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My Doll

Queen Kina’s POV

Ever since Celeste left two years ago, the royal family has been in a frenzy. Actually, now that I thought about it, I was next in line for the throne, if that poor excuse of my cousin, and King, died. His Queen had died shortly after Celeste left, because of sadness. But that wasn’t important because my colony had located the planet that the spoiled princess was on, Earth. I had just sent spies to the planet, when a messenger came up to me.

He bowed, then I motioned him forward.

“The King is dead. He has been murdered.” HE said to me.

I would of been concerned, thinking he meant my husband, except that I had no husband. Don’t feel bad, he didn’t die, I just have never been married. I didn’t have to share my power, and I liked keeping my options open. Damen was a mistake. He shouldn’t of been here. But I had the father killed shortly after finding out, I was pregnant. Sad though, his father was the only one I could see myself ever marrying. But, I was doing it as revenge. For making me give birth to something that brought me no pleasure. Well... not until he was old enough. He never knew. I just turned his brain off before hand, keeping his body functioning. He was, my doll, but only in between my other men. He was only still alive for that purpose, if he ever found out and refused, I would have him killed. I only used him whenever I needed a break.

But enough of my fun, the King was dead!

I frowned sadly as I thought of when I found out I was pregnant, to force tears out, and said my regrets for not being able to help the King. After chatting a while of the King's glory days, I asked if I would be taking over the roles of the royal family, at least until the princess was found.

He said yes, and I decided he wasn't to bad looking. That's when my work began. It was always the same routine. Stand up, walk over, blush, compliment, flirt.

After a while I managed to get him to my room. I sat on my bed as I started sliding the shoulder of my dress off and-

James’ POV

That night, I jumped on my bed and pulled my phone out. I went to messages and typed in Celeste's phone number.

I sent her a quick text and then realized that I probably seemed like a creep stalking her to find out her phone number. I then decided that I should explain myself, so I told her that her cousin, my friend, gave it to me.

I figured that she wouldn't mind Rehen telling me.

After that, I went to bed.

It's been two weeks and I've texted Celeste a few times. She usually replies back, but there are a few times she doesn't. But she usually apologizes afterward.

Today we were sitting in science class as I watched Jake flirt with Celeste as she flirted back! What happened to her hating him, she hated him just a couple days ago.

"Class!" Mr. Dungard, our science teacher yelled at us to get our attention.

Everyone turned their heads at him as he started to explain a new presentation that we were going to be doing in pairs.

He started to pair everyone up when he called my name. I looked up, hopeful to get Rehen as my partner, although I knew that it probably wasn't going to happen.

Then, the unbelievable happened. I looked around the classroom as I realized that everyone was already paired up.

"Wait a minute..." I whispered to myself.

"James, you will be with Celeste-" YES! It happened!

"and Jake." NO! It happened!

This was going to be perfect! But JAKE had to ruin it!

I watched as an evil smirk appeared on Jake's face.

Well, goodbye world.

Celeste and I went Jake's house to start working on our project. As I walked up to his house, I stared in awe as I admired every detail of his huge house.

It was a very big, very modern home.

It had to be at least three stories high. There were several glass, wood, and white stucco walls. In the glass windows, you could even see big fancy light fixtures and expensive furniture. It was all like a dream. No wonder Celeste liked him, he probably took her to his house before, they did have to do that math project together.

We went into his house as he showed us to his room. He had his arm wrapped around Celeste's waist, but I didn't mind that much because she was trying to pull him off.

I stared at the walls of his beautiful home and I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy. How come some people can afford a big fancy home, while others, like me, have to live in a small, single story, dump of a home.

"Here's my room. Make yourself comfortable."

"Woah..." I couldn't stop it from spilling from my lips. I looked into his room that looked like it could hold my whole house in it. He had a huge TV and several arcade games in the corner. He also had a dropped living area with a big white-flamed fire in the center. When I looked to where he was, I noticed that he had a king size water bed! It's official, I hate this guy even more that I thought was possible.

"So, whaddya think?" He said, a plain smirk on his face.

I was so angry, but I couldn't let him see it. "Eh. It's pretty cool."

"Uh-huh." He replied. "Maybe next time we can work on the project at your house."

"Sorry we can't." I shot back, maybe a little to quickly.

"Why not?" Celeste asked, obviously confused.


"He doesn't have a reason, he just doesn't have a cool house. He's an embarrassed little chicken." Jake said as he put his arm around Celeste's shoulders and started to make little chicken noises out of his mouth.

Celeste elbowed him in the ribs, and that seemed to shut him up. It made me feel good that she stood up for me like that. At least I knew we were friends, but maybe we could be more some day. For now though, I was glad we were friends.

"No. I'm just renovating my house at the moment." I said thinking up a quick lie.

"Sure..." I heard Jake whisper under his breath.

"Okay, so what should we do for our project?" Celeste said satisfied.

After a couple of hours working on our project, I realized that I needed to get home.

"I better get going." I said as I gathered my things and stood up.

Jake and Celeste walked with me outside and we all said goodbye. Celeste said that she also had to go home. Jake offered her a ride in his red sports car, but she turned him down. I was happy that she declined him.

We were both walking on the sidewalk, and we had gotten a couple houses down when Celeste said,

"Jake and me aren't an item. It case you were wondering."

My eyes widened. Was she trying to tell me she liked me? Is that why she doesn't want me to think that her and Jake are a thing?

"I love you." I said as I tried to calm my nerves. "And I think you feel the same."

I frowned slightly as a tear fell from her face and she looked down sadly at her feet.

"Um... don't you feel the same?" I asked, questioning myself ever saying anything.

She looked up at me, pools of tears threatening to fall from her eyes. She blinked a couple of times causing a few tears to trickle down her rosy cheeks.

"I can't."She said, no longer fighting to hold back her tears. "He said I'm his. He used me already."

My blood was boiling and I was sure there was steam coming out of my ears. "He did what!?" I asked through gritted teeth.

She bowed her head sadly. "I'm his." Celeste whispered sadly.

"But you do love me, right?" I asked still angry.

She nodded her head, letting more tears roll down her cheeks.

"I can't believe Jake would do that!" I yelled more to myself than to her. I ran my fingers through my hair as she said back to me,

"No, not him..."

Wait WHAT!?!?
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