The Burning Storm

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In a galaxy full of wonder, there is much peace and stability thanks to the powerful Wardens and the Grand Overseer. With them and the massive United Colonial Federation Government many have known nothing but happiness and order. Many star systems consider the offers made and join for the benefit of their people. Yet there are those who refuse to live under such rule. Warrior races all over the galaxy prefer freedom over such things. Gangs and savage species continue to show their defiance and a menace to all. Then there are those who linger in darkness waiting to strike and establish their rule in the galaxy. Among the warrior races is a species known as the Premderians, considered the greatest by many. On their home world of Premderia, there is a young group of friends different in many ways but close like family. They find themselves going different directions in life while trying to keep the bond of friendship that has been strong for so many years. Everything is about to change for them. This is a series so enjoy

Scifi / Adventure
Joey Richardson
Age Rating:

Book 1- Wildfire

The young thirteen year old rebellious Premderian, named Joran is out to prove himself in anyway possible. The lengths to do so put him and his friends at risk. Among those that try to control his wild nature, is Kalsor, the father of Joran, and considered one of the best warriors of their kind.

As Joran continues striving to make himself better, he is presented with a different challenge. A mysterious girl appears in his life. With dark mystery surrounding this girl, Joran vows to protect her. With a bond forming between them another begins to break. In turn Joran must come to a decision on what path he will take.
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