Pure Adjudication

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A young man named Samson Alexander is the villain known as Grim Slayer. Grim Slayer is a dangerous villain killing countless heroes and villains. Due to the changing utopian society Samson believes it's his job to kill both villain and hero to encourage balance. He believes certain Heroes have too much power and use it for greed. He also believe certain villains are too dangerous and must be killed to avoid casualties from poorly managed prisons. He believes in truth and justice and will stop at nothing to ensure pure adjudication upon everyone.

Scifi / Action
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Chapter 1- Judgement

Two hundred years ago the world changed. It drastically evolved past what anyone knew was possible. Some believe it was for the best, but those like me know... it was for the worst. Every piece of thought out reality was shifted. All at once, what was known fact was now questioned to be a delusion. Why? Because the works of fiction we relished came to life.

Two hundred years ago a bacteria was exposed to the human population. There was a factory meltdown, and the contagious spread of the chemical couldn’t be contained. It flooded the water, contaminated the air, and saturated the soil. Whatever someone ate, drank, or breathed was no longer safe. Before Mother Earth knew what hit her the bacteria spanned the entire planet. Three measle weeks is all it took. Three to revitalize our next apocalypse.

On average sixty million people die each year. The bacteria killed three billion. Every one of them shared the same symptoms, and none of them could prevent the outcome. It was later found to be because of an electrical overload to the brain. The brain becomes confused and under the strain immediately shuts down the rest of the body. Then at the snap of a finger every functioning organ just… stops. Doctors, scientists, and innovators tried to uncover a pattern and prevent the deaths, but it was an anomaly. There was no way of knowing when it would strike, and who would be affected by it. The victim would one day die and that was the end of it.

Eventually, a curious phenomenon occurred. A large percentage of the remaining survivors were what used to be thought of as weak people. Young children, those hindered by disabilities, and the beggars roaming the streets. Not only did they live, but they emerged stronger than what used to be possible. From then on the fabrications of super humans became the new normal. That’s where the resurrection happened. A miracle of the neglected.

As the world flew into chaos the able bodied tried to make a difference. The new supers wanted to keep the world at order, but they knew it would be impossible. They’d have to build from the ground up.

The most powerful supers formed their own territories in different parts of the world. They would protect the ones who survived without abilities, along with the ones who gained them but were still too weak.

It was good for a time, but more often than not, greed overtakes innocence. Their humble minds found the arrogance of power. They wanted more than could be given. Thus, a war ensued.

An extra one billion people kissed death that year. It was horrifically merciless. Some sacrificed themselves fighting the stained, some fell to more powerful foes, and some took the easy way out. It was the hardest two years Mother Earth’s ever faced. The scars she earned are still healing.

After close to fifty years of unnecessary strife a group of people called The Redeemed found common ground. They wanted to band together and make a new society. It took many years, but that society is what is known now as Servile. Their whole belief is it’s a place where the clear minded and humble enter to bring light to the rest of the world’s darkness.

They started in Australia due to its small isolation. After making a name for themselves they were able to spread their roots to the rest of the world. Of course, there’s still work that needs to be done, but who knew one hundred fifty years later there’d be an entire civilization run by super humans.

After so many years the population adapted. It grew patient and could withstand more. Now it’s much rarer to die from overload. People’s brains can handle the trauma the bacteria introduces to the body. There’s still many questions though. Researchers have limited data on the bacteria. It was designed to remain confidential, so the amount of information available even now is scarce, but it’s enough to understand to an extent. I am one such researcher who’s done my part. I know quite a bit more than average. I’ll explain.

The bacteria has been given the nickname Death’s Miracle. Although, It’s more commonly known as Wolfsbane. Named after the very beautiful but deadly purple flower. The bacteria is not hereditary. No infant has ever been known to start with an ability once they were born. Babies also can’t get Wolfsbane. For some unknown reason it’s unable to enter the body until the brain is fully formed. Customarily Children tend to catch it at around the age of five or six. That’s the end of their most crucial point of development, and Wolfsbane is under the right environment to invade. Sometimes it’ll happen to a teen or adult, but that’s rare. Currently there’s still not enough information to know who will or won’t gain an ability and why. That’s what scientists are researching.

Furthermore, I’ll explain, in simple terms, how Wolfsbane works. The bacteria invades the body and finds an opening into the bloodstream. Once inside it gives off a sort of, I like to call it, a pulse. The pulse itself sends a powerful electrical interference through the nerves to the brain. At first, the wave was strong enough to confuse the brain into overloading and shutting down followed by the rest of the body. Now, people fall into a short one day sleep until the pulse disappears and the brain sorts itself out. Just enough time for Wolfsbane to adjust and remain in a state of paralysis until strong enough to awaken. Once over, some randomly receive newfound abilities and some don’t.

Overall, this explains the high mortality rate. But how did the remaining few survive? Why do some gain abilities and yet some don’t? Why the weak and not the strong? Even after so many years it’s all still unclear, but we won’t give up searching for the solid answers we need to move forward.

Momentarily, that’s the least of my concerns. Servile is a prosperous part of the world. Large cities have been erected, and abundant homes have provided protection for millions. At this point every necessity is being met. The economic system has stabled itself for a long time. Food, water, clothing, education, currency, and even entertainment have all become a regular part of life again. That’s not something to scoff at considering. Of course, there’s the occasional war lord from another country, but the trained supers have held them at bay. In the end, a lot of those same barbarians become a part of our lifestyle and organize a well made treaty. The government has been made to be equal, and a jail system is in place for those who cross the line. It’s everything anyone could ask for right? Maybe not…

The way the authority system has been built is through a tier system based on the integrity of the supers. The way it works is simple. If a bright young super believes they are capable they can apply for a dangerously intense examination that tests the specific supers abilities, thinking process, and heroic efficiency. Can they save someone effectively, can they problem solve quickly, and can they get out of a tight situation without furthering the chaos? Based on the super’s score they have number of tier options. The top tier heroes enroll in an academy that educates and further readies them for a future alongside an agency. The agencies are what protect civilians from villains. (Anyone corrupt with abilities would be considered a villain. They often do things to stanch greed, fulfill their own cause, or kill just because they can. Once they are caught they are thrown in jail where their ability can be contained. Escape is sometimes inevitable, but the heroes find them and throw them back to be even further imprisoned.) The process is slow but it’s a great opportunity for any super. Once finished at the academy they’ll be hand chosen as sidekicks for an agency until ready to create their own.

The next tier is the military. If a super isn’t powerful enough to be accepted into the academy they still have the option to join the military and travel around the world protecting Servile and working to end the chaos. They’ll be trained in specific fields and then shipped off to battle. If they rise the ranks high enough they have the chance to join an agency, but that’s uncommon considering how difficult it is to get that high before retirement or death.

The third tier is similar to the military in it’s status. If a super is unprepared to throw their life on the line they can become an officer. Working as an officer isn’t as luxurious as working in an agency and it still has it’s dangers, but they get the chance to work alongside top tier agencies. Officers around when certain events take place, and they make sure to keep civilians safe and calm while the agencies do their work. Sometimes on rare occasions they get to jump in as support if it’s too much for just one super.

The lowest tier is the simple life as a civilian. Those supers don’t bother to take the test. They just graduate and go into a field of regular work they want. They live alongside the regular people, raise a family, and do what all people do. It’s simple but normal and sometimes that’s what super’s prefer.

The very last and most important tier is as a governmental authority. Sometimes when a super is ready to retire from their agency, if they’re popular and powerful enough, they’ll get chosen to work alongside the government as a political figure. They have proven themselves, and after gaining the respect of the entirety of Servile they supposedly deserve the position. A lot of power is involved with it. They make every decision for the protection of Servile, for the outside world, and for the villains. They are basically in charge of every aspect of life. This tier has never been contested because there’s always several super’s working together to keep each other accountable. Plus, because they’re worthy and just it shouldn’t become an issue.

None of that is bad per say. However, there’s several rather large issues at hand. If the government isn’t run by those with and without abilities it can’t be fully liable. There has to be more than one perspective overseeing Servile. Plus, not every super is just or perfect. If we allow them to believe so, they can make whatever decision they want without any repercussions. There’s no telling how many innocent people will be hurt by that. That goes for villains too. Super’s have a bias against them, but they still get to determine every judgement against them. Not every villain is evil, but they aren’t allowed the right to be heard. They’re given an unjust punishment without acknowledgement or formal trial, and then thrown in jail for the rest of their lives. No wonder they want to escape so bad. It’s not just.

The standards on villains are too high, and those on supers are too low. A super can do whatever they want as long as they save another. A villain kills another and is harshly punished without a thought. When it comes down to it, there’s no one to keep the authority accountable. The supers are the ultimate. They are the judge, the jury, and the executioner, and I find that evil…

So that’s the question. Who will judge the authority? Who will protect the innocent from the corrupt? That’s where I come in. To start you must know, I take no sides. I refuse to differentiate between Villain or Super. I am the middle between the two, and I choose a stance of innocence. Once my eye has been drawn to a certain one I do extensive research. If I decide they are just, I walk away. If they are corrupt, I go in for the kill.

Although some may think otherwise, I’m not ruthless. I am loyal to a set of rules that keep myself controlled. First, I will not hunt anyone with an ability that’s under my own. If I deem someone weaker than I then they can be dealt with by the authority. They aren’t worth my time, and I have determined a cell is plenty to hold them for a time. My next rule, I will never leave the bounds of Servile. My business is to be conducted within Australia. A villain or hero can be pure black, and I still won’t touch them as long as they are outside these boundaries. Not only is it difficult to get in and out, but again, it’s not worth the time. Anyways, they will come eventually. I guarantee it. My final rule, I make it my business to protect villains and heroes who I deem just. If a hero is worthy and being targeted by a villain I won’t share mercy or hesitation. If a villain is being targeted I provide my home, leadership, and protection in exchange for their services.

Of course, I’ve been labeled as a villain, but that’s the price to pay for killing. Death is extreme in many cases and looked down upon. I welcome it. In the new world it’s the only way to enact justice. That’s my role as the true court. My name is Samson Alexander. Otherwise known as Grim Slayer, and I will settle only on Pure Adjudication.

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