The Luna Destiny

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Camp Almost Heaven bathed in clear sunlight for the first time in a long time, as the group headed to the old Crystech Lab. As they walked inside, they all sat down and took a break. Roisin sighed and looked at everyone.

"I'm sorry everyone, I've not been honest recently" She sighed, as she looked at Ashe and Ariel. Ruby flew over to Roisin and landed on her shoulder.

"What about?" Ariel frowned slightly.

"For me..." Roisin paused. "For me, this is a one way trip" She continued.

"A one way trip?" Ashe raised her eyebrow. "You're staying here?" She asked. Roisin sighed and shook her head.

"To kill our enemy, I have to die..." Roisin revealed.

"What?" Ariel gasped. "There's gotta be another way..." She shook her head.

"There isn't this is the only way that everyone lives" Roisin frowned.

"But you don't!" Ashe growled as she stood up and stamped her foot. "I'll take your place, Roisin, I'll die instead" She bargained.

"It doesn't work like that" Roisin frowned. "Even if it did, I wouldn't let you do that, Ashe" She smiled slightly. Ariel looked at Syl and Dex, who both seemed distracted.

"Why aren't you two saying anything?" Ariel grunted at the pair.

"We already knew..." Dex sighed.

"And you just accepted it?!" Ariel shouted as she stood up and kicked her chair across the room.

"Of course not..." Syl frowned.

"Well that is how it looks to me!" Ariel growled as her eyes turned red.

"Ariel..." Roisin sighed, Ariel looked at Roisin as her eyes returned to normal. "Please don't" She frowned.

"I..." Ariel cried. "I can't lose you..." She said as she sat against the wall. Seb coughed and stood forward, Roisin looked at him.

"Look, Roisin, we don't really know each other as of yet" Seb shrugged. "But, I died so that you could fight on..." He added.

"I know that..." Roisin sighed.

"I'd much rather you didn't die" Seb smiled slightly. "Is there not any other way?" He frowned. Roisin shook her head.

"When did you learn this?" Ashe asked.

"During the teleporter incident" Roisin admitted.

"Is it because of that incident?" Dex asked.

"No..." Roisin frowned.

"Wait" Dex clicked his fingers. "The God in the Underworld!" He stated. Roisin's eyes widened. "I remember now, he is the one who told me I must merge my soul with yours" Dex explained.

"That does ring a bell" Seb nodded.

"Is he the one who told you that you must die?" Dex asked. Roisin looked at the floor and nodded.

"It has to be me. If I don't, then reality gets swallowed up, and I die anyway" Roisin said, as a tear fell to the floor, Ruby hugged her wings around Roisin.

"I refuse to believe that we can't save you some other way" Ariel sighed.

Roisin knew that she could be saved by simply handing the light matter to another family member, but she also knew that by doing so, she would be killing her family. To save them the pain of knowing she was dying in their place, she swore to herself never to tell anybody about this alternate path.

Seb looked out of the window and sighed.

"It should be simple, one life, for the whole of reality" He shook his head. "But it's not. Because one life does matter, and if we live because someone chose to die for us, then the guilt of that death will rest upon all of our shoulders" He explained, before turning to Roisin.

"We will save you Roisin. No one will die so the rest of us can selfishly live on" Seb smiled, as he placed his hand on Roisin's shoulder. "I went to Wynd Academy to save lives, and I'll not be much of a final year student if I fail to do so" He nodded. Roisin looked up at Seb and smiled slightly.

"I agree, the smartest minds in Crystalla are in this room, and if we can't come up with an alternate plan, then nobody will" Ariel nodded, as she stood up.

"I'll stand by your side, Roisin, no matter what. You are my best friend forever. Forever means forever" Ashe also nodded.

"Roisin brings me treats, if there is no Roisin, there is no treats, so I'll save her" Ruby mewed.

"Roisin is the reason I have a second chance. When I came back to life, I swore I'd make this time count more than the last, I refuse to let you die for anyone, Roisin. I'll stand by you" Dex smiled.

"Roisin" Syl sighed, as he walked over to her. "Life without you terrifies me. I'm your big brother, and I am supposed to be the one who protects you. I will not let you die" Syl hugged Roisin as she hugged him back, Ruby landed on Syl's shoulder and hugged him with her wings too.
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