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Rehen’s POV

I got a call from James earlier. He woke me from my nap, which I wasn’t to happy about. After he hung up, I went back to bed and woke up a little while later. I ate some food, then turned the tv on a random channel to watch.

After some time, I heard a knock sound on the door. I slowly hobbled over there, feeling nauseous. I knew it was James, because he had called asking to come over, so I opened the door and led him to my room...

“...and I have a huge crush on her.” James said finishing up his speech.

“What!?” I yelled confused. “You like my cousin!?”

“Celeste is your cousin!?” James yelled back at me.

Okay. Now we were yelling at each other. I need to explain this. I took a deep breath and said, “Celeste is my cousin, and you have a crush on her.”

“Can you give me her number?”

Seriously! The nerve! They just met, and she had... “Okay.” I didn’t just say that, right? But before I could say no, he thanked me unending.

After giving him Celeste’s number, and talking a while, he left.

Oh, Celeste is going to kill me. Maybe a nap will help calm my nerves...

“OWW! What was that for!?” I yelled rubbing where one of my tennis shoes had hit me in the stomach.

“Why did you give James my number!?” Celeste screamed back at me.

“He’s my best friend! I had to!”

“UGHHH! Learn to say no! You ruin everything, Rehen!”

Yep, she was going to kill me...

“I didn’t mean too. I was saying no in my head, but I said yes through my mouth...” I looked at her, trying to express my regret.

She walked over to me and asked if my stomach was okay.

“Yeah, it’s not that bad.”

Emma’s POV
“Who is Celeste?” I asked for the second time, anger and shock making itself known on the queen’s face.

Her son put his hand on her arm, as if to say that it was all okay. She mumbled under her breath just loud enough for me to hear, “Not now, Damen.”

Damen. What a handsome, manly name. Damen and Emma... sounds good.

Oh who am I kidding. A prince like that will never want a normal human girl like me. I frowned sadly as I looked up at them.

“Princess Celeste,” The queen said, “you can’t run away forever, even if you don’t want to marry my son. We need this to make an alliance between the colonies.”

I furrowed my brow in confusion. Princess?

I started to hear the murmur of the other aliens around me...

“Is she even the right girl? She doesn’t look much like us...”

“I can’t believe she would run away from the kingdom, because she didn’t want to marry him.”

“How is she supposed to be in the royal family above all the other royal families?”

I felt my eyes tearing up, as my anger bubbled inside me. As angry as I was, I was sad that everyone here, including Damen, thought I was a bad leader. I don’t even know what they were talking about, but somehow, I cared. Then the most embarrassing thing happened, I started bawling. The worst part was that the more I tried to stop crying, the more I cried.

“WHO ARE YOU!!!” I screamed, my voice cracking.

All I saw, was a look of shock, followed by hurt pass by Damen’s eyes. Then colorful circles started to cloud my vision. Soon, all I saw was the circles, as they faded into darkness, cold, empty, lonely, darkness.

“She must have amnesia.”

“She probably isn’t the right girl, Queen Kina.”

“But doctor Seria, she has a 98% DNA match.”

“That’s not 100%”

“But, she was on Earth for a while, it probably affected her...”

“Wait! Shhh. She’s waking up.”

I groaned as I started to wake up. The first thing I did was lick my lips, realizing that my throat was very dry.

I fluttered my eyes open as I felt a cool mist on my arm. I saw three aliens, the queen, who I now knew was called Kina, and Damen. I noticed that the cool mist was coming from a gun-like thing with a pipe connected to the other end. The first alien was holding it spraying my skin, as a cut that I didn’t notice was there, started to close. Whoa.

I then tried to sit up, but one of the other aliens carefully pushed me back into laying down on the bed.

“Honey,” the second alien said, “you have amnesia.”

“No I don’t.” I managed to squeeze out of my desert like throat.

The third alien handed me a cup of liquid as the second allied shook her head sadly whispering, “Denial.”

Then everything made sense! They thought I was my mother!

I shed a single tear at the thought of her. We should be together, sitting on the couch laughing at a cheesy movie.

But it did all make sense for that being the case. My mom’s name was Celeste, my dad always said that I looked exactly like her, and when I asked who they were talking about, they acted confused and said I had amnesia!

I was about to tell them that Celeste was my mom, when something Queen Kina had said popped into my head...

“Princess Celeste...”

And something one of the aliens in the thrown room had said...

“ ...in the royal family above all the other royal families?”

Was my mother an alien princess? Not just that, but the head above all the other royal aliens? Does that make me... a human-alien hybrid, in the most royal family line?

Living like this might not be so bad...

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