The Luna Destiny

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Who We Were

Eons ago, on the island of Lifa, which now goes by the name of ‘The Deadlands’, a young boy was sat by the shore, digging a ditch near the waves.

“Trel!” A young girls voice shouted. The young boy fell back into the ditch, startled.

“What now, Aran?” Trel asked.

“What has mother told you about digging holes when the tide is coming in?” Aran frowned. She was around thirteen years old, whereas Trel was only nine.

“I wanted to see the water fill it up” Trel frowned.

“I know Trel, but it is dangerous” Aran warned her brother, as she helped up from the ditch.

“I’ll be okay if you’re here, though...” Trel frowed.

“But, you know I can’t stay here” Aran sighed sadly.

“I know, but why?” Trel asked, as his eyes filled with tears. Aran sighed and knelt down to her younger brother.

“Because I have to convince the world to stop fighting, so that everyone can be as happy as us” Aran smiled.

“But I won’t be happy without you...” Trel cried. Aran frowned and hugged her brother as the waves slowly filled the nearby ditch.

Twenty years later, in a hut near the settlement that would one day become Mystallia. Aran and Trel were sat by a fire, eating stew.

“I don’t get it, why do I have to call you Araneia?” Trel asked. Araneia groaned as she slid down in her chair.

“Because, that’s the name I have adopted in these lands” Araneia shrugged.

“Do I have to choose a name?” He asked.

“You’d probably fit in better here if you did, everyone on the continent looks down on Lifa and our ways...” Araneia replied.

“I don’t understand why. We’ve never hurt them...” Trel sighed.

“They’re blame us for bringing Celestia to these lands” Araneia frowned.

“If you hadn’t had talked her down, she would have killed everyone...” Trel grunted.

“I know, but these mainlanders... they only know war” Araneia sighed. “They’re not wrong about Celestia though” She added.

“I know” Trel nodded. “I’m working on something, but I don’t have the resources” He added.

“Your mystic magic stuff?” Araneia asked.

“Yeah” Trel replied. “This hut is well stocked, but I’d need to be at one of those Academy places to craft what I needed, what we needed” He added. Araneia paused for a moment to think.

“You think Celestia can be stopped?” Araneia asked.

“Slowed at least, with a blade of dark and a blade of light, her soul would be split into Lumen and Abyss. Light and dark, in the tongue of the mainland” Trel nodded.

“Okay” Araneia pondered. “I think I may be able to make you headmaster of the new Mystic Academy, but I’d need to square it with Celestia first” Araneia explained.

“I guess it’d be easier if I had a more mainland name, make people more receptive?” Trel asked.

“It wouldn’t hurt” Araneia nodded.

“Trelavia?” Trel asked.

“Hmm, not quite...” Araneia paused for thought. “Too similar to mine” She added.

“Treleva?” Trel asked.

“Hmm, that would do, I suppose” Araneia smiled. “But to me, you’ll always be little Trel” She chuckled.

“And you, big Aran” Trel teased, the two laughed as they finished eat.

Four years later in the Celestial Palace in Utopia...

Araneia flew backwards and screamed as the darkness overwhelmed her body, seeping into her very soul. Lumina quickly pushed Abyssia aside and ran across to her friend. She quickly infused Araneia with a small burst of light, stabilizing her condition. Araneia now was covered completely in darkness, aside from her white eyes.

Treleva seethed with rage upon seeing what the remnants of Celestia's soul had done to his sister. The hatred burned inside, he ran toward Abyssia to kill her for what she had done, but Lumina noticed him, and shot a bolt of light at him, he backed away screaming as the light consumed him, Abyssia didn't stabilize his condition. Lumina and Abyssia watched as the light overtook every inch of his being, before he faded away, he looked at Araneia, and mouthed his final sentence. "Aran..."

Treleva now found himself in a corridor, with a contract on the floor in front of him.

"Do you wish for revenge on those who wronged you?" A thousand voices boomed.

"Where am I? What's going on?! Where's Aran?" He demanded to know, but no answer came. "I do seek revenge, yes..." He frowned.

"We can give you the power to carry out your revenge" The voices roared. "At a price..." They added.

"I don't care, just let me have my revenge on those bastards that cursed my sister" Treleva shouted in anguish.

"Very well" The voices chuckled. "In return, you must kill someone for us" They added.

"Who?" Treleva asked.

"We do not yet know. We do know that she will be an anomaly, an abomination" The voices explained.

"I'll do it. If killing this anomaly, or abomination makes the world a better place, I will do it" Treleva nodded.

"Sign on the dotted line" The voices laughed, as Treleva looked at the contract before him. He picked up the pen that rested on the paper before him and signed his name, as he did, the name was carved upon his hand, and he roared in pain.

"You belong to us now. Trel Luna" The voices howled with laughter, as the image of a Roisin appeared in a glass window on the corridor.

"Who is she?" Trel asked. "She looks like Aran" He said as he touched the glass.

"She is the anomaly" The voices spoke in a mocking tone. "She is Roisin Luna" Their laughter boomed throughout the rift as Trel fell backwards against the wall in shock.

"What have I done...?" He asked himself, as the corridor faded into darkness.

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