The Luna Destiny

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"Everything I did. I did to save this world. You may think me a villain, if you must. But without me, you would already be dead. I will take any measure, any method to crush those who would pose a threat to this world. I am the protector of Crystalla and no one can say different" Rychard wrote, as he looked at the ashen city of Raryst, it had been two months since Skylar had infused Roisin with the Fire Crystal.

The Fyre Manor was spacious enough to live in, and those trying to rebuild below were still afraid to come here, after the atrocities that the Fyre Family had taken part in. The Pyre Family had always been looked on as the real saviours of Pyre. Rychard was no different.

The people of Raryst praised Rychard for stepping out from the family legacy and going his own way, creating Crystech as a way to save the world from the dark days to come. When Rychard was a child, he had protected his cousin from a charging bull, by slicing it in two. This was the moment that Rychard realized his destiny. He was brought here to Crystalla to save the star and to lead it into a glorious new age.

When he explained his ideas to his mother, she cast him out of the family, and forced him to make his own way in life, free from the family name. He sighed as he recalled those days, perhaps letting Skylar back into his life after the Battle of Ishtall was a mistake, she had tried to persuade him that he need not throw his life away, the Luna girl could be the one to do it.

The Luna girl... such a glory seeking child, barely able to make her way from Terrana to Pyre in one piece, how could she be expected to save this star? The idea was foolish and Rychard felt he was a fool for ever believing it.

She was a Luna though, she had the power to save this star, and he didn't, he should be the one with the power. Rychard looked at his datapad, which showed the DNA strand of Roisin, taken from the Crystal Injector that had been used to infuse her with the power of the Crystal. Stolen power.

Cloning tech at Crystech had been making significant progress. However, the cloning was meant to be for replaceable limbs, not to clone a whole complete human. Rychard sighed as he realized his plan would need to wait. On top of that issue, he would also need to find a way to inject memories into this clone of Roisin, perhaps a digital implant in the brain.

He needed Crystech, but he couldn't step out from the shadows just yet. He needed certain events to play out, before he could step back into the company as its hero. For now, this old lab would have to do...

Back in modern day, outside the Glacial Academy...

Hazel approached the airship that Lotte and Atlas had used to travel to Disceath, she walked over to the door and broke it open, before climbing inside. She fiddled with the controls, before finally getting the airship airborne. Flying it away from the island, leaving Lotte and Atlas stranded...

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