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Tales of Midbar: Religious Intolerance

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Mouni lives on the planet Midbar. Her parents suddenly decide to move to notoriously creepy village of Minris and assume false identities as followers of the despised Winemaker religion. This is the first book in the series so doesn't have any spoilers. Mouni is now Eleprin and the only children who will play with her live in a community of Winemakers who even other Winemakers think are weird. Strange things are happening, involving magic and psychic powers and Eleprin and her new friends have a mystery to solve. The main characters in this book are children but it will probably be enjoyable to older people. It's the first of a planned series that will mostly feature teenagers and adults. It deals with controversial subjects that aren't normally dealt with in children's books but which children should really be made aware of. If you're a parent or teacher, you may like to read this with your children and discuss the issues it raises with them. I would like feedback particularly from parents, teachers and others knowledgeable about children.

Scifi / Fantasy
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