The Empath's Mate

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He drove for 15 minutes bringing us to a park. He parked the truck before looking at me and smiling. I swear if drama had him this excited, I didn’t know what I was in for. I left my bag in the car, somehow knowing work was off the table for the time being.

“I found this place right after I got to town.” He said as we walked through the open area into the trees.

“Are you going to hit me over the head with something soon? Or are you more of the chloroform type?” I joked with him realizing no one could see us.

“I prefer kicking and screaming personally.” He winked moving a branch out of the way.

“This is amazing!” I squealed.

There was an open space with a picnic table that was forgotten about. He went over and pulled out the sandwiches. I was looking around at the flowers that were still as radiant as ever when a dragonfly flew past me causing me to jump back. I stumbled a few times before he caught me again.

Something about his touch this time was different. My back leaned into him naturally, he wrapped his arm around my waste bringing his head next to my ear. It felt like our bodies were made for each other.

“Still adjusting to those new feet?” He whispered.

“Why does that feel so good?” I asked in my trance.

He stood up removing my body from his. I think a whimper left my throat, but he didn’t seem to notice. I started to come back to reality. Dizziness like someone removed my balance took over my body and I reached for him.

“Sorry, here have some food.” He said as he guided me to the table sitting on the opposite side.

“Wait, why do you keep doing that? I may be awkward, but I am not completely naive. I know you feel it too.” I allowed my determination to fill my voice. Having one man ignore me was bad enough. There was a long silence before he finally answered.

“Probably because we are met to be together.” He finally said meeting my eyes.

“Okay, say that’s true. Why do you keep pulling away?”

“You’re married.” He said as a sigh.

“And you just witnessed the end of my marriage. What is stopping you now?” My body was beginning to feel normal again.

He didn’t respond, he didn’t back away. He just sat there; his eyes fixed on me trying to read my next step. I did not try to conceal anything. I projected my feelings towards him, showing him how much I want him.

“What is that?” He said in a hushed tone.

“I am a special kind of empath. I can feel other people, but I can help them as well. I can… heal, help influence emotions. In this case, I am just showing you how I feel.” I finished shrugging.

“Wow.” He said moving from the opposite side of the table to mine.

We sat there for a moment before he turned to place food in front of me. He looked like he was arguing with himself. I knew I had no business trying to pull this man into my mess of a life. He was out of my league and could have any girl he wanted.

We ate quietly as we both argued with what to do next. This was supposed to be a working lunch. To many changes had happened the last few days for me to think I was ready for anymore. Maybe this was for the best. We could remain professional with no boundaries crossed. He already said he doesn’t mix work and pleasure.

When we finished, he picked up the trash placing it in the bag. I stood staring at a giant oak tree with my back to him. I wanted him to touch me. I wanted to throw myself at his body and press my lips to his.

What does he taste like? Is he a good kisser? Will he leave me wanting more? Questions kept running through my head unable to stop them. I needed to let this go. I hated not being in control of my own emotions.

He took my hand spinning me around before placing his forehead on mine. His arms were holding mine to my sides. I could sense his desire, his need. He traced his fingers from my hands to my shoulders before cupping my face to bring it up.

My lips were almost touching his, I could feel his breath on mine. I finally had the ability to push my body upwards with my toes to touch my lips to his. As soon as I moved, he pulled back holding me by my shoulders.

Just like that, my perfect moment was gone. My heart felt like it shattered. I ran my hands over my face as I started walking to the truck, afraid I would allow a tear to escape. It wasn’t appropriate for me to be so upset over someone I had no relationship with.

I knew allowing him to feel my emotions was going to be dangerous. I took a chance. Everything with Nikola seemed to be so easy. I was sure he would feel the same way. Once again, I felt like I had made a mistake, one I may not be able to recover from.

Jeremy was not at the door when we arrived back at the building, thankfully. I went straight to my office to prepare for my meeting with my group. I didn’t know how to say goodbye to Nikola after all that, so I just stayed locked in my head.

I always stayed focused on work when I was upset. Now it was something I looked forward to and worried about. I was anxious to see how Bella was out of Peter’s view. Hopefully she wouldn’t reject my offer as the head fellow, my assistant. I couldn’t take more rejection than I had received at lunch.

Nikola POV

I am such an idiot. She was asking me to kiss her, she even made the last move and I pulled away. I knew what just happened at the bistro was bothering her. When her emotions passed through me stronger than anything because of the bond I couldn’t stop myself. Not until the last second when she lifted herself up and I pulled away.

There was no way I would have been able to recover from that, so I just acted like it didn’t happen. That was the best option I could think of. I could sense her hurt through our bond. She didn’t know that I could already sense her emotions before, now I feel worse than I did before taking her there. I just needed some time away from her to gather my thoughts.

We arrived back at the office just before 1:30 PM. I texted Peter from the parking lot letting him know we were on our way. She went straight into her office and closed the door behind her. The fact she was so hurt she said nothing was tearing me apart. I hurt my mate for no reason other than stupidity.

“Hey Pete, you have a minute?” I asked walking into his office closing the door behind me. He raised a brow.

“This is a door closed minute. Is this Alpha related?” He asked with a smirk.

“In a way, it’s Roni-related.” I said sitting down.

“What did you do?” He asked intently, all joking had left his voice.

“We ran into her husband, and another woman.” I said with a sigh, “she knows now. I had a feeling but it’s not like I could have said something. They were at the bistro I took her to for lunch.”

“So, you served her divorce for your first date? How will you ever top that?” He laughed too loud.

“Is this funny to you?” I asked in a growl.

He stopped laughing abruptly and his eyes met mine. I could feel him access his alpha powers and force me down. I was the strongest beta ever documented, he still caused me to cower like a toddler.

“If it is funny to me, what do you have to say about it?” He asked using his alpha tone.

“Nothing.” I said bowing my head submitting before I heard his chuckle.

“You will work it out. She was bound to find out eventually, at least she had her mate there. She may not know it, but your presence probably made it painless.” He observed and I nodded confirming.

“I think the part where I almost kissed her then didn’t… AFTER we left the bistro, was my big mistake.” I admitted keeping my eyes on the ground.

“You WHAT?!” He yelled.

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