The Luna Destiny

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Almost Haven

It had been two weeks since Treleva had died outside of Camp Almost Heaven, since then, several Aodhan Airships arrived with supplies for the town. Negotiations had been carried out and the settlement agreed to join the nation of Aodhan under the new name of 'Haven'.

The sands of what had once been the city of Terrana were slowly transforming back into meadows, and the fauna that had been killed by the darkness had mysteriously been replaced by an abundance of wild animals.

Construction was well underway on building permanent buildings nearby, while Roisin and Syl discussed their next move in the old Crystech building, which had all the old technology torn out and melted down.

The two of them were stood around a table with a holographic map of the Eastern Continent resting on top of it.

"Given that we each have the power of a Crystal, it would be wise for one of us to travel south, to where Southan once sat. Scout records indicate that it sits on the border between the dark and the light" Roisin explained. "The other team will head north to the ruins of Rosefall, creating a Crystalla at each end of the continent should bring the whole Eastern Continent back into the light, from there we can set up teleporters at either side, before teleporting across to the Chamber of the Council" She continued.

"Solid plan" Syl nodded. "I'll take Syl and head south, we've both been down there before, so it'll be like old times" He volunteered.

"Right" Roisin smiled. "We can arrange an airship to take you down, and one to take us up, it should cut the journey time down greatly" She nodded. Syl sighed.

"I mean, doing all this quickly is good, but..." Syl began.

"I know" Roisin said, looking away. "It's how it has to be" She shrugged. Syl tossed a chocolate bar across the table.

"It's not the Happy Mappy Chocolate Bonanza one, or whatever it was called" Syl smirked. "They apparently went out of business" He shrugged. Roisin chuckled and tasted the chocolate.

"It's better, to be honest" She winked.

"Or maybe you just have a more refined pallet" Syl teased.

"Hey, I'm not that old yet" Roisin chuckled.

"You're going on 25" Syl laughed. "Almost a quarter of a century old now" He continued.

"You're going the right way for a beating, boy" Roisin laughed.

"Hey, I'm 27 now, so I can hardly speak" Syl smiled, then sighed. "We will get through all this, I swear" He nodded.

"Maybe..." Roisin said as she looked at the map.

"Hey Ros" Syl smiled.

"Hm?" Roisin looked at Syl.

"A promise is a promise. I'll save you, I promise" Syl nodded.

"Don't make promise that you don't know if you can keep" Roisin sighed.

"I know I can keep it. I'll save you, even if it means punching a god" Syl chuckled as he motioned a punch.

"Okay, I'll hold you to that" Roisin nodded, as she finished eating the chocolate. She looked over through the large window at the village before. "This new world, I hope it will be better than the one that came before" Roisin sighed.

"I doubt we'll make the same mistakes as this 'Aran' and Trel made. Our world will be fairer" Syl smiled.

"I'm sure Aran and Trel had good intentions, at some point in their lives" Roisin shrugged.

"Maybe, but they didn't have the power of the super flying mega death kick 3000" Syl nodded, Roisin began laughing.

"You're such a goofball" She smiled.

"I have to be" Syl shrugged. "It used to be your role, til you went all moody and serious" He teased.

"Hey, I'm not moody and serious ALL the time" Roisin rolled her eyes.

"Oh yeah?" Syl smirked.

"Yeah, the other day, I put the butter in the cutlery drawer" Roisin stated proudly.

"Okay, yeah, you're the actual goofball" Syl winked, as he hugged Roisin. "The best goofball ever" He smiled.

"Promise?" Roisin asked as she hugged back.

"Promise" Syl nodd

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