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OBEY | CONFORM | CLIMB THE LADDER | PROSPER In the Conglomerate State of America, Upper Management rules. The lowly chattel workers hum away in their cubicles looking productive. If Human Resources no longer considers a chattel useful, then they will be recycled and turned into enough power to light a one-bedroom apartment for less than fifteen minutes. Human Resources examines a technologically-advanced future where the corporate hierarchy is the new form of government, children are trained to be the next employees, the chattel working class is addicted to upgrades and ads created by those they labor for, and Human Resources enforces enterprise policy. Look around your cubicle. Most cubicle dwellers already experience the nightmare that will unfold in the pages that follow. You already dread a visit from Human Resources. Resign while you can.

Scifi / Humor
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My name is Wilbur Rush. I am a member of Mid Management, and Human Resources no longer considers me useful. I will be recycled and turned into enough power to light a one-bedroom apartment for less than fifteen minutes.

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