nine. That figure overlapped with my old self. At that age, Noah was in constant quarrel with his brother-in-law. He understands the feeling.

Noah nodded, turned his back, and turned back to the original path.

Azat turned his eyes to the ring engraved with Ру, which shines on the finger of a strange blonde man. And quietly staring at his back as he walked away.

When Noah joining the original road from the side road and walking down the dim street toward the parking lot, he felt a sign of people coming from behind.


Looking back on that voice, the leader of the Armenian group, Azat, stood glaring at him. He ran and sneaked around in front of Noah, blocking his way. It was clear that he has something to do.

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