The Luna Destiny

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Military Might

Aran walked into the Capital City of Inchaya, the main road was blocked off as a large parade of Crystalliam Knights disembarked from several Dreadnought sized airships, and headed to the Chamber of the Council to the South West.

She gazed off to the shore line that was visible over the many buildings in the sloping city. Across from the shore was Aquala University, Aran's destination. Even the docks were full of ships, and dozens of smaller airships dotted the skyline.

"What on Crystalla is going on?" She asked herself, as she moved through the crowded market streets which were full of people marvelling at the size of the military forces moving through the city.

Aran however had seen displays such as this in the past and wasn't impressed. She quickly made her way to the docks, whereupon arriving, she quietly stole away a small fishing boat and made for the University.

As she made her way across the open waters, she couldn't help marvel at how peaceful the Kingdom seemed in comparison to the rest of the world had. The seagulls squawked over head and the sun reflected on the calm waters. Before long, Aran finally arrived at the docks of Aquala.

To her surprise there were no students or research staff at the University, instead work men seemed to be packing everything into boxes near cargo airships. As she made her way inside, toward the office, she noticed several high ranking Crystalliam Knights blocking the doorway.

"Excuse me, Miss, what is your business here?" The Crystalliam Captain asked.

"I'm here to see the Headmistress" Aran shrugged.

"How did you gain access to this island? We had not registered any new arrivals today" The Captain continued to quiz Aran.

"I stole a fishing boat and snook onto the island" Aran replied.

"You... stole a boat?" The Captain scratched his head. The doors to the office slowly opened, as Mizu stood at the door with her eyes wide.

"Roisin?!" She gasped. Aran was momentarily confused.

"Not quite..." Aran shrugged. Mizu looked closer and noticed that the stranger in front of her, despite looking very similar, wasn't Roisin.

"Then who are you?" Mizu's eyes narrowed.

"Aran Luna" Aran shrugged.

"Never heard of you" Mizu replied.

"You may know me better as Araneia" Aran explained.

At the mere mention of the name, Mizu summoned a Celestial Handcannon and pointed it at Aran.

"Abyssia and Lumina brought nothing but chaos upon this world. I cannot abide that" Mizu frowned.

Aran raised her hands.

"I didn't come here to fight" She shrugged.

"Did she send you? Abyssia?" Mizu asked.

"Abyssia is dead" Aran shook her head. "I have reclaimed the power of the Crystalla of Fate from the traitor" She explained.

"Hmm, that would help in the negotiations with the Farenai nations" Mizu pondered. "Why do you take on the appearance of Roisin now, though?" She asked.

"This is how I've looked since the day I was born" Aran shrugged. "Until I was cursed of course" She added.

"Cursed?" Mizu asked.

"Yeah, long story" Aran shrugged. "How about I ask a question, now?" She said, looking at the view through the blue domed ceiling.

"Go ahead" Mizu shrugged.

"Why isn't Inchaya suffering from the darkness like your neighbours to the far south? As from what I understand, only areas which have a Crystalla tied to them can push back the darkness, like Farenai" Aran stated.

"That is because, I am a Crystalla" Mizu shrugged. "I have been most of my life, thanks to Ruby Luna, Roisin's mother" She explained.

"Huh, interesting" Aran nodded. "How does it feel, knowing you aren't the real you, that there is a Mizu buried somewhere out there in the world, whose life was lost for you?" She asked.

"I am Mizu, the same soul, just enhanced" Mizu replied sternly. "Of course it weirds me out, knowing that the original version of me is buried out in the wilds somewhere. But I'm still me" Mizu frowned.

"Of course you are" Aran nodded. "I didn't mean to offend, I was just curious" She smiled. "What is with the military force?" Aran asked as she pointed out of the window.

"It's classified" Mizu said flatly.

"It doesn't look classified" Aran shrugged.

"It's classified to you, until I can trust you" Mizu shrugged.

"They're heading to the Chamber of the Council" Aran replied. "If I had to guess, you're mounting a final defence against the powers that consume this world?" She continued. Mizu growled angrily.

"Why are you here, Aran?" Mizu asked.

"To lend a hand of course. I am a Luna afterall" Aran shrugged.

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