The Luna Destiny

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Who We Always Will Be

11 years ago at Una Academy...

Syl Luna walked through the grand oak doors of the Academy for the first time, it was his first time being away from his sister, so he felt overwhelmed and slightly scared. He was a first year student having graduated from the combat school in Ishtall the year before.

Like all the other first year students, he was headed to the grand green atrium, where Yggdrasil, the world tree was located, the tree was an astonishing sight as it rose up into the heavens, towering even over the highest skyscrapers of the town of Terrana that surrounded it.

Syl took his seat next to a blonde haired girl, as he listened to the Headmaster, Eran Una give a long-drawn-out speech.

"Hey" The girl whispered, Syl turned to the girl. "Where are you from?" She asked quietly, as she smiled.

"Ishtall" Syl smiled.

"I'm from Rosefall, cool to meet a city dweller" The girl smiled. "I'm Elyss Rose" She introduced herself.

"Syl Luna" Syl smiled. "Nice to meet you" He nodded.

"Hmm, with a name like that, I'd have thought you were from Raryst?" Elyss pondered.

"It's from my fathers side of the family... my sister got the traditional Ishtallian name" Syl nodded. "Yours sounds like a Raryst name too, if it's spelt with a 'y' that is" He added.

"It is, and it is" Elyss nodded. "Similar story, my father also grew up in Raryst" She shrugged.

"What combat school did you go to in Rosefall, I haven't heard of one there" Syl asked.

"I trained at the Monastery near the city" Elyss smiled. "I assume you trained at Cosantoir school" She asked.

"Yeah, my aunt used to teach there too, my Cousin Petyr is still there too, along with my sister, Roisin" Syl explained. As the headmaster finally finished his speech, and people began leaving.

"You seem... nice" Elyss smiled.

"Oh... I... uh" Syl blushed, as Elyss chuckled.

"It's good to find someone like you on day one. I was so worried that everyone would be stuck up here" Elyss smiled.

"Stuck up? How come?" Syl scratched his head.

"Just, I didn't have formal combat school training before coming here, so I thought some people would look down at me because of that" Elyss sighed as she kicked her feet against the floor.

"That's dumb" Syl shrugged. "If anything, I bet you have more experience, with you not just being some student in a class of hundreds" He smiled.

"Yeah, but others wouldn't see it that way" Elyss frowned.

"Screw what the others think, stick with me, and I'll look out for you. No matter what" Syl smiled.

"Promise?" She chuckled.

"I promise. I never break my promises" Syl winked.

"Good" Elyss chuckled, as they sat in the empty hall and looked up at Yggdrasil.

"That's a big ass tree" Syl said, Elyss burst into laughter. "What?" Syl asked, with a smile.

"I've heard Yggdrasil referred to as many things... you know, like beautiful, magnificent, and so on..." Elyss began. "It's the first time I've heard it be called a 'big ass tree'" She laughed.

"I mean... it is though" Syl shrugged as he laughed. "Look at it" He smiled, as Elyss put her hand on his.

"You're cute" She smiled.

"Uh..." Syl's face went red. "Thanks?" He stuttered, as Elyss laughed once more.

"I can tell we're gonna have fun these next few years, Syl" Elyss smiled.

"Damn right we will. Wait til I show you this board game that me and Roisin made up" Syl said proudly.

"You're such a dork" Elyss smiled. "A lovable one, though" She added.

"You're probably the nicest person I've met" Syl smiled. "So, I guess we're both pretty cool" He chuckled.

"Too cool for school" Elyss added.

"But not too cool for Academy" Syl winked.

"Terrible..." Elyss smirked, as the two sat there for a few hours talking under the world tree.

Three years later, at the Fall of Una Academy, where everything began...

Syl finished sending an email to his sister, as he hid in the library. A thud on the door caused him to fall out of his chair in shock.

"Syl! Let me in! She's coming!" Elyss screamed as she banged her fist hard against the oak door, cutting her hands open. Syl panicked and struggled to his feet, he ran over to the door and pulled it open.

Elyss fell to the ground lifelessly as Lumina stood over her...

Modern day, in the ruins of Southan...

Syl sighed as he recalled those painful memories, Elyss sighed and held his hand.

"I promised you that I would look out for you, Elyss, and I failed..." Syl frowned as he looked into her eyes.

"No, you didn't fail. You couldn't have seen that coming, no one could, you can't blame yourself for the past, Syl..." Elyss smiled as she hugged him. The two watched as the sky turned red, as the sun slowly fell to the horizon.

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