The Luna Destiny

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Down South

A large white Dreadnought approached the crowded skies of Inchaya. It bore the name 'The White Rose', and hailed from Aodhan, it slowly made its way toward Aquala University, before coming to a halt.
"Who is this?" Aran asked as she stood beside Mizu.
"Keegan Luna and Amber Ryall of Aodhan" Mizu nodded.
"Keegan Luna?" Aran asked curiously. "Is he related to Roisin?" She asked.
"He is Roisin's twin" Mizu replied, as she watched a small shuttle making its way to the landing bay.
"Roisin doesn't have a twin..." Aran shrugged and sighed.
"Turns out the Empire kept that a little secret from all of us. Even the Harbingers" Mizu nodded. "He was used by Treleva briefly, to take the Crystal of Gravity and the Crystal of Steel" She said reluctantly.
"Wait, he teamed up with Treleva... and you trust him?" Aran frowned.
"Wholeheartedly" Mizu nodded as she turned to face Aran. "After being captured by Roisin and being purged of the control of the old ones, via glyph magic. He pledged himself to our cause, and atones for his sins" She explained.
"I wouldn't trust him" Aran folded her arms.
"Maybe that is the difference between you and Roisin" Mizu shrugged. "Perhaps Treleva wouldn't have turned out like he did if you didn't turn your back on him" She added. Aran's eyes began to burn red, but was interrupted by a knock on the door.
Mizu turned to look at the door and sighed.
"Come in" She called out. The door slowly opened as Amber and Keegan walked in.
"Welcome to Inchaya" Mizu smiled, Keegan was immediately taken aback by the appearance of Aran, as was Amber.
"Roisin?!" Keegan asked, confused.
"No" Aran shook her head, and walked over to the window, turning her back on the room.
"This is Aran, she is... difficult to explain I guess, but she seems to be on our side for now" Mizu smiled as she walked over to Keegan and hugged him. "It is good to finally meet one of the children of Ruby" She smiled.
"I... uh, good to meet you too, I guess" Keegan shrugged slightly, looking even more confused. Mizu then shook hands with Amber.
"It is good to see you both here" Mizu smiled as she returned to her chair. "The preparations are proceeding apace. However, I know you are here on different business" She began to explain.
"The Crystalla" Aran nodded.
"Do you have any suggestions on where we should go?" Amber asked Mizu.
"I would suggest that you head to the far south to the Lacerman tribe's nation and make contact" Mizu nodded.
"Wait, wouldn't the nation be in the darkness? How do you know that the place hasn't been... consumed?" Amber asked.
"I have had several scouts and sources say that the nation does indeed still stand, ye under constant attack by the fiends. They would be grateful for help I imagine" Mizu explained.
"It will be difficult reaching them through the darkness, no?" Keegan asked. Aran sighed and turned around to face the room.
"The Farenai Crystalla will be using me to restore a soul in the ruins of Imperistia. That will take you all the way to the border between Imperistia and the southern tribe" Aran explained.
"That is correct" Mizu nodded. "However, due to the way Imperistia once acted, the tribe is quite afraid of outsiders, even fellow Lacermen are often turned away" She continued.
"This mission is sounding harder and harder by the minute" Amber chuckled.
"It will be worth it though, to both save them and mend relations between the main continent and the tribe" Mizu smiled.
"Okay, we will head down there" Amber nodded. Keegan paused to think for a moment.
"Roisin wanted me to ask you about something" Keegan began.
"What is it?" Mizu smiled.
"Varla, she said she used the people of New Raryst for her sick experiments... is it true?" Keegan frowned. Mizu sighed and looked out of the large window.
"We got there too late, when we arrived it was like a bloodbath, with only minimal survivors" Mizu said as she stared outside, before turning to meet Keegan's gaze. "Tell her I'm sorry" Mizu nodded.
"It wasn't your fault" Keegan smiled slightly. "You did your best, and Roisin knows that too" He nodded back, before turning to leave.
"Keegan, thank you" Mizu smiled.
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