He Sees You

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Being different makes life a lot more complicated than it already is. Especially if the difference is fictional. Like having this one ability to be able to scan through people's memory while reading their mind with just eye contact. You can use it to know other's deepest, darkest secret or simply test their loyalty to you. Don't you want that? Well, in Nathan's case, no. He wishes to be born normal like any other person. Here's why.

Scifi / Thriller
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“Hey, Nate!”

A loud male voice can be heard from the front gate of their faculty building, interrupting the once silence and peaceful place. The said boy, Nathan unfortunately know exactly the owner of the voice without even need to look. It is the voice of his since-kindergarten friend, Griffin.

Nathan sigh, "No, Griff. I’m not going.” he said while still walking away from his friend. Even though he knew it is not that easy to get rid of his friend but at least he tried, right?

Griffin is a type of person that hardly take ‘no’ as an answer. Being the only child to his parents and born in a rich family got him a little bit of an attitude as his parents always give him what he wanted. But Nathan notice Griffin never brag about their mansion or his new Camry car that his father bought him for his 20th birthday or how he turned down his father’s offer to study at a private university that have more than enough facilities just so he can be together with him to his friends. He always stay low as normal as possible. That is why he treasure the most about Griffin. A friend like that is one of a kind.

A few seconds after he replied, he heard running noise behind him going towards him. If only he is fit enough to run, he will but knowing his friend, Griffin is a rugby player and he is not gonna embarrass himself by trying.

He walk casually but faster than before just so he can have a few space spare between his friend that already behind him.

“Come on, dude. You always missed the party. It’s our last year. Loosen up a bit.” he said, a little frustrated at Nathan. He really wanted his friend to join him to the party.

He know Nathan is not a party people and not familiar with most of people in their faculty or even in their class. Nathan is not a guy with many words but he can be unpredictable and crazy once he is comfortable with them. Yes, with him Nathan is beyond crazy.

“No, Griff. You go.” he pause. “You know me. I’m not popular like you and I don’t know a lot people other than you. It’s okay. Just go.” he smile while looking at Griffin who shows disappointed face.

“Even if it’s our last year party?” he confirm once more, hoping Nathan will change his mind. But Nathan is also a persistent man.

“Even if it’s our last year party.”

“Even if there’s many pretty girls I can hook you up with?” he persuade.

“Especially when many pretty girls you can hook me up with.” he said while smiling at the latter.

He does not mean to disappoint him but even if he want, he just can’t. He saw Griffin sigh but Griffin know his friend so he did not take it to the heart and well, he just know. “Just go, you prick.”

“Okay then, Nate.” Griffin said while smiling. “But don’t forget about tomorrow. I will drown Marshmallow if you forgot.” he shot a glare to Nathan causing him to panic a little.

“No, you won’t.”

“Try me, asshole.”

Marshmallow is Nathan’s favorite white teddy bear he kept since kindergarten and it is a present from Griffin himself. He gave Nathan when they finished kindergarten as they thought they will go to a different primary school but Griffin was not ready to be apart from Nathan so he beg his parents so he will be in the school as Nathan. The teddy bear have been with him since then.

Nathan sigh. He knew he will never win against him so he gave up and just chuckle. “Okay.” he said while waving his hand in a motion of shooing Griffin.

“Are you dismissing me?” he said, putting a fight.

All Nathan do is laugh and that is how it went as they walk to their own car which is Griffin’s black Camry and old silver car for Nathan.

They went to different path as Griffin went to the party while Nathan went straight to his house which took approximately half an hour without traffic and an hour during peak hour. Not that he complain, he just love driving alone because it is peaceful and he likes to enjoy the view especially his house area because he live in an area where it is less car and less human contact.

It is not that he hate human in general but he have his own reason. People might think he is some lonely and arrogant man if judging from the outside. Compare to Griffin, he is way more emotional and different in so many way.

The two of them are similar physically because they both are good looking young man. Griffin has black eyes and brown hair with tall muscular body thanks to the sport he took part in. While Nathan has hazelnut eyes and hair with lean body, hinting that he do lift sometimes to keep his body in shape.

People often mistaken them with each other physically and that is how similar they are to people who do not know them.

As soon as he arrive home, he hang his car keys at the hook beside the door and went straight upstairs to his room.

As he walk to his room, he heard his mother greet him. “Welcome home, honey!” she yell from the kitchen probably making her lunch before off to work. She work according to shift as a nurse at a nearby hospital so she always went home during rest to make lunch for them to save money from buying food.

“Thanks, mom!” he replied before crashing his body to the bed along with his laptop bag still attach.

“I’m off to work! I left some food on the counter! Don’t forget to tell Jaden to stop playing games and do his homework! Bye, love you!” he heard his mother said before he heard she walk out the door.

He just sigh and close his eyes. Finally, he’s alone.

“Damn it!”

“Language, Jaden!” he said, raising his voice enough so his brother can hear him from the other room. “Sorry.”

Well, not really alone but as long as no one talking to him right now, he is fine with it. He lay for a few more minute before getting up again to put his bag at the chair near his study desk.

He went to his own bathroom located inside his room thankfully and went to the sink. He open the mirror, revealing his toiletries and a small container. He took the container and close the mirror.

He look at himself in the mirror and sigh.

“I can’t believe Bella is that type of girl.” he said ad sigh again.

His whole life is full of sigh. It is full of disappointment and surprises. He went through panic attack too often and got stressed out too easy. It is all because he got that stupid ability and people do not know about it even his parents.

Nathan have the ability to see people memories and read their mind with only making eye contact for 5 seconds. It is crazy to even speak it out loud and even he himself is too afraid to declare it out loud.

It sounds so crazy and so fairy tale but that is what Nathan had been through 20 years of living. Every time he reads their mind and see their memories, his hazelnut eyes will turn into bright yellow.

If you think it violates human right to get into people privacy without permission, yes. Nathan think he is too. It is like breaking into a house without breaking anything, get it? He knew what he did was wrong but the problem is he does not know how to control it too.

As soon as he got a perfect view of one’s eye specifically their iris and pupil, he’s already in. When the vision comes, it is like he was watching a movie. He lost his present sight. Last time he reads, he hurt himself by walking to a barb wire near his faculty. It hurts like hell.

He sees it too often that it tires him. Mentally and physically actually.

Mentally, he knows everyone deepest, darkest secret and he got no one to talk about it. His perspective and behavior towards that person changes.

Physically, he got bullied for how people see him wearing contact lenses. People know he naturally has brown eyes but people thought he is an e-boy, wearing yellow contact lenses walking around. He did wear contacts but it is clear, without no colour and with degree. Being immature kids in high school, e-boy means faggot so he got bullied for that.

Thankfully, Nathan is kinda blind without his glasses or contacts so he found that he cannot read people if he did not see their iris or pupil and he is please to know that there is some way to control it.

The only weakness is he cannot do it all the time because he will bump into people besides being in university meaning he needs to do presentation often so he does not want to be blind in occasions like this.

What he loves about being in university is that people does not really care about any other person, minding their own business. Even if you are in the same class, does not mean you know your classmates. Nathan did not even know his classmate that sits around him.

He knows only a few people in his class. Not that he is arrogant but he just like to keep his circle small. That is all.

“I wanna socialize too.”

“If only I can be Griffin,” he pause. “I won’t be this stress.”

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