The Luna Destiny

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Atlas and Lotte's airship came into land in the empty courtyard in front Glacial Academy. The sky was dim, and the wind howled as it pelted the two with snow when they exited the airship.

Atlas shook the snow off as he and Lotte walked into the empty lobby of the Academy. Lotte looked around at notices that were pinned up.

"This place has been out of commission for years... like, longer than two years" Lotte frowned, as she read an old poster for a meet up.

"It's my fault. Glinda left me in charge of this place and I shirked my duties to go gallivanting around Crystalla" Atlas sighed as he ran his finger through the thick dust covering on the reception. Lotte turned to Atlas and shook her head.

"You and your family really need to stop blaming yourselves for every little thing" Lotte teased.

"You don't think this was down to me?" Atlas frowned.

"No. You were sent out on an important mission by Abyssia" Lotte stated plainly.

"A mission that came to naught" Atlas shrugged. "If I was here, as Headmaster, things might have been different" He continued.

"It didn't come to nothing though, we're all going to rally at the Council Chambers, maybe not with the headmasters, but that was never the intention" Lotte explained.

"How do you mean?" Atlas asked, as he leant against the old reception desk.

"The whole plan she wanted you to go to the Chamber of the Council was to unite Crystalla against an oncoming threat. Like you told me yourself, back in Sanctuary" Lotte nodded. "And now, what remains of Crystalla is united against that Infernal guy" She added.

"I guess you're right" Atlas said, as he brushed dust off of the desk.

"I am right" Lotte chuckled, as she walked up to Atlas and hugged him.

"I honestly don't know what I'd do without you" He smiled.

"Get captured and then escape to a nearby city?" Lotte teased.

"Yeah, that about sums it up" Atlas scoffed as he hugged Lotte back. "What are we even looking for here" He asked, as he slowly let go of Lotte and looked around.

"Anything" Lotte shrugged. "We know from the ex-Disceath citizens that Rychard was using this place as his headquarters before the darkness set it. With any luck we will find something that can help us against Infernus" She explained.

Atlas paced around the room for a moment.

"Rychard... might not have gotten this research ethically, given what he did to Roisin, I'm sure he'd do anything to be the hero who saved Crystalla" Atlas pondered. Lotte paused for a moment to think, as she gazed at the snowstorm outside.

"I agree, using unethical research is... well, by its definition, unethical" Lotte nodded. "But, being face with the end of reality itself, do we really have a choice?" She asked.

"I guess not" Atlas nodded in agreement, as he gazed down a long dark corridor. "This place gives me the creeps" He shivered, as the building creaked from the blizzard outside.

"It's almost like that one movie about that weird alien that crash lands at a research centre outside Avadey" Lotte chuckled, as Atlas gave her a disapproving look.

"Very supportive" He said sarcastically, as he hid a smile.

"Anytime" Lotte winked, as she turned on her torch and shone it down the corridor. The corridor was a mess, lights hung from the ceiling and ceiling tiles littered the floor, along with hundreds of sheets of paper, that blew in the wind. "Actually... yeah, this place is creepier than the hells" Lotte shivered.

"Maybe we should be ready for battle, who knows what Rychard left behind" Atlas nodded.

"Okay, our first destination will be the Ice Temple, to check on the Crystal below" Lotte said, as she brought up a 3D holographic map in her palm.

"Hmm, can we even get down there after Fyre collapsed the access?" Atlas asked.

"If it is still blocked off, we will have to use the hidden route from the old Crystalla Spire, in the city" Lotte explained.

"Hmm, I bet that place is pretty creepy now too" Atlas chuckled.

"The city or the spire?" Lotte smiled.

"Both" Atlas said, as he walked off into the darkness with his torch in hand. Lotte let out a small laugh as she followed him.

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