The Luna Destiny

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Shut Down

Finally nearing the beacon at the top of the Crystech Spire, Atlas and Lotte reached the Crystech Network control centre. Most of the windows had smashed through and snow drifted onto the many work stations placed around the room.

Atlas approached the main console and pulled out the keyboard drawer. He typed in the command to shut down the Network, and with a simple keystroke, the Crystech Network closed down for good.

"Finally..." Atlas sighed, as he walked over to one of the few remaining vistas. Lotte sighed and walked up behind him. "How could Rychard do that?" He asked Lotte.

"The man is delusional" Lotte shrugged. Atlas shook his head.

"Rychard was my best friend. Or at least I thought he was... what he has done is unforgivable" Atlas sighed.

"We'll dispose of this Hazel" Lotte comforted Atlas.

"She's strong... too strong, how many souls did she consume? Someone like that isn't meant to have Roisin's power, its not right..." Atlas slammed his fist against the window. "How many times do I have to be tormented. Why won't they leave my family alone..." Atlas broke down.

"Atlas..." Lotte sighed as she hugged him. "I wish I could do more..." She frowned.

"No" Atlas said, as he looked at Lotte. "Without you, I wouldn't have made it here, thank you, Lotte" Atlas managed a slight smile, he suddenly noticed the airship that they'd both arrived on, flying away.

"She must have taken it... where will she go?" Lotte pondered.

"If Hazel wants to take Roisin's place... probably to steal the remaining Crystalla" Atlas sighed, as he sat by the window. "Meanwhile, I'm trapped here, unable to help... I can't lose anyone else, Lotte..." Atlas mumbled.

"We'll find a way off this forsaken island" Lotte said as she stood up and looked at the beacon. "Is there anyway we could rework that to send out a distress signal?" She asked, as she pointed at the beacon that stood on the tower.

"Given that we've shut down the Crystech Network, it will only work as a radio tower" Atlas said, standing up. "That said, it's worth a try, a radio signal might cut through this snowstorm somehow" He shrugged as he gazed at the beacon.

"Then we'll do that" Lotte smiled. "Then we will go and save Roisin from Hazel" She nodded.

"Right" Atlas nodded as he walked over to the SOS Radio console. He tried opening it, but it was password encrypted. "They don't make it easy do they?" He sighed.

"Can you crack it?" Lotte asked. "I'd help, but I'm an engineer, not a computer nerd" She shrugged.

"I'm an Airship pilot" Atlas chuckled, as he typed away on the console.

"Hey, Atlas?" Lotte said, as she sat down at one of the workstations.

"Hmm?" Atlas replied.

"When this is all over, and the world is safe, what then?" Lotte asked.

"I guess life would return to normal" Atlas shrugged.

"No, I mean for us" Lotte said. "For all of us" She added.

"I guess we could just find somewhere quiet and live out our lives in peace" Atlas replied. "That'd be nice for once..." He sighed.

"Yeah, somewhere warm, with a beach" Lotte chuckled.

"And free drinks" Atlas smiled.

"With a swimming pool, of course" Lotte nodded.

"But of course" Atlas laughed. "I guess we could get married too" He shrugged.

"Was that a proposal?" Lotte gasped.

"Maybe... depends on the answer" Atlas winked.

"Then... yes" Lotte nodded.

"It was a proposal then" Atlas smiled. "When all this is over, we'll tie the knot, for sure" He grinned.

"I can't wait" Lotte smiled slightly, knowing that before that day would come, they faced their darkest hour. The winds blew through the old Spire, as it rocked in the wind. The blizzard grew stronger.

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