The Empath's Mate

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Nikola POV

As I finished my presentation, I felt a pull come from Roni. Her eyes were locked on the screen, but I swear I felt her staring right at me. I could feel the mate bond eating away at me. My body wanted to be entangled with hers. I wanted her to be mine as was meant to be.

I was lucky Peter stepped in when he did, I may have jumped over the table towards her. I knew Peter wanted us to meet for a reason, but I had no idea he knew she was my mate. I wasn’t sure how he even knew.

Peter taking the position here in Florida was the best thing that could have happened to me. Now I finally found my mate, she is human but that’s okay. I didn’t have a problem with the human part, just the married part. Why are the gods punishing me? To be without a mate for so long then to have one who is already happily married.

I took my memories back to her scent the last two mornings, she didn’t smell like another man. I knew she wasn’t married to a wolf, maybe he was out of town. I was slightly confused to why she seemed so nervous all the time, like she expected me to throw a coffee at her.

Most older women act like they have an attitude problem with their nose in the air, she was down to earth, real. I could sense her strong spirit, a fighter’s heart; yet she was always avoiding confrontation. She was the type of person who would give you the last slice of bread, even if she had not eaten in days. It was as if she had no idea how amazing she really was and tried to be invisible.

I waited for the hall to clear before standing outside her door. With my enhanced abilities I could hear her heart pounding on the other side of the door. I let my hand rest on the wood for a moment debating if I should knock. Before I knew what was happening my knuckles knocked on the door.

I heard a commotion and she said for me to come in. Realizing I didn’t have a reason to be in the room I started to think of an excuse. I figured the files would allow me to stay in the same room for a few more minutes. She may not know it yet but being in each other’s presence can help our stress.

I was disappointed when she had them ready. I should have known better, of course she was prepared; she is truly amazing. I had been in awe of her since I saw her gossiping at the coffee cart. My feet carried me straight to her. I was disappointed when she walked away instead of turning around.

I was out of her office as fast as I could move my legs without extra attention. I didn’t have any pressing matters before lunch; I needed to go for a run. My mind was all over the place and my wolf wanted to complete the mating process. I knew I needed to take things slow. I kept telling myself there is a reason for all of this.

I had given up on finding my mate around 22 years old. I married my best friend who also was mate-less. We were married for 7 years when she died from ovarian cancer. Cancer was almost impossible in wolves. I felt cursed and refused to date anyone else.

I had a few ongoing ‘friends with benefits’ over the years never anything serious. I was always clear from the beginning. The only issues I ever had were in England. I had 3 different assistants, all within 2 weeks of each other, terminated because they wouldn’t back off. I wasn’t lying to Roni when I said I hadn’t slept with them either. I didn’t mix work with pleasure.

The rumors she heard before I even knew she was my mate disappointed me. I was planning to do everything to show her that was not the man I was. But I wasn’t sure how to do it considering I couldn’t try to date her. Could I? Wouldn’t that make me a bad person trying to steal her from her husband? I felt it would have the opposite effect I needed.

I decided that I would just maintain my distance while taking any time I can get. Peter giving her the assignment is perfect. I really hope the norns have a plan and things turn around; unsure of how much more torture I can take.

Part of me just wanted to walk into her office and kiss her to see if she could feel it too. Humans were always slower to recognize the mate bond. I was also smart enough that I could get my ass kicked for something like that, she looks like she can hold her own.

Peter is my Alpha; I am his Beta. He has a plan for wolves everywhere to go public. He wants us to be able to live freely in the open, this can be dangerous, but maybe it will force more accountability when it comes to senseless murders.

Some wolves are scared of the danger it brings to us. Poachers, military -testing, scared-humans, angry witches. The vampires have always been especially concerned of this happening, let’s face it; If the wolves are real, it’s all real.

Roni was the perfect human for us to bring into the project and prepare the release of a tell-all book. Only a handful of us are aware of the current project and we were all present in this morning’s meeting. Roni and Thomas have no idea what we will be releasing. Bella is the pack gamma; she is the most honorable ware I have met.

I drove 20 minutes from campus before pulling off to the side of the road and shifting beyond the tree line. My fur was a sandy brown color, my head about 5 feet from the ground on all four legs. I bolted through the forest chasing some small game for fun before heading back to the car.

As I made my way down the hallway, I stopped in Peter’s office to check in before taking Roni to lunch. Peter was sitting behind his desk flustered running his hands over his bald head repetitively. We have a good relationship, he practically raised me alongside my parents. My father passed away when I was around 16 years old, Peter had decided I was ready to take his place as Beta.

“Pete, want to share that weight on your shoulders?” I said as I closed the door behind me.

“Oh, hi Niko, sorry I didn’t hear you come in. How are things with Roni?” He asked still focused on the screen.

“I was trying to get my mind off of her.” I said with a shrug. “We are going to lunch soon; I may extend us longer than usual but we both have meetings around 2.”

“Perfect, keep her out of the office until 1:30 if you can. I do want to warn you, a gentleman just headed her way a little while ago. I haven’t seen him leave yet.” He gave me a warning look and I nodded in response before leaving the office.

My anger blood began to boil with the thought of another man in her office. I wonder if her husband came to surprise her for lunch… If she was mine… She is mine…

But she is not, she is married. I was trying to calm myself but just ended up filling myself with more rage before approaching the closed door. I knocked 3 times and stood waiting for permission to enter.

I knew Peter was warning me and fully expected me to head straight to her office. I wasn’t sure if he was too focused on whatever he was looking at on the screen. Maybe I shouldn’t be trying to walk right in.

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