Tulip's Ghost - Book two of the Torian Warriors series.

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Chapter Eleven

Tulip Bit back a moan at the delicious bite of pain inside her. Korom filled her so much, felt so incredibly good inside her, that Tulip worried she would get addicted to this feeling.

This was nothing like the last time she had been with a man. This was intense, the pleasure almost too much to take.

Korom began slowly easing his hips back and forth, gliding smoothly in and out of her with frustrating care.

Now that the small pinch of pain inside her was gone, she needed him to move faster. To make the building tidal wave inside her crash in ecstasy.

She opened her eyes, loving the intense look in the brown eyes that watched her back. Despite the pleasure she could see on his face, she also saw the strain in his neck from holding back.

Enough of this, she thought, knowing that he would continue to treat her like a fragile doll if she didn’t show him that she really could take everything he had to give her.

Remembering the move Violet showed her a year back in case she was ever pinned down by a bigger man, Tulip twisted her leg around Korom's thigh and used her arms to twist him around, making him roll onto his back with her striding his hips. He stared up at her in shock for a moment, his eyes wide as he remained still.

She shifted, finding the perfect spot, then began to slowly lift herself up, before she slammed down on him hard, drawing a loud moan from them both.

Korom’s hands gripped her hips, stopping her from riding him the way she wanted.

“Please, Korom,” She begged, looking down to show him that she really was alright.

“Tulip, I-”

“I’m okay. I need this… I need you… Please.”

His face changed from the concerned, almost frightened man, to the hungry, lustful male she loved to see.

“My mate will never beg me for anything,” He mumbled, releasing her hips to slide his hands up to cup her breasts.

Tulip moved again, rising up slowly, only to slam down on his solid shaft, impaling herself as far as she could.

Something big began to build deep inside her. Something she’d never felt before. With every move she made, it built, growing bigger and more intense. For a moment, she was afraid there was something wrong with her, that something wasn’t right. But on the next deep slide of Korom’s cock, her body tightened, a massive explosion of intense pleasure tearing a scream from her lips. She shook, her muscles trembling as she kept still, Korom still buried deep inside and rode the incredible wave as it washed over her again and again.

With her mind still dazed, her body boneless, she felt Korom move them until he was on top of her, his big body pressing her into the bed beneath.

She finally opened her eyes, her breaths quick and uneven.

He stayed still for only a moment, watching her with a look so intense, she had to wonder what he was thinking. But before she could dwell on it any more, Korom began moving again. His hips pumped, this time with hard, deep strokes. Wrapping her arms around him, she loved the feel of his thick muscles moving under her hands as he brought her body back up to that wonderful crest.

He slammed into her with a few more intense thrusts, before he stiffened above her, his eyes closing, then groaned loudly. The moment his release flooded her core, it triggered her second orgasm, once again leaving her body shaking and limp.

Finally, he sagged, his weight a wonderful thing on top of her. They were both panting, a fine sheen of sweat covering them both as they lay together, still joined in each others arms.

After a moment, Korom took in a long breath and pulled out of her, rolling to the side to lay sprawled out next to her on his back.

Now this is a sight I will never get tired of seeing.

His tall, solid body lay still, only his chest moving and his eyes closed. Every inch of him was perfect to Tulip. From his thick dark brown hair, to the small scars covering his perfectly sculpted chest, to his impressive cock, his powerful legs all the way down to his big feet.

She bit back a chuckle. His feet were massive, at least a size thirteen.

When her gaze moved back up his body, she found him watching her with a lazy grin.

“What makes you smile like that?”

She blushed, “You mean besides the mind blowing orgasms you just gave me?”

He chuckled, “Yes.”

“You have really big feet.”

He frowned, clearly taken by surprise by her statement, “What?”

“You’re feet. They’re really big.”

“Is that a problem?” He asked with the most adorable look of confusion on his face.

She shifted to rest her head on his chest, one of her legs sliding over his thighs, as she traced gentle patterns on his abs.

“No. You’re perfect.”

His arms came around her, pulling her tighter to his side. She felt him place a long kiss to the top of her head, before he asked, “Did I hurt you? I got a bit rough at the end.”

She looked up, hating the concern she saw clouding his eyes.

“No. I loved every second of what we did. Don’t hold back with me, Korom. This will never work if you aren’t yourself with me in every part of our lives.”

“I can get rough, little one. There are times I will need to have you hard and fast.”

“Good. I’m not saying I will want it like that every time we make love, but I like the idea of you out of control. It’s real. It’s who you are.”

He stayed quiet for a long moment, his hand gently sliding over her bare back. She loved the sound of his strong heart beating in his chest.

In the comfortable silence that fell between them, Tulip thought about how much her life had changed over the last few months. She had lost so much. Her father had been torn apart in front of their eyes. Their world decimated and in ruins. They were heading to a new planet, to live with alien people that they knew very little about. So why was she so happy?



“What happens when we go to Toria in the morning?”

“What do you mean?”

“With us? What happens with us?”

He stayed quiet for a moment, then said, “Once we land tomorrow, we will be greeted by my family. Bor has a blood brother and two blood sisters. They will all be there when we arrive. After that, I will show you our apartment, where you will live with me at the Keep.”

Tulip rose on an elbow when she heard the uncertainty in his plan to move her in with him.

“Are you sure?”

“Sure about what?”

“That you want me to live with you?”

“Do you not want to? If you are not ready for that, there are plenty of other rooms in the Keep for you to choose from.”

“No, I do. I just want to make sure that you want this. I’m not an easy person to live with.”

“Why would you say that?”

“It’s the truth. I stay up far too late at night. I like to sleep in. I’m not a morning person at all. I tend to have tech lying around all over the place. I’m kinda grumpy if I don’t get at least three hours a day on a computer… My mind scatters at times, Korom. I get distracted easily. I ask a million questions a day. I-”

Korom rolled, pinning her beneath him again. His lips came down on hers in a fierce kiss, silencing her mind.

When he pulled back, he had a smile on his face, his eyes alight with mirth.

“What?” she asked, frowning up at him.

“Firstly, I also stay up late at night. Even though the Keep is my home, I still have many duties I need to see to there. But i’m confident that you and I will find other reasons to be up late at night. Secondly, you may sleep as long as you like. You can stay in our bed all day if you wish, as long as it is our bed you are in. As for the tech, I have a large room in my home that I do not use. At the moment it is used as storage. I will have it converted to a lab for you and your tech if you like. You can have all the parts you want laying around there. I spend at least seven to ten hours a day seeing to my duties with Bor and the others, so you can use that time on the data pads if you wish. All I ask is that once I return to our home, you give me your attention.”

“I can do that,” Tulip whispered, blinking back the sting of tears in her eyes. How can one man be so amazing?

“”Lastly,” Korom continued, “I asked you before to never apologize for having an incredible mind. I know that you get distracted. I’ve seen it. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. As for asking me a million questions a day... I eagerly look forward to sitting and speaking with you for hours, while I hold you in my arms. There is nothing you can say that will change my mind about wanting to be with you. I know that there will be times where I drive you crazy. I will do things to make you mad, but know that it is never done with bad intentions. We are different, Tulip. It will take time for us to learn about each other. I just hope that once you know everything about me, you will still want to be with me.”

“Why wouldn’t I? Everything I’ve seen and heard so far, I like.”

He rolled to the side again, pulling her into him as he settled on his back once more.

“There is still a lot you do not know about me. Things I have done. Things that are expected of me. Of us.”


He nodded, “Yes. I may not be the blood born brother to the King of Toria, but I am his family nonetheless.”

“So what does that have to do with us?”

He turned his head, meeting her eyes. His smile fell, his eyes growing worried again.

“I am expected to have children, Tulip. I never thought it would be possible for someone like me. All my life, I was sure that I would die in battle, protecting my king. Having my own family was something so far out of my reach, I had resigned myself to never having it. Until I saw you.”

“You want to have kids? With me?”

He grinned, “Yes. There is, and never will be, anyone else for me. If you do not want any, I will understand. I will find a way to explain it to-”

“Shut up for a second,” Tulip breathed, her eyes wide as she stared at him.

He chuckled, but stayed quiet as her mind raced with the possibility of having a family.

“Can we do that?”

“Why not?”

She sat up, not caring that she was naked and set her mind free, the thoughts spilling out of her mouth in a rush.

“We’re different races. Are we compatible? Do you think there will be genetic problems if we have kids? Will they be like you? Do you think they will be able to mist out? I hope so. That’s so awesome. I wish I could do that. How does that work anyway? What is your mist made of? Do you control it, or is it an independent entity? How does it survive in the vacuum of space? Also, how can it move so fast? How far can it go in space? How long can you be in that state before you have to reform? Does it hurt when you mist out?”

Korom's pleased laugh registered in her mind, but she couldn’t stop. Now that the flood gates had been opened, there was no holding back the dam of questions that had been building up over the last few days.

Without a word, Korom sat up, the smile still on his face, and let her fire out one question after another.

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