Blood Era

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After the virus started spreading out uncontrollably, small groups formed and ventured out to avoid as much as possible. Haylee soon formed her own group with her grandfather and two close friends, Kyle and Carson, who soon left for what was suppose to be a week turned out to be two months. After hearing a gunshot in the far distance, she could only imagine it being the one person she needed the most. Her grandfather tried to take her away to protect her, but she left before he could take her away from her chance to find them, even if it meant possibly being infected herself.

Scifi / Adventure
Adalyn River
Age Rating:

Prologue - Blood Era Arises

The last number of deaths anyone was given was just over thirteen million, but history won’t be remembered.

We’ll all be dead.

Not too long after this defect on the human race started spreading out, people deceases into their “own corner” of the earth.

Proof on their idiocy, there are no corners.

Even if there was, there’s no where to hide, no where to run. Even if you made your way to the nearest planet proven to be a refuge to all of this, even if you went alone, it wouldn’t work.

It follows you.. It never leaves.

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