The Empath's Mate

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Nikola POV

I listened to the door, but I couldn’t make out any sounds other than her laugh. It is the most beautiful music I have heard. I was again conflicted ready to burst through the door when I heard her giggle and say come in.

As I entered, slower than I wanted. I saw the man sitting in the chair across from her with a beautiful vase on her desk. There was a large dragonfly painted in the center with 5 or 6 smaller ones scattered. The colors were vibrant and bright.

“Oh! Is it lunch already?” She said still giggling. “Nikola, this is Jeremy, he is one of the security guards here on campus. Jer, this is Nikola, the one I was telling you about.” She said nodding her head towards him.

“Welcome to the area. I hear you come with gifts!” He said with a smile standing to shake my hand.

“Thank you. It’s a lot better than I expected. I’m excited to work with Roni.” I tried to keep my emotions calm.

“Isn’t this vase beautiful? His wife made it for my new office!” She said bubbling with excitement.

“We have agreed to leave out the part where I forgot to stop for the flowers on my way in today.” Jeremy said tucking his head into his shoulders. “I can barely remember to get them for my anniversary, let alone for someone who isn’t my wife.” His smile was wide.

“Jer, it’s fine. I won’t say a word, the three of us can keep this secret.” She said smiling sweetly at me.

I smiled and nodded in agreeance. Something was different about the way she was looking at me. Almost like she was beginning to relax slightly. I wasn’t sure if it was because we weren’t alone or if she was beginning to feel the bond. The cause didn’t matter to me, it was soothing my wolf regardless.

“I appreciate it, I haven’t been in the dog-house for a while now. It’s a new record! Anyways I will let you both have your lunch. Nikola, if you are free, Saturday night a bunch of us will be meeting at the local bar. They have karaoke night; you are welcome to join. It’s a great place to meet new people if you will be in town for a while.” Jeremy offered.

“I will try to make it.” I said smiling to him.

“Great, Roni can give you the details. Maybe you will be able to convince her to join us this week.” He said grinning at Roni.

My wolf stirred at how playful they were, but I was able to suppress it. I gave her a grin joining in the fun and I saw her light up at my response. She diverted her eyes reaching for her bag.

“If you two are done planning my weekend, can we head to lunch? I’m starving today.” She smiled sweetly, blushing the slightest bit as I heard her stomach agree with her.

“Come on now Roni, you have been saying next weekend for the last 3 weeks.” He continued to tease her as we left her office.

“I will meet you downstairs, I want to grab my notes. It was nice meeting you Jeremy.” I said to them as I headed into my office.

I just needed a moment or two to finish calming down before I tried to stay in control the next couple hours. I walked in and stopped before picking up the binder on my desk. Something about the room felt different.

I looked around and nothing was out of place. I checked my binder and realized the flash drive Roni had handed me earlier was missing. I checked my drawers to see if I set it somewhere else. After a few minutes I gave up the search and headed for the door, I didn’t want her waiting any longer.

Veronica POV

I was chatting with Jeremy waiting for Nikola to meet me downstairs. I could sense his tension before he entered my office. I figured Jeremy would be a good distraction. He is friendly and always in a good mood it seems. Nikola seemed to be slightly confused when meeting him, I was having trouble figuring out why.

I was starving, and oddly excited for this lunch. I had been apprehensive about it since this morning but as time goes on, I find myself missing Nikola when he isn’t near me. I just want to know he is close for some reason.

It was longer than enough time to grab notes from his office. I began to get worried after a few minutes, I told myself he just got caught up in a conversation and there was nothing to worry about. The darkness within me started saying he was blowing me off.

When I saw him round the corner, my face lit up. Jeremy coughed next to me hiding a chuckle. I gave him a glare and he looked at me with knowing eyes. I could feel my face turn red as the heat spread.

“Sorry, I seemed to have misplaced something, I will find it when I get back.” Nikola said.

“If you need to look for it, we can reschedule. Or we can order in, and I can help?” I suggested.

Immediately I was worried that I overstepped. I could feel him putting up a block and I grew concerned. “Or not, sorry, just trying to be helpful.” I said when he didn’t respond.

“No, it’s fine. To be honest I am slightly embarrassed, it was the flash drive you handed me earlier. I thought it was in my binder. I must have misplaced it.” He ran his hand through his hair, giving me goosebumps.

“Don’t worry about that, Roni loses things all the time.” Jeremy chimed in.

“Oh, that is an easy fix, I’ll just make you a new copy when we get back. Easy Peasy.” I said blushing after I realized I was to giddy.

I saw his aura lighten and he smiled warmly. He held out his arm like in the old movies to me, and I took it naturally. Jeremy winked at me as I blushed, and we made our way to his car.

More specifically his truck, the gunmetal grey GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab. He had the rims and decals all blacked out. I awed for a moment too long. He opened the passenger door with a huge grin on his face.

“You like it?” Nikola asked.

“I love trucks, this one is towards the top of the list.” I said gawking at the interior.

He closed the door and made his way around the truck while I glanced around. I noticed a duffle bag in the back seat. He made his way out of the parking lot and off campus.

“Do you work out?” I asked filling the silence.

He looked at me with a grin on his face before laughing out loud. I scrunched my eyebrows in response.

“Does that line work for you a lot?” He said still laughing.

“Oh no! Come on! I have more class than that!” I said while I began to laugh. “The duffle bag in the back.” I pointed out.

“Oh that,” He seemed to get nervous for a moment, “Yeah, I like to run, it’s spare clothes.” He said to carefully.

“I like running too.” I replied shocked we had anything other than work in common.

“I thought I pegged you for kick-boxing or something.” He admitted.

“Well that too, I like to blow off steam every now and then. Working in the office can be hard for me sometimes.” I wasn’t sure why I was opening up to him. A part of me enjoyed it, I could tell he cared about what I said.

“I know that all too well. Oh, I saw Peter on my way to your office and told him we were working during lunch, and we may be a little delayed returning.” Nikola was holding back a smile and I tried not to notice.

“I just have my meeting at 2.” I replied with a grin without thinking.

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