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The Warning

Emma’s POV

“Isn’t that supposed to be 7.89361?” I said rolling my eyes at the math teacher.

“No, Emma. It’s correct on the board. The answer is 7.94502. Don’t be quick to correct a teacher, especially if you are wrong.” Mrs. Rayma, the math teacher, said adjusting her too-small-for-her-eyes glasses.

“No... I’m right. Check.” I said annoyed.

“Ugh. Fine but only if it will make you quiet. Hmm... Oh. Well, that’s embarrassing. You’re right.”

“Duuh.” I said under my breath.

“Emma, do you want to share with the class what you just said?” Mrs. Rayma said as the class started laughing and as my face became as red as a tomato.

I could feel my face heating up and I was sooo embarrassed. Another step back from popularity, I thought to myself.


Finally, the bell! Everyone grabbed their stuff and rushed out of the room as the teacher tried to tell us our homework.

When I arrived home I ran upstairs to my room and threw my backpack on my bed causing everything to spill out.

“Ughhh!” I whisper-yelled, so my parents wouldn’t hear, “Stupid backpack!”

After picking everything up, I sat in my big blue beanbag and started working on homework.

“Honey,” My dad yelled from downstairs, “dinner is ready! Come down and eat!”

“Coming!” I yelled back at him, moving my homework to the ground. Then, I stood up and went downstairs to eat dinner.

Once I got my food and sat at the table with my dad, he looked at me with an excited smile. I looked up curiously at him with a big mouthful of spaghetti.

He chuckled at me a little as he reached behind him. He pulled out a long skinny box wrapped in white paper with red stars and decorated with a big red bow on top.

My eyes widened as he handed it to me saying, “It’s for you, open it.”

“Go ahead, don’t keep me waiting.”

I started ripping open the paper as if a monster was behind me and the item that could save me was in this box. When I got all of the paper off, I just sat and stared. My dad looked at me worried. “Do you like it?” He said nervously.

Shaking my head to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, I let out a high pitched squeal. “A Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ Telescope!!! No way, no way, no way!!! How, you, what, yayyyy!!!”

My dad's worry faded away and he looked at me excitedly. “I know how much you have been wanting one so I saved up my money and bought you one.” My dad said to me.

“I’m going to go use it right now!” I said jumping up from the table keeping a tight grip on my new telescope.

“Hold up. Dinner?”

“Can it wait?” I pleaded.

My dad shook his head and pointed to the chair.

I decided to do as he asked, after all, he did just buy me my dream telescope!

Once I sat down, I scarfed down my food and chugged my water. Then, I stood up and looked at my dad for approval.

My dad looked at my plate and gave a nod of approval. He then tapped his cheek. I ran over and kissed his cheek then grabbing my telescope, ran out to the backyard.

After carefully opening the box and delicately putting the telescope together.

I looked through the telescope and saw the brightest star I’ve ever seen.

I ran inside the house and up the stairs to grab my yellow Polaroid.

I ran back to my telescope noticing the light was closer and I didn’t need to use the telescope to see it anymore. As soon as I snapped the picture the light flashed across the sky.

I eagerly grabbed the picture and shook it to see if it was blurry because of the movement. When it finally became clear, I realized the light had made a word in the sky. It was crazy that I had caught it on my camera in the split second that it was in the sky.


I whispered to myself as I read the word on the picture. Well... That was probably just a weird coincidence, right...

There was a blurry oval in my face, two bright black eye like things on the oval.

"Are you an alien?!?" I asked confused.

I hear unidentified talking in the distance.

When suddenly the alien thing started talking, but I didn't know what it is saying, except for the word...


The alien then pointed one of it's four long skinny fingers at me.

Then, out of nowhere, there was a beam of light on the alien and the alien was suddenly gone.

The last thing I saw, was a disk like thing with lights surrounding the bottom ring of the disk. It looked like a-a-a...

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