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After finding a planet that would be livable, it was agreed that the planet would be named after the family that would fund the expedition to the new world. Shortly afterword named Felix, the new world became home for the lucky and unlucky alike. The rich family members and government officials quickly established order and a chain of command. From leaders to the workforce who maintained the equipment. As time went on, the same issues that the settlers had on Earth, appeared on Felix, but quicker. A growing population, a shortage of resources, and a steady rise in crime. Felix lost touch with Earth over the generations and left its inhabitants to fend for themselves. Sam, short for Samantha, was one of the many worker drones. Working to the end of her days that were rapidly approaching, however, in one moment Sam found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lucky her...

Scifi / Fantasy
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Quick Note

Hey Everyone, just wanted to let you know I started writing this story back in February 2020, before I knew about certain world events that have taken place. I’ve been tempted to change a few things due to this but decided to see how it would sit with my audience. This is the first story I’ve written and would love any and all feedback/ criticism. I hope you enjoy. -Scilla

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