The Luna Destiny

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Atlas and Lotte reached the double doors of the main lab, having dispatched several more of the wolf creatures along the way, once more the fingerprint scanner blocked the way.

"I'm not keen on breaking this door down again" Atlas shrugged.

"Unless we find a stray finger we have no other option" Lotte joked, before fiddling with the control panel.

Atlas sighed as he ran his hand down the steel door.

"I don't think even a Celestial Weapon would break this door down" He said as he knocked. "It's too thick" Atlas shrugged.

"I have an idea..." Lotte said as she walked over to the door and placed her hand upon the steel. Atlas backed away, as the steel deteriorate from her touch, slowly revealing the giant laboratory behind. The giant room was completely empty, aside from a cryogenic tube in the centre.

"Okay..." Lotte said, as she slowly walked into the giant room, her footsteps echoing throughout. Atlas took a deep breath, before heading inside and toward the tube.

"I don't like this" Atlas grunted, as they neared the tube. The glass was frosted over, obscuring what, or who, was behind. Lotte frowned as she stepped closer. She rolled up the sleeve of her coat and reluctantly brushed her arm along to uncover the frost, before backing away in shock as she saw what was inside.

"What is it?!" Atlas asked, with a worried look. Lotte just stared at him, frightened. Atlas gulped as he walked over to the tube and looked inside.

"Roisin?!" Atlas gasped in confusion. "I don't... why is she here?" He shouted, as he pulled at the release.

"Wait!" Lotte said as she ran over, and pulled Atlas away.

"What are you doing?!" Atlas frowned.

"That isn't Roisin..." Lotte said, as she looked into his eyes. "We saw her in Sanctuary, it isn't her" She continued. Atlas shook his head.

"If that isn't her... who, or what is it?" He asked, as he did, the releases on the cryogenic tubes opened. Atlas and Lotte backed away as the frozen mist evaporated, revealing the thing from inside the tube.

"At last you arrive" The thing said.

"Who... what are you?" Atlas frowned.

"I am the saviour of Crystalla. The one destined to save this cursed world" The thing shrugged. "Don't you recognise me, 'Uncle" It smiled.

"You are not Roisin" Atlas gritted his teeth.

"No, I'm Rychard" The thing shrugged. "But you can call me, hmm, Hazel, I guess" Hazel shrugged.

"I'll call you fucking sick!" Atlas roared, as his anger began to boil over. "I'll kill you!" He shouted.

"Try" Hazel grinned, as she summoned several Celestial Swords behind her.

"What... wait!" Lotte gasped.

"Begging mercy already?" Hazel grinned.

"How... or what did you do... how are you Rychard?" Lotte asked, as Atlas breathed heavily, holding back his rage.

"Okay" Hazel nodded, as the swords faded. "I know you have been to my laboratories beneath the Academy, and ended my failed project. One of the keystones of that project was the ability to upload, and copy a mind into a server, a whole new copied consciousness. That is how I am also Rychard, as well as the original me, who went off to become King, or whatever" She shrugged.

"Then why Roisin?! You sick freak!" Atlas demanded, as he looked at Hazel in a burning fury, his eyes blazing red.

"Because she is the chosen, she stole that title from me, the title that should have been mine! I was the one destined to save this pathetic star" Hazel began. "I was foolish to try and use your niece as a weapon, dear Atlas. I apologize. When my mother forced her to absorb the Fire Crystal, I finally disposed of my doubts about the project, and copied her DNA, stand for strand" She continued.

Atlas tried to hold back his rage.

"YOU HAD NO RIGHT!" Atlas yelled through gritted teeth, as Lotte tried to calm him.

"I had every right. She was a child and had no idea how to save this world, I had to take action, and so I did. I stood and saw my home in ruins, that cemented the idea in my mind that I would take any action needed to save this world. So I headed to the old Fyre household to work on this in secret. To my surprise, Roisin showed up, and so while I had the time, I took another updated DNA sample. To have the unlocked strength she has now, and brought it here. Then began the project in earnest" Hazel explained. Lotte shook her head and stepped forward.

"You're sick" She said simply. "You're not the hero, you don't really want to save the world. You want the glory, and will take it no matter who you have to step on. You will take advantage of and use any method to further your greed" She seethed with anger. "You make me want to fucking puke, you sick fuck" She added. Atlas stepped forward, as he held the rage back.

"Roisin... doesn't have the power to summon that many blades... how did you get that?" Atlas asked.

"I slaughtered the people of the city, even against the wishes of my original self" Hazel smiled. "I guess your niece must have some bloodlust in her" She shrugged. Atlas summoned his Celestial Blade and went to strike at Hazel, Hazel reacted immediately and punched Atlas in the face, sending him across the large room into the wall.

As Hazel exited the pod, she looked at Lotte.

"Stay out of this, if you know what is good for you, bunny girl" Hazel winked, before running across the large room and out of the door. Lotte quickly ran over to Atlas.

"Argh... that hurt..." Atlas grunted as he looked at Lotte. Lotte sighed and looked at the door.

"Rychard escaped" She sighed.

"Let's just destroy the network and get the hell off of this cursed island" Atlas grunted as he stood up.

"Yeah..." Lotte frowned as she looked at the now empty cryogenic chamber.

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