The Last Few On Earth

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When the world has come to an end, how do you go on? Following a devastating tragedy comes heartbreak, adventure, drama and a twist of sci-fi for a confused Elina.

Scifi / Romance
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I sharply exhale the putrid air, looking around the atmosphere ridden with debris. The sky is no longer blue, instead it is a color no longer recognizable, just a mix of dirt, ash and smoke.

How did it get to this?

Why did it get to this?

In my line of vision there seems to be no one else.

My mind races at the possibility that I am the only survivor from this untimely demise.

Attempting to maintain a cool demeanor, I let my mind ponder to the good days.

The unbearably too good to last ones, sickeningly sweet ones, that I would do anything to get back, musky cologne memories.

The ones with him...

Flashback- Over a year ago

Textbooks sprawled across the table, all the surroundings lost around me. Only a faint scent of coffee remained, as I indulged the ‘excitement’ that came from the thin weary pages, holding the answers to my success.

A deep voice startled me right back into the crowded coffee shop, I spun around to see a face, one that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

With a puzzled look on my face, and a questionably excited one on his, the expression seemed to also be waiting for my memory to serve up the name that went to his face.

My face is flushed a flamingo red as I question, “Umm, do I know you from somewhere?”

The answer I was expecting was divulged from his mouth in an excited manner, “Yeah, just last night!”

Oh no.

I regret last night, I must have done something stupid to not remember a thing, I should not have gone out.

Internally beating myself up, as he yet again sits eagerly for my memory.

“I am so sorry for anything that happened last night, I have to say I don’t remember you, or anything else.”

When I say this, his face does not display a hint of disappointment, or surprise. Just the same exhilarated expression, almost as if he is stuck on pause.

Curious as to what has him so excited I ask, “Sorry for asking but can you tell me what happened last night?” He responds with, “Of course!”

I sit intently listening to the long account of the events from the night before. As I listen I begin to study his face, as he speaks, he seems to light up even more with every word, if that was even possible.

His jawline was astoundingly defined, hair done in the most beautiful way, yet still a little messy. Along with flawless skin that glistened, and eyes a soul-piercing that contain layers begging to tell a story.

This man was immaculately handsome, so why is he here, talking to me?

I tell myself that he must enjoy my presence. Why would he be delighted in my company though? All I am is a huge mess, nothing intriguing.

However as he nears the end of his story-telling, I discover myself relishing in his company. It was much better than my usual studies alone.

He hands me a tiny paper, “I have to get to work, but here is my number and have a good study session.” He gives me a warm smile, which places one on my face as well.

As he gets up I quickly realize I don’t even know his name! Wait, did he already tell me?! Flustered, I blurt out, “Wait, what is your name?!”

His answer is short, “You will remember it, for now just put me in your phone as ‘Random guy from coffee shop’” He swiftly exits the coffee shop, as I sit there fascinated by him and wanting more.

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