The Luna Destiny

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Dying Words

Infernus swung his Infernal Greatsword at Syl, who blocked the attack and pushed him backward.

"Did that make you angry, Inferny?" Syl taunted.

"I do not feel emotion!" Infernus roared, as he swung the blade at Syl once more, knocking the Celestial Warhammer from his hands. At that moment, a flock of a thousand seagulls flew over head, as the sky brightened.

"What is this?!" Infernus asked.

"Mission successful" Syl smirked.

"The anomaly..." Infernus shook his head.

"Her name is Roisin" Syl growled as he picked up his warhammer and launched it at Infernus, who deflected it and grabbed Syl by his neck and lifted him into the air.

"Syl!" Ariel shouted, as she and the others charged at Infernus, but they were knocked back by a small energy wave. The fangs from Infernus' wrist began to extend toward Syl's neck.

"Let me go!" Syl growled as he struggled.

"I will take control of you, then I will kill your abomination of a sister, using your hands" Infernus whispered into Syl's ear. As the fangs neared his neck, Infernus spotted something strange, a black bird was flying toward him at incredible speed.

Infernus threw Syl against the wall and summoned his Infernal Greatsword. Before the bird hit Infernus, it transformed in a flurry of feathers into a hooded man.

"What are you?" Infernus growled.

"I'm Seb, remember me?" The hooded man grinned. Syl looked up at the man.

"Seb?!" He shouted happily. Seb transformed his hand into a bird like claw and stabbed Infernus in his chest, piercing the thick metal, Infernus fell to his knees, and Seb backflipped away from him.

"Fine, you win this round..." Infernus grunted, as his eyes flashed. The body he was inhabiting fell to the ground, barely breathing.

"I... I'm sorry" Treleva grunted.

"Is that you, Treleva?" Syl asked, as he stood up. Seb grunted as he began to run toward Treleva, but was held back by Ariel, who looked him in the eye and shook her head.

"I... got what I deserved in the end, I guess" Treleva grunted, as he looked at Seb. "I... will die soon, before I do..." He said, struggling to breathe.

"Save it, not interested" Seb shook his head.

"I understand" Treleva nodded, before turning back to Syl. "I have something for you, child of Luna" He said, as blood began to flow from his mouth. He weakly put his hand on Syl's chest, and a power transferred into him.

"What did you just do?" Syl asked.

"The lightning crystal's power, do with it as you will..." Treleva smiled faintly. Ariel coughed to grab his attention.

"How did you carry the power of the crystal? Only a Luna can carry that power, or a Celestial Harbinger" Ariel quizzed Treleva.

"Yes, that is true" Treleva nodded. "I am, I was, Trel Luna. I am the younger brother of Aran Luna" Treleva smiled, as the life began to fade from his eyes.

"Aran Luna?" Syl asked, he shook Treleva, but it was too late, he had passed away.

"So, uh" Seb interrupted. "Anyone wanting to tell me what in the hells is actually going on here?" He shrugged.

"Same question to you, bird boy" Ariel asked, with her hands on her hips.

"I like her" Seb laughed as he looked at Ariel.

"She's taken" Ashe said, with her arms folded.

Syl smiled slightly, but then looked down at Treleva. Who was Aran, who was Trel? Could their past be used to help Roisin. Syl thought to himself, before he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"I... uh" He began, before turning and seeing Roisin and Ruby smiling at him. "Oh, hey" Syl smiled.

"You okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, just thinking on something Treleva said, before he died" Syl explained.

"Oh?" Roisin pondered.

"Yeah, called himself Trel Luna... brother of Aran Luna?" Syl scratched his head.

"Huh, he was probably lying" Roisin shrugged. "I wouldn't ever trust a word Treleva said" She added.

"That's the thing..." Syl shrugged. "He gave me the power of the Lightning Crystal, from Imperistia" He added.

"Hmm" Roisin pondered. "We have plenty of time to think about that, for now... let's celebrate and help this place" She smiled, as she motioned to Camp Almost Heaven. Syl nodded and smiled, as Roisin helped him up.

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