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Hole in the Head

Rehen’s POV

I woke up to see Celeste sleeping with me in my bed.

I guess we were so tired last night we forgot to change into our pajamas.

I carefully lifted her head off of my shoulder, trying not to wake her.

Once I got up, I grabbed a blanket out of a drawer and spread it over her.

Then, I grabbed some clothes and left the room.

I decided to get ready in Celeste’s room, so I wouldn’t wake her.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the orange juice from the fridge.

When I was getting a cup from the cupboard when I noticed a small red dot on my shirt.

“What’s that…” I murmured to myself.

At that moment, Celeste walked in, yawning.

“Hey Rehen.” I looked up at her and nodded.

I looked back where the dot was, and it was gone!

“Did you sleep ok? Sorry I stayed in your bed.” Celeste said to me, rubbing her arm.

I just shrugged. Where is that light? I’m so confused.

“Are you not talking to me? Because two can play that game.” Celeste said while crossing her arms over her chest.

“No, I’m not upset, I just saw a red dot and now it’s gone. I wonder what it was…”



“You’re acting like a cat.”

I grabbed the dish towel and threw it at her. “Rude.”

She started laughing at me and soon I joined in.

Once we stopped, I quickly poured my juice and put in back in the fridge.

“Hey Celeste?”

“Yeah, Rehen?”

“I think you should talk to James today.”

“But Rehen. He probably thinks I’m super weird for running off! And what will I tell him about what happened!”

“Or… he is just your friend who is worried about you. And you don’t have to tell him anything you don’t want to.” She just looks at me and slowly nods her head.

“It’ll be fine. Here, have some orange juice.” I hand her my cup.

She grabs it and is about to take a sip when she looks into it. “Hey! Seriously Rehen. This is empty!” She said tossing the cup back at me.

We both start laughing and for a moment, forget about the problem at hand.

James’ POV

Celeste just ran off! I don’t know why she did that! I try to run after her, but I give up shortly thinking she might want some time to think.

I shouldn’t have pushed her like that! I’m such an idiot! She was obviously upset, and I just kept asking questions out of my own anger.

I already called Rehen a few times to tell him what happened and to see if she came home.

I don’t know what to do! I feel so helpless. Ughh! This is all my fault!

Maybe I should call her. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that yet!

I pull out my phone and my thumb hovers over the dial button, but something stops me.

I don’t know, I just feel like maybe I need to give her some space.

When she’s ready, she’ll come.

I walk back over to Jake’s house, to get my car. I notice another car parked in the driveway.

I slowly and silently walk over to the big front window and duck behind a bush. I peek my head over the bush so I can see a better view.

I see two people, who I think are Jake’s parents, fighting. Not physically, they are yelling at each other though.

I never knew that Jake’s parents fought. Come to think of it, his parents are barely ever home.

I wonder if Jake is okay.

I move over to where Jake’s room is.

Ugh. He is on the third floor. I can’t see that high.

Maybe if I… no that won’t work. But what if I… no.

The only way is to go inside.

I sneak around to the back gate and hop the fence. I walk around their pool and head to the back door.

Luckily, it’s unlocked. I carefully open the door and step inside. I can hear yelling from the kitchen and suddenly a thump followed by a crash. Not too loud, but it was there. Probably a vase.

I hurry around the corner and head to Jake’s room.

I hear banging from his room, but suddenly it stops. I did hear a small thump though.

I rush over to his room and fling open the door. “Mr. and Mrs. Miller!” I start screaming for their attention. “It’s your son! Come quick!”

I hear quick footsteps, and in comes Jake’s parents.

“I-I-I was here for a project. But-t I needed to check on something, so I c-came back.” I open the door to reveal Jake.

A few tear stains on his cheeks, his fists slightly bruised, but the first thing anyone would notice would have to be the bullet hold right through his forehead. The bullet lodged into the door.

Blood sprayed on the door like art.

Mrs. Miller let out a gasp and a wail. She dropped to the floor on her knees and began swaying. She cried for her son.

Mr. Miller on the other hand refused to cry. He stood there like a statue. But I could see a storm of emotion in his eyes.

He turned to me slowly. “You did this!” He said pushing a finger into my chest. “You killed my son!”

“I would never hurt anyone! You have to believe me!”

He continued staring at me. I turned back to the room and noticed a key detail.

“Look! There at the window!” There was a hole and a few cracks in the window. “The bullet must have been shot through there. It follows the line of direction perfectly.”

I walk over to the window, making sure to scan around for people. Surely enough, there is no one there. But, there is a tree that seems perfect for a person to climb. But they would have to have great aim.

Why did someone kill him? A grudge against his parents?

Celeste is going to be crushed. She loved him, if not like a boyfriend, she sure loved him as a friend.
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