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New Europe Book 1: When Kingdoms Fall

By Vienna All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi


Author's note: If you do not enjoy this, I am sorry, I could've made it better.  Ever since I started writing this, there were over six versions, but this one is final, since I wanted to change the story entirely each time I began to edit it.  If you enjoy this, I will be happy I didn't waste your time.  If you don't, again, I am dearly sorry, and regret wasting your time.

Please note: There will be more characters later on in the book, and will be introduced slowly.

For centuries, the human species has held an immense imagination, one that built enormous monuments to those that have died, and those that may have been watching over the Earth and its people.  This imagination began wars, works of art, revolutions, pain, joy, suffering, jealousy, and entire nations.
As time passed, it became clear that no matter the circumstances, time has proven, and would continue to prove one thing, that humanity is willing to do anything, including murder, for the sake of an idea, and will always do so.

Europe, Earth
In 1816, and Europe has just been devastated by the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and the First French Empire.  The idea of a divided France is now reality, with the Republic of Lyon to the south, ruled by a discontent Napoleon Bonaparte, the Empire of Brittany in the north, under the iron fist of Michel Ney, and the Kingdom of France, ruled by eighty-seven claimants to the French Throne, and fifteen other factions fighting to control France, sitting between Brittany and Lyon.  
By 1827, Napoleon's brilliant mind on the battlefield has managed to conquer most of Western Europe, and made Britain his chief ally.

The year is now 1973, the United States is a divided nation, split between the infamous Confederate States, the Pacific States, and the original United States, now an industrial powerhouse, but still a shadow of its former glory.
The political map has been completely reshaped, in addition to a divided America, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia has occurred, yet failed, and eliminating what might have been a century of Marxist Communism, Socialism, and Russian power in Europe.
Now, a divided Europe rallies against Russia and Lyon, intent on destroying Napoleon's legacy.  Lyon, however, still tries to maintain peace.
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