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Arranged Marriage

Damien’s POV

I ran into the royal library and went to the "w's".

"Witches... witches... witches..." I mumbled to myself as I searched through the isles.

Ah here we go.

The World of Witches, by Carol Schunal.

I flipped through the pages, and I gotta say, I'm kinda terrified.

Thinking about witches made me think of Celeste and her decision.

We had all grown up thinking that humans were aliens, except we called them humans. Then we found out that they call us by the insulting name of "alien"! I mean, we have a species name. Like they have horse, human, and dog, we have out own "alien" species.

We consider our selves normal, they're the different ones. That's why we were all shocked that Celeste went down to go see... them.

7 Alien Years Ago

"But I don't love him!" Celeste yelled, standing up from the table.

My mom's kingdom had hosted an important meeting with the Royal King and Queen. Celeste and I were required to attend the meeting, speaking Celeste was the Royal Princess, and I was the Prince of my kingdom.

"Control your daughter." My mom said.

"Excuse me?" The King responded harshly.

I watched as the Queen slowly put her hand on the King's arm and started to rub it gently, in attempt to calm him.

"Honey, please sit down." The Queen said ushering towards her daughter.

Celeste sat down with a huff and crossed her arms over her chest.

"I'm sorry but I don't see how an arranged marriage between my daughter and your son, would be beneficial to the kingdom." The King said to my mom.

"You see, your majesty," My mom started to say, emphasizing on majesty, "I've been noticing several large attacks on your kingdom, and you desperately need our help, saying that we have the largest army."

"We could pay for the service of-"

My mom cut the Queen off. "I refuse to lend my army to you, unless we join my son and your daughter in marriage."

"But that's just-" The Queen started.

"Fine." The King stuck his hand out to shake with my mom.

The Queen turned sharply to face her husband. "We can't give up our daughter to an arranged marriage!"

"But we do really need the army support, and honey, if you remember, we had an arranged marriage. And see how we turned out." He said, planting a quick kiss on her lips.

"Well, I guess your right."

I turned my head to see Celeste clapping her hands over her mouth. Tears pooling in her eyes. "You wouldn't. P-please! Don't make me. Please, I don't love him!"

To say I wasn't hurt would be a lie. I have loved her my entire life. She was the complete package. She was beautiful, sexy, and powerful. I may have always loved her, but she on the other hand... well, let's say she doesn't think the same way, at least not yet.

I wanted them to remember that I was still here so I decided to make a snarky comment.

"You'll grow to love me. But, I don't need you to love me, because I've always loved you especially because, well, look at you." I stated, looking her up and down.

She gasped and ran from the room, tears streaming from her face.

The King shot me a murderous glare while the Queen got up and ran after Celeste. "Celeste! Celeste my dear, it'll be okay. I promise."

"You can't promise my happiness!" I heard Celeste yell in response.

Present Day

I slammed the book closed in anger.

I don't care if she never loved me! She's gone now and I'm stuck with her demonic-witch daughter! Lucky for me though, she got her looks from her mom.

She likes me, I might as well get some use from her.

"Damien!" My mom's voice pulls me from my thoughts.

"In here!" I called out to her.

"She walked over to me, "There you are. It's starting to get late. We need to go to bed."

"Okay mom."

I put the book back on the shelf and walked over to her.

"Let's go."

Once I was finished getting ready for bed, I laid down under my covers and said goodnight to my mom.

She came over to kiss me good night, like she usually does, then she always goes to her room.

Suddenly I was in darkness.

I knew my mom hadn't left yet, because she was still walking over to me, so I guess I fell asleep.

Celeste’s POV
"No, not him..." I watched as James' face went from being angry to being shocked and confused.

I didn't know how to explain all of this to him.

"What do you mean, 'not him'?” I knew he would ask that.

Before I could answer, I lost control and busted out crying. Then, I ran. I ran as fast as I could, as far as I could.

I could hear the sound of feet running behind me, and I knew it must be James. I could hear him calling my name as he started to slow down.

I didn't care. I didn't care about anything.

I ran, and ran. And I kept running until my lungs felt like they might explode.

I started to slow down as I came up to a little cafe.

The sign read: Lola's Cafe, Drinks and Sweets,

As I got closer, I saw a little chalkboard in the window.

New! Seasonal Pumpkin Spice Mocha.

"Mmmm..." Sounds good.

I walked into the cafe and ordered the new seasonal mocha. As soon as I got my drink back, I felt two hands on my shoulders.

Turning my head slightly to see my shoulder, I saw that signature gold skull ring.

Turning around swiftly in this man's arms, I looked up to see the face of the man I haven't seen in a long time.

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